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The U.K. Elections: The Young Socialist Pitbulls Put Down John Bull

It looks like Britain has finally gone to the dogs, the socialist pitbulls that is. The election the other day had young people flocking to vote for a racist, and, in doing so, overlook his racism.

It’s a bit like if the hippies and the leftists of the 60s had voted for George Wallace, never mentioning his treatment of Blacks when he was Governor in the segregated South.

Apart from the fact that Theresa May was your typical Hillary Clinton-type middle-aged woman politician, with no charisma, spontaneity, or humour, and had done a dismal job as Home Secretary for six years, what really got the vote for Corbyn’s Labour party was the malaise that socialist society imposes on youth. Ironically, those youth were voting for a further entrenchment of their poverty, and their comrade’s poverty, by voting for a despot who glories in the overthrowing of Property Rights, And let us not forget that all Rights, including the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press, ultimately boil down to some form of Property Rights, thus their importance.

They also chose to vote for a Leftist racist, and thus they have crossed over the line from being Liberarians as far as civil rights go, even if they were unfortunately Leftists, to becoming Fascists. The toleration of Corbyn’s antisemitism, and his toleration and friendship for antisemites, show him to be little different from the left wing of the Nazi party in the 30s. This situation is exactly the same as if all the Liberals in America had crowded around George Wallace when he ran for President, and never ever mentioned his racism. In four hours of election night news I did not hear one word about Corbyn’s antisemitism, but I did hear many words of praise from Leftists and fellow party members for Corbyn. Yet in America, as we neared the last election, the names Trump, Bannon, and  Breitbart were never mentioned without mentioning words like “racist, antisemitic, white supremacist”. The fact that Corbyn’s antisemitic scat has been swallowed by the Left shows how utterly corrupt and far from Jeffersonian Principles they have moved.

Of course, this corruption is inevitable with socialism, or Marxism, which immediately catagorizes and defines each man according to material standards, the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, big Capital, etc. Socialism must violate the inalienable Jeffersonian Rights in order to achieve its goals, and thus it produces corruption — the corruption of force or coercion. This Aggression against Individual’s Property Rights is what Libertarianism seeks to end, both when carried out by government or by rogue individuals.

So the Socialism of England, not unlike the Socialism of America or of Western Europe, has corrupted the youth of Britain and the Continent, and now the Youth of Britain are rebelling against that prison of socialist bureaucracy by voting for a racist. This shows you how corrupt and cynical decades of Socialism can make people, especially young people who have their lives ruined through government controls like the income tax, the social security tax, the health services tax, local property tax and code regulations, and the minimum wage laws which guarantees a hefty level of teenage unemployment, to the glee of the unions, who can thus cut out a lot of wage competition from youths.

Additionally, the rotten, boring government schools, are only really training the youth for corporate fodder jobs. Government schools train at public expense the corporate workforce that could have been trained by the billionaire corporation.  For example, in the period from 1900-1910, trade between the U.S. and Latin America heated up, and that is when the schools first started teaching Spanish. Thus do corporations, in collusion with the Democrats and Republican, shift the burden of corporate training to the local property tax payer, while braying about the virtues of government schools.

The big boost in the Labour vote coming from new younger voters seems to parallel the lack of critical economic understanding that characterized the youth in America who supported Bernie Sanders. You’ll notice in Sanders campaign speeches that he wailed long and hard about the evils of the corporations and wall street, but would never mention the huge military spending budgets that are ballooning the budget deficits. Sanders understand of economics is that of a piss ant, and to have him at the helm of the country would have been very economically dangerous. Somehow it seems that being a Leftist over the course of ones’ life, for fifty or sixty years, damages or deranges the brain so that such people can no longer discern reality. Sanders blind naivete is a good example.

The good news out of the bad news from the UK election, is that Corbyn didn’t win, and he won’t be Prime Minister, and also that Theresa May may not be Prime Minister much longer. Both outcomes devoutly to be wished.

— Paul Grad, vegan libertarian, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor 2014

Oregon Measures 94 to 100 2016 Election: My Recommendations

My recommendations, as a self-styled Libertarian, on Oregon’s 2016 Ballot Measures, are as follows:

Measure 94, which amends the Oregon Constitution, and removes the mandatory retirement age of 75 for judges, obviously deserves a “yes” vote. The idea that judges at 75 suddenly become incompetent to rule on cases is absurd. Indeed, jurisprudence is something that probably improves with age, as the judge is exposed to more and more cases. Moreover, there are already ways of removing any judge who suddenly goes “gaga”.

