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The U.K. Elections: The Young Socialist Pitbulls Put Down John Bull

It looks like Britain has finally gone to the dogs, the socialist pitbulls that is. The election the other day had young people flocking to vote for a racist, and, in doing so, overlook his racism.

It’s a bit like if the hippies and the leftists of the 60s had voted for George Wallace, never mentioning his treatment of Blacks when he was Governor in the segregated South.

Apart from the fact that Theresa May was your typical Hillary Clinton-type middle-aged woman politician, with no charisma, spontaneity, or humour, and had done a dismal job as Home Secretary for six years, what really got the vote for Corbyn’s Labour party was the malaise that socialist society imposes on youth. Ironically, those youth were voting for a further entrenchment of their poverty, and their comrade’s poverty, by voting for a despot who glories in the overthrowing of Property Rights, And let us not forget that all Rights, including the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press, ultimately boil down to some form of Property Rights, thus their importance.

They also chose to vote for a Leftist racist, and thus they have crossed over the line from being Liberarians as far as civil rights go, even if they were unfortunately Leftists, to becoming Fascists. The toleration of Corbyn’s antisemitism, and his toleration and friendship for antisemites, show him to be little different from the left wing of the Nazi party in the 30s. This situation is exactly the same as if all the Liberals in America had crowded around George Wallace when he ran for President, and never ever mentioned his racism. In four hours of election night news I did not hear one word about Corbyn’s antisemitism, but I did hear many words of praise from Leftists and fellow party members for Corbyn. Yet in America, as we neared the last election, the names Trump, Bannon, and  Breitbart were never mentioned without mentioning words like “racist, antisemitic, white supremacist”. The fact that Corbyn’s antisemitic scat has been swallowed by the Left shows how utterly corrupt and far from Jeffersonian Principles they have moved.

Of course, this corruption is inevitable with socialism, or Marxism, which immediately catagorizes and defines each man according to material standards, the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, big Capital, etc. Socialism must violate the inalienable Jeffersonian Rights in order to achieve its goals, and thus it produces corruption — the corruption of force or coercion. This Aggression against Individual’s Property Rights is what Libertarianism seeks to end, both when carried out by government or by rogue individuals.

So the Socialism of England, not unlike the Socialism of America or of Western Europe, has corrupted the youth of Britain and the Continent, and now the Youth of Britain are rebelling against that prison of socialist bureaucracy by voting for a racist. This shows you how corrupt and cynical decades of Socialism can make people, especially young people who have their lives ruined through government controls like the income tax, the social security tax, the health services tax, local property tax and code regulations, and the minimum wage laws which guarantees a hefty level of teenage unemployment, to the glee of the unions, who can thus cut out a lot of wage competition from youths.

Additionally, the rotten, boring government schools, are only really training the youth for corporate fodder jobs. Government schools train at public expense the corporate workforce that could have been trained by the billionaire corporation.  For example, in the period from 1900-1910, trade between the U.S. and Latin America heated up, and that is when the schools first started teaching Spanish. Thus do corporations, in collusion with the Democrats and Republican, shift the burden of corporate training to the local property tax payer, while braying about the virtues of government schools.

The big boost in the Labour vote coming from new younger voters seems to parallel the lack of critical economic understanding that characterized the youth in America who supported Bernie Sanders. You’ll notice in Sanders campaign speeches that he wailed long and hard about the evils of the corporations and wall street, but would never mention the huge military spending budgets that are ballooning the budget deficits. Sanders understand of economics is that of a piss ant, and to have him at the helm of the country would have been very economically dangerous. Somehow it seems that being a Leftist over the course of ones’ life, for fifty or sixty years, damages or deranges the brain so that such people can no longer discern reality. Sanders blind naivete is a good example.

The good news out of the bad news from the UK election, is that Corbyn didn’t win, and he won’t be Prime Minister, and also that Theresa May may not be Prime Minister much longer. Both outcomes devoutly to be wished.

— Paul Grad, vegan libertarian, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor 2014


Bertrand Russell vs. Canada’s Fascist Blasphemy Law M-103

Bertrand Russell would spit on the Fascism of the Left in Canada if he were alive. Lord Russell was a Leftist himself, but also a rabid Atheist who supported the Freedom of Speech, one of the inalienable Natural Rights of Mankind. He was merciless in his criticisms of organized religion, and wrote tirelessly on the issue. He opposed all censorship.

Now the so-called “Liberals” in Canada have overthrown that Inalienable Right to The Freedom of Speech by passing M-103, a law which outlaws the criticizing of Islam, labelling it Islamophobia. The Left, the Greens, the Liberal Party, and the Prime Minister have all jumped on the Nazi-Fascist bandwagon in outlawing this Libertarian Right championed by the Libertarian Americans Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, both of whom would now have been rotting in Canadian prisons now that the Canadian Left has had its way.

Is there any clearer indication of the affinity between the Left and Fascism than M-103? I think not, because the Left has always been in favor of overthrowing individual Libertarian Rights through coercion, and through forcing all the members of the community to live according to their vision and their standards. That’s why they hate the Bill of Rights, as is shown by their overwhelming support of restrictions on The Freedom of Speech as illustrated by Canada’s M-103. It also shows why Democracy is bad unless it has a Bill of Rights which is scrupulously upheld, because inevitably the majority will vote to abridge the inalienable Right or Rights of a minority, or the ultimate minority, the minority of One. The mob will beat up the Individual if it ever has the chance, and this is shown by blasphemy laws such as that in Pakistan, which has been used to condemn Christians, some mere children, to death because they allegedly said something critical of Islam.

Russell, as a rabid opponent of all organized religions, would now be thrown in jail in Canada. His valid criticisms of organized religion would now, under the Fascist law M-103, be labelled Islamophobia. His freedom to espouse Atheism and Agnosticism has now been criminalized by the “Progressives” of Canada.

Not surprisingly many Muslims who have found refuge in Canada because of persecution in their original countries are outraged by this law, which would set up the same persecution of their Freedom of Speech in Canada which they were jailed for in their former countries.

M-103 is a great victory for Fascism and a great Crime against Libertarianism, and shows how Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is a Fascist whose National Socialism has now aligned itself with religious fanatics to protect those fanatics from any criticism, or to protect all organized religions from the slightest criticism from Atheists, Agnostics, and members of those organized religions who have valid complaints about how those religions function.

It is now a Crime in Canada to say, “All organized religion is a lie and false.” It will now be a Crime in Canada to espouse Atheism. Such a Crime against The Freedom of Speech is a vile overthrown of Human Rights and Human Dignity.

Bertrand Russell, Thomas Jefferson, and many dead Libertarians are turning in their graves as they see how Canadian Liberalism under Trudeau has been transformed into Fascist Totalitarianism.

Long Live the inalienable Right to Freedom of Speech! Down with Canada M-103!

— Paul Grad, vegan libertarian and 2014 Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Brexit, the Libertarian Devolution

It seems that, outta the blue, the Leave vote on Brexit has sprung into the lead in the polls, and a Brexit seems a real possibility.paul 19

Such a Brexit would clearly be to the benefit of the British peoples, but whether benefit or hinderance, it would mark a clear step backward from bureaucratic centralization, and against the concentration of democratic power in the hands of a handful of bureaucrats.

One of Libertarianism’s key concepts is that in bureaucracies, the worst rise to the top. Hayek and Mises both wrote extensively on the phenomenon. This is well illustrated the world over where government actions, on a daily basis, are performed incompetently, costing people their lives or much misery. There is always an “investigation”, and never an end to the errors. Nor does it matter in which country it occurs; we constantly hear appalling stories of government abuses carried out all over the globe, in first world as well as third world countries.

The peoples of Britain have been robbed of their sovereignty, as well as being looted of their treasure, by the EU, and they know it. “You can’t fool all the people all of the time” goes the old political saw.

So the move back from EU subservience to U.K. Parliamentary subservience is salubrious , but it is naive to think that such an action will bring a Libertarian Norther, coursing galeforce through the un-limed, mephitic outhouse of the UK Government. The British Bureaucracy is formidable in itself, and will leave plenty of shackles around the legs of Englishmen in their daily endeavor to survive. But it is less immune than the Brussels Sprouts, being subject to the power of the British voter, who has watched as Socialism has destroyed the Individual in Britain — an Individual who, had he been born in the 19th century, could have passed his whole life without contact with, or imposition from, the British Government, except for his birth and death certificates. No military draft, no income tax (or “statutory incomes policy” in the language of the bureaucrats and politicians), no mandatory insurances, were there to furrow his brow. The dissipation of energy engendered by western socialism in the U.S. and E.U. has destroyed Western man, and turned his mind from philosophy to survival, and thus materialism, whether that materialism be the food, clothes, shelter of survival, or the materialism of pleasure in various entertainments.