Measure 95 is a vile, heinous measure that would tie the financial health of government universities to the performance of the stock market. Here is another measure designed to give government backing to the price levels of stocks, i.e. private corporations. One can see the damage such cozenage has done to the Japanese economy, where the central bank has been buying stocks for years. Obviously, government entities buying stocks ties an entire nation’s economy to the fortunes of the stock market, and gives another “too big to fail” reason for the Federal Reserve to print more money to “bail out” the stock market, while it dilutes your purchasing power and makes you poorer. Indeed, the Federal Reserve is already preparing the public for such a massive theft by talking about the necessity of buying “securities” — ironically the most insecure investment there is besides buying a government lottery ticket. This measure is designed to defeat the “separation of government and private business”, which has already been defeated at the Federal level. Libertarians believe in separation of business and state, just as we must have separation of church and state, and separation of education and state. The failure to maintain such separations is a major reason for the steady decline of America as a civilization. Vote “no” on measure 95.

I oppose Measure 96, which would earmark 1.5% of lottery earnings for veterans services. While this may be a worthy use of the money, I oppose it for two reasons. Firstly, because I strongly oppose the lottery itself, which puts the State in the position of promoting vice, and destroying the financial well-being of its citizens. So any good-sounding reason for the lottery merely increases its attractiveness to the public. Secondly, the military and veterans affairs are provinces of the Federal Government, not of the State, and any aid to veterans should come out of the Veterans Administration and Federal Funds, not State funds. Any money the lottery players of Oregon save the Federal Government will quickly be absorbed by the next billion-dollar stealth plane the Pentagon builds. So vote No on 96.

Measure 97, the supposed tax on corporations in Oregon, has been well-exposed as another scheme to transfer monies from poor Oregon consumers to the wealthy, well-fed retirees of the Oregon State Pension boondoggle, PERS. Currently there are at least 1,195 PERS recipients receiving at least $100,000/yr as a pension. One receives $55,000/month, and four years ago I counted 12 that were receiving over $212,000/yr. Any funds looted from the public through increased costs for corporate services will surely go into these bloated, immoral pensions, which well illustrate the legalized theft possible under socialist governments like Oregon has had under Governors Kitzhaber and Brown. Vote “No” on 97, unless you believe in robbing the poor to maintain the cushy lifestyles of wealthy retired State bureaucrats.

(Note that in 2014, when I ran for Governor, I proposed a corporate income tax while eliminating the personal income tax. My tax would have begun at 1% for corporations with profits of $10-$100million, rising slowly from $100million to $1billion. Corporations making $1billion or more would have paid 8%, which is the current personal income tax rate on individuals making $30,000.)

Measure 98 is another ripoff you should definitely vote “No” on. It provides $800 per high school student to prevent and discourage drop-outs. The Government schools in Oregon are so lousy that many teens can’t wait to get out from under this royal wasting of the time of their youth. If the schools were really interesting, and had anything truly relevant to a youth’s life, there would be no “drop-out” problem. But children, who can’t vote, are the easiest group to exploit in our society, and the huge bureaucracies that make a fortune running the Oregon School system are not about to lose all that filthy lucre by having their victims drop out of it. Therefore they say let’s throw more money at the problem that their own existence has created. Government schools are a curse on children, and we should vote against any continuance or further financial aid to them.

Measure 99 is another one that indirectly promotes the State lottery and sends yet more private sector funds to the rotten government schools. It would give 4% of lottery funds to provide “outdoor schools” for 5th and 6th graders. (And one must wonder about the logic behind this measure since the weather for outdoor classes is most inclement during the Oregon school year.) Just like Measure 96, it encourages people to play the lottery for what seems like a good cause. I wonder how many children have been left parentless because the Oregon Lottery caused their parents to become financially destitute and commit suicide. The Lottery, besides being Immoral and outside the sphere of Jeffersonian Government, financially destroys the lives of countless people, whose tragic stories never become public. Let’s rid ourselves of this outrage known as the Oregon Lottery.

Measure 100 is an obvious “yes” vote if you consider yourself an “Enviro-Libertarian” as I do. While the measure is flawed, it is basically an anti-hunting measure, and I oppose hunting in all its forms as legalized animal torture.

So in summary here are my recommendations on Oregon State Measures: 94-Yes, 95-No, 96-No, 97-No, 98-No, 99-No, 100-Yes.