Nevertheless, the devolutionary crawl from more centralized bureaucracy to less is always to be welcomed in Libertarian theory, although there are some cases where Federalism, as in the case of the desegregation of the American South, seems necessary to overcome local injustices. But the violation of States Rights, all over America, has certainly had dire consequences when it comes to the criminalization of Cannabis by the Democratic Party Fascists, showing how a bunch of Fascists in Washington can terrorize an entire nation for decades, and get away with the Crime.

So the best of British luck to the Englishmen, Welsh and Scots, as they make ready to reestablish their national sovereignty over themselves.

“Britons never never never shall be slaves.”

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014



Ron Paul and Donald Trump Destroy the Republican Party

paul 19Ron Paul and Donald Trump have destroyed the Republican Party — and good riddance to it.

Ron Paul really laid the groundwork for this overthrow of the GOP with his revolutionary ideas about government, harking back to the Jeffersonian tradition, and its logical economic sequitor, the Austrian School of Economics (i.e. pure free-market capitalism). The 20%plus he was getting in the early 2008 campaign showed that a considerable tranche of the Republicans and Libertarians were fed up with the constant collectivist actions of the mainstream Republicans. The recent budget giveaway under Paul Ryan shows that the Republican Party has not changed, and is still the right wing of the Democratic Party.

So Ron Paul laid and wired the dynamite to blow-up the stinking edifice. All Trump did was press the detonator.

Ron Paul’s gentle, gentlemanly approach to his campaigns was not the vehicle that an angry public could drive off the ranch of Fascism. It would take another eight years of poverty, inflation, social degeneration in American society, soaring crime, and Obamacare taking the last discretionary dollars every month from millions of middle-class Americans, to push enough millions over the cliff that they would turn to a brusque, direct-speaking, abrasive Donald Trump. No matter that he has proposed horrendous socialist programs in the past like single-payer government medical insurance, and supported the income tax, Trump’s new supporters don’t care, because he is advocating 60% of the positions that Ron Paul articulated. Trump has formed a new party that grabs favorite positions from the left (affirmative action and single-payer medical) and the right (huge military increases while somehow cutting income taxes on everybody while somehow dealing with the deficit). Ron Paul’s Austrian Economics proposals make logical and obvious sense; Donald Trump’s don’t. But that will not stop Trump’s supporters from voting for him.

However, there is another reason why Trump may well win, and that is his conciliatory attitude, at least recently, towards Putin and Russia. With the sole exceptions of Rand Paul, Trump, and Sanders, all the other candidates are ready to go fisticuffs with the Rooskies, which is a near sure prescription for World War III. Ironically, it will be Trump’s peace LBJ vs. Clinton’s warmonger Goldwater (and recall she was a Goldwater Girl at the 1964 Republican Convention).

Personally, I could not and would not vote for Trump, based not only on his stereotyping Mexicans, and ridiculing disabled people, but also based on his ridiculous economic proposals (eliminate the deficit while greatly expanding the military, and cutting taxes on almost everybody and huge corporations). His proposals to “bring jobs home” would be highly inflationary for hundreds of millions of American consumers, while just helping a few thousand workers and stockholders in those companies. Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the economic principle that what is best for America is to have the highest cash balances possible in the savings accounts of consumers, and when he slaps huge tariffs on foreign goods, he helps impoverish those consumers while subsidizing American stock holders in the protected companies, and the Federal spendthrifts. That said, it probably would help the U.S. trade deficit slightly.

However, if Trump ran against Clinton, while I would not vote for him, and vote Libertarian if they ran somebody decent, or write in someone, I would be routing for Trump to beat Clinton, not only because of Clinton’s warmongering with Russia, but also for her support for the terrorism-promoting Iran Deal, and her long history of political actions and proposals (remember when she proposed lowering the estate tax to $250k). We definitely do not need “dynasties” in American politics, and the history of the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons illustrate why. Family dynasties ruling America smacks of Monarchy. The idea that only a relative or spouse of a powerful politician is competent to take over governance is an insult to a country of 310 million people, and an affront to Jeffersonian Republicanism.

The dissolution of a political party by one candidate, Trump, was foreshadowed earlier this year by an event which I have seen no American commentators mention. That event was the U.K. General Election of 2015, which saw the Labour and Conservative Parties wiped out in Scotland by the SNP (Scottish National Party), and saw UKIP, the UK Independent Party, gain almost 13% of the vote, though they garnered only one seat in Parliament. This broke a stranglehold on British politics by the Tories and Labour that has existed since 1900. Prior to 2015, people didn’t vote for candidates, they voted for party manifestos. But those days are thankfully gone. Masses of people, on both sides of the Pond, are starting to see that the economic policies of the Left consistently fail, and that the Right is not so far from the Left in its collectivist thinking.

The Democratic and Republican Parties, the Conservative and Labour Parties — these are the megatheria of the past, dinosaurs sinking into the La Brea Tarpits of History. In a decade they will be extinct, or starved and voted into marginality. So, whatever you may think of them, we owe a debt to Ron Paul and Trump for blowing up the Republican Party — that putrid and mephitic edifice of Collectivism and Fascism, masquerading as Free-Market Capitalism. The Western world’s politics will never be the same again.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014

Walter J Palmer: The Lion Murderer Walks Free

Walter J Palmer of Minnesota, the sadistic serial animal-murderer of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, has gotten away yet again with his Crime, as the government of Fascist Dictator Robert Mugabe, which makes a fortune off of letting the country’s animals be butchered for money, said Palmer had done nothing illegal.

If you had a pet cat for thirteen years and somebody shot an arrow into its hip, pursued the suffering animal for 40 hours, and then shot it so that it slowly died, while filming the blood slowing oozing from the mouth of your dying pet — what punishment would you decree for such a person, and what punishment would you decree for a government that says it would be legal? Whatever punishment you’d decree for someone who did that to your pet, that is what Walter J Palmer deserves.

Palmer and his fellow sadistic trophy hunters are the scum of the Human Race. These Human Vermin are a curse on the planet that must be expunged by making hunting illegal, and then jailing the Criminals for Life, or executing them. Since I’m opposed to Capital Punishment, I’d favor the cages.

But equally guilty with Walter J Palmer is Fascist Dictator, Torturer, and Murderer, Robert Mugabe, and the other national governments of the world that permit trophy hunting, or any kind of hunting. Nor is the problem just hunting, but the cruel, sadistic way in which human beings treat animals all over the world.

So it is not only Walter J Palmer who is guilty, although he is the most immediate sadist and the one who has committed these atrocities. Merely because these murderers hide behind the diaphanous skirts of immoral “laws”, it does not make their actions moral. Trophy Hunters, and all hunters, are Nazis to the animals.

But to put the guilt solely on Palmer is to exonerate all the other animal abusers in society, many of them who could not even bring themselves to strike an animal. These are all the meat eaters who put animals through a living hell from the moment they’re born to the moment of their violent murders. Slaughter houses are nothing but mass animal-child murder centers, and they exist throughout the world by the hundreds of thousands, and 98% of the Human Beings don’t say a word against it, or even think about their part in paying to have animals murdered so they can eat their carcasses. They are just as guilty as Palmer.

And then there are the vivisectionists, keeping monkeys in cages for years, torturing them in useless but highly profitable (for them) experiments, and torturing countless mice, rats, cats, dogs, and every kind of primate.

Add to that the zoos, marine parks, dolphin murdering Japan, whale-murdering Japan, whale-murdering Norway and Iceland, American rodeos, horse-racing, the beagle torture facilities in England,the bear-baiters of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and all the single raisers of pigs, goats, sheep, lambs, who murder them themselves on “family” farms throughout the world, the South Korean dogmeat market, where dogs are blow-torched to death to “improve the flavor”, the Chinese Dog-meat festival, where 10,000 dogs were murdered and eaten within three days, fox hunting in both Irelands, and bull fighting in “civilized” France and Spain… this is the record of Man’s depravity in the current “civilized world”.

But there is a counter-wave. In Tel-Aviv last week occurred the largest Animal Welfare demonstration in Israeli history, when an estimated 10,000 marched against animal murder and torture. Last year the number was 5,000. Five years ago it was 50, showing that a dedicated minority can spread Truth as fast as Sam Adams’ “Brushfires of Liberty”.

And each person can do their part by becoming vegan, agitating to outlaw hunting, running for office on an Animal Welfare platform, voting against politicians who are indifferent to, or support, vivisection and hunting, boycotting hunter’s businesses and avoiding any social contact with them, protesting at circuses, and passing legislation outlawing zoos, rodeos, etc. There is a vast amount that can be done.

But the Criminal and Human Garbage, Walter J Palmer of Minnesota will walk free, and live to sadistically murder again, and Robert Mugabe will continue to rake in the dollars in the Zimbabwean hell he has created, because the publics of America, the U.K. Ireland, and Europe will say nothing, and continue to vote in politicians indifferent to animal sadism like Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Angela Merkel.

But in the minds  of millions in the Court of Public Opinion, the murderers and their enablers  will be adjudged “Guilty!”.

As far as Walter J Palmer of MN and the other trophy hunters of the Earth, bringing their horror and misery to every corner of God’s Creation, I wish them as horrible a death as Cecil experienced. They are the dripping anus of the Human Race.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor, 2014


Obama Shows President Xi Mt. Rushmore

Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard  President Obama whisked President Xi off to Mt. Rushmore, during his recent visit to America, to show him the wonder.paul 19

As they viewed the monument from their arrow-proof plexiglass bubble (President Xi had been reading about the Sioux Wars on his way over on the boat, and had insisted on one), the President turned to Xi and proudly proclaimed,”Sir, this is how we honor some of our greatest Presidents, by carving their face into the mountain.”

President Xi guffawed. “Pshaw!” (he had also been studying “Common Exclamations of the Missouri Farmer” to endear himself to the American Public, and show that, as head of the most populous country in the world, he was just an average guy), he exclaimed.  “In China, we have such a mountain, though we don’t go bragging about it like you Americans. And our mountain is twice as good as yours.”

At this point, President Obama was getting really bugged, and he injudiciously retorted, “Oh, yeh, wiseguy? How does that work?”

To which President Xi replied, “Well, you see, Mr. President, in China, we are far more honest than you. In America, when you have a great leader, you carve his face into a mountain, but in China, when we have a great leader, we carve both his faces.”

Rumored Obama-Xi Democracy Spat Turns Ugly

Unconfirmed rumors from Libertarian insider sources recount the following incident during President Xi’s recent visit to America.

President Obama invited Xi to tour the White House, showing him thpaul 19e various rooms, and expounding on the democratic virtues of the many Presidents portrayed on its walls. They were reportedly accompanied on this tour by leading members of the Democratic National Committee, who were there advising the President on various party issues.

At the end of the tour, President Xi, duly impressed by what he had seen, said to Obama, “Mr. President, I understand your term expires in January 2017, and you will not be allowed to run again. I think it is a great shame that such a great leader should not be allowed to rule unimpeded and in perpetuity, and, if you will kindly permit me, I want to tell you how to seize power.”

It is reported that President Obama was duly shocked by this statement, and sternly chastised President Xi, telling him, “Mr. President, that’s not how we do things in America.”

Whereupon the members of the DNC admonished the President, and told him to “Keep your mouth shut and listen to this guy!”

Of course, this is merely an unsubstantiated rumor.

Lord Bertrand Russell vs. Barack Obama: Ban the Iranian Bomb

It is well over 50 years now since Lord Bertrand Russell became the leading Western figure in the battle to ban nuclear weapons, and avert a nuclear war between the Ruskies and America. One can still remember the command “drop!”, and how we’d scurry under our desks, hands clasped over our heads. It certainly was an effective defense if a nuclear missile landed on your school.

In those days it was the “Left” and the Peace Movement that was trying to prevent the proliferation of nuclear bombs, but it looks like nowadays President Obama is portraying anyone who wants to stop nuclear proliferation as a Right-wing warmonger, while simultaneously the Democratic Party Liberals urge a deal that will guarantee a nuclear weapon in the hands of religious zealots in about a decade.

So, in 2015, the Left is endorsing the exact same policies with which they once condemned Barry Goldwater, while they  attack anyone who is against nuclear proliferation as a Warmongering Rightist.

Somehow the Bertrand Russell position against nuclear proliferation is attacked by Liberal Democrats as being Reactionary, while they, the Progressive Liberals, are going to arm and fund one of the most stinkingly Fascist and Theocratic Regimes on Earth.

But Bertrand Russell wasn’t wrong, and in reality President Obama and his fellow Democratic Party Politician supporters are the Warmongering Fascists, for they are the ones trying to guarantee nuclear proliferation and a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East within a decade, by financing and arming brandishers of Genocide.

So those who want Humanity to survive, and those who do not want to arm and reward murderous, Totalitarian Fascists, say not only “Ban the Bomb!”, but “Ban the Iranian Bomb”.

Congress, Ban the Iranian Bomb!

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014

Senator Menendez’s CECIL Act Falls Far Short: A Sop to the Hunters

Senator Robert Menendez’s CECIL Act bill, which would ban the import of many hunting corpses into America, if the victim was listed on the Endangered Species Act of 1973 as being either endangered or threatened, — this Act falls far short of what is necessary to stop these rotten sadistic hunters from terrorizing, torturing, and murdering such noble animals as lions, giraffes, and elephants.

I suspect this Act was crafted by the Democrats to assuage public anger at the Palmer Atrocity, while still permitting the Walter Palmers of America to engage in their perverted, sadistic, immoral, and heinous murders of noble Animals. They and their fellow hunters of the Earth are the lowest Scum of Humanity.

This flawed Bill would still permit the murder of giraffes, rhinos, and Asian elephants, as well as many types of monkeys. Only the Rhodesian White Rhino is listed (North and South varieties), giraffes are not on the list at all, nor are Asian elephants (only African). So this means these verminous Miscreants can keep killing giraffes, rhinos, and Asian elephants, and get away with Murder.

Is Menendez, a U.S. Senator, so stupid that he forgot to include these? I doubt it. It was left as a legal loophole, a disgusting sop to the Hunter-Perverts of America to continue with their villainous murders of defenseless creatures.

Notice that Menendez says the bill is designed to “curb” trophy hunting, not eliminate it. When a Democrat or Republican says they want to “curb” an abuse, it means they want it to continue as long as the perpetrator can find a lawyer clever enough to argue the intentionally placed flaws in the bill. Then, a few years later, they can propose another bill that will “fix the loopholes” they intentionally left in the first bill.

In America, we didn’t “curb” slavery; we abolished it, though the Just Struggle took scores of years and lives. Let’s do the same for hunting.

Animal Defenders need to either tell Menendez and his fellow Democrat sponsors to include the words “and all rhinoceros, giraffes, hippopotamus, primates, and elephants.” Do you think these sharp Dem lawyers are so thick-witted that they just plain forgot to add these animals?

What we really need from a Responsible Legislator in Congress (you sure won’t hear it from Obama’s bully pulpit) is to propose a Bill banning all trophy hunting, and making the hunter liable to prosecution in the US, with a penalty of Life in Prison without Parole. A few convictions for what is not only the sadistic Crime of Animal Torture, but also an Environmental Crime against Humanity and Nature for destroying some of the last few remaining examples of creatures who have been on Earth for millions of years, — such severity in sentencing would soon halt these Murdering Vermin. These comparatively few Miscreants are destroying this legacy of Nature for all the coming generations of Children on the Earth, and for that Crime alone they deserve Capital Punishment, even though, as a Jeffersonian Libertarian, I must oppose it in Principle.

However, the Death Penalty is an appropriate punishment for War Crimes, and what they are doing is comparable to a War Crime.

Let’s make it a Federal Felony to murder any of these animals, anywhere on Earth, with a punishment of Life in the Federal Pen without parole. And then let’s jail any scofflaw Scumbag Hunter who violates that law. Let’s Avenge Cecil by Outlawing Hunting under Animal Cruelty Laws.

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014

Obama Sells Out Israel: The Iran Nuclear “Deal”

The despicable nuclear “deal” the President wants Congress to approve is nothing more than the latest dagger aimed at Israel by those who would like to destroy it. The President is willing to financially arm religious Fascists, Miscreants who have hung children as young as 15 for homosexuality and sexual activity. If you think financially aiding and abetting those who have hung a 15-year old girl because she liked to go out with boys is a good idea, then support this immoral “deal”. If you think aiding child-murderers, as the President apparently does, by giving them $150 billion to finance their terrorism is a good thing, then support this bill. If you think financially aiding those who helped blow up a community center in Argentina, then support this “deal”. But if you hate Fascism, and an anti-Libertarian regime that shoots hundreds of protesters in the streets, and hangs an average of three Human Beings a day for drug crimes according to Amnesty International, and you want to see the destruction of such Fascist tyranny, then oppose this bill. The Jeffersonian struggle for inalienable Human Rights is still continuing today, and the Administration is helping those who hate Jefferson’s Bill of Rights. Anyone in the World who violates the Bill of Rights should be smashed, not aided!

This “deal” should have obviously been submitted to Congress for approval as a treaty, as our Constitution stipulates, but this Imperial President would rather avoid Democratic process when it obstructs his will. So, rather than submit it to the People’s Representatives, he forces it through as a “deal” between two governments. His contempt for Congress, and for the will of American People who voted in this latest Congress, is despicable.

Under the Libertarian self-defense doctrine, the State of Israel would have every right to defend itself against a government that has threatened to wipe it out, and would be entitled to attack Iranian facilities and government buildings the moment this agreement has been signed and veto-overridden.

The President’s callousness and animus towards the legitimate State of Israel is very clear.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014