—Paul Grad, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor

On the Futility and Necessity of Politics and Political Parties

I just chanced to come upon the analysis of George Phillies concerning the National Libertarian Party’s platform, and his opinions regarding each measure and plank. and it reminded me of how futile political parties are, given the inevitable bureaucracies that arise, trying to seize power and influence within the party structure. There is no way that a political party of any size can ever exist without creating a bureaucracy that will take it over, and thenceforth direct the energies of a million good-faith citizens who truly believe in the few ideological slogans the party bandies about.paul 19

That the Libertarian Party, of all parties, should fall into the trap of Bureaucracy shows how the minds of people trick themselves. One of the key teachings of the Libertarian “Big Three” Economists, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard, was that bureaucracies arise in all organizations, from big government down to the local chess club, and that certain energetic individuals will take over that bureaucratic power, while Hayek’s rule that in bureaucracies the worst rise to the top has been well proven by a long parade of Federal Government departmental heads.

We see the same problem arising in progressive school’s bureaucracies. Bertrand Russell, A. S. Neill, and J. Krishnamurti all had problems with the school administrations of the schools they set up, and these were three very revolutionary thinkers when it came to the question of education.

So it would seem that in the realm of both politics and education, the bureaucracies should be abandoned, and only individual action should take place. This would mean, politically, coagulating around a few set principles, like the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle, and the Inalienable Rights of the Individual over and above any false Collectivist claim to Rights. A large part of electing someone would then be: are they genuine or a carpet-bagging opportunist, repeating like a parrot the party’s mantra. That is where the insight of the voters comes into action. In the performance of the candidates lies the key to modern elections. This has been proven by both Trump and Sanders, who have ripped away the diaphanous skirts of both major parties, to reveal only fat cellulite legs, lined with the varicose veins of corporate corruption. The veins run dollar-bill green, and run from the bottom upwards.

And in education, it seems my view of educating children in small groups of 3-5, with a teacher and assistant, in combination with all the educational tools available over the internet, which have made the lecture hall and the library virtually obsolete, is the correct view. Schools serve as a collectivizing agent, getting the children ready, on a daily basis, for a collectivist action (going to the school where there is a huge crowd of people, sitting in the class in the midst of a large group.) These collectivist actions prepare the child for the corporate job and the political party, and the idea that they are part of a ‘society” when in actuality that “society” only exists in their daily contact with individuals. Educating children individually, or in tiny groups of 3-5, will remove this collectivizing brainwashing which both government and private schools can’t avoid because of their current structure. We should question whether schools are even necessary any more.

As far as politics go, it should be obvious that only through individual change within a huge number of people will it be possible to radically alter the rotten world society in which we now live. Without that inner change, merely changing the outer society will do very little. You only have to look at the percentage of people who eat meat (over 98%), and the realities of the factory farm and the slaughter house, to see how self-centered the mass of Humanity is. And creating a political party that is going to somehow magically change this situation is a pipe-dream. This is the trap into which the Communists and the Socialists fall. They falsely think that: merely change the outer economic circumstances and the laws, and everyone will become angelic and non-greedy. The cherishing of material possessions in Soviet society showed just the opposite. The Soviet Marxists were just as materialistic as the American Capitalists. Maybe even more so when you compare the amount of charitable giving which the American middle class has historically shown, due probably to the general level of prosperity in America (compared to most world historic societies). There were many wealthy Romans, but I don’t recall them being noted for their philanthropic works, unless it was passing out corn to quell a food-riot insurrection.

So, if societal change can only come about through individual change, and if all political parties are doomed to the disease of Bureaucracy if they achieve any notable size, then it should be clear that political action is pure folly and a waste of time.

But does that mean the Libertarian, the 18th Century Classical Liberal, and the Anarcho-Capitalist should abandon the field to the Fascists, the Socialists and Communists, the Nazis, the Racists, the Nationalists, the Theocrats, and even Monarchists?

Does not the outer society play a large part in conditioning the individual, when only a child, into the implicit values of the society? Little Johnny quickly catches on that doctors make a lot of money, and since Johnny notices that adults talk a lot about money, he decides to become a doctor. And since everyone wants to know what Johnny wants to do when he “grows up”, little Johnny gets the message that what you do in society is very important to these large apes he’s growing up amongst. The schools, both government and private, reinforce this when they tell the students how much more a college graduate earns over the course of his lifetime than a high school graduate or drop-out.

Therefore, if the outer society plays such a large part in conditioning the individual, then, even though politics is futile and a waste of time, it must be engaged in, at least at the minimal level of voting (and usually having to write in people for most positions since the usual party hacks are so bad). Even though change must be at the individual level, it makes a huge difference to individuals if they live in a free, free-market Capitalist society, with Classical Liberal Jeffersonian views when it comes to political issues and Rights. Historically, such Liberalism has only been found in the most Capitalistic societies — Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the U.S.A. All three have had a long tradition of both Capitalism, or the Free-Market, and a wide liberality of opinion, with significant minorities or majorities opposing censorship, the Draft, Capital Punishment, and supporting separation of church and state. All three of these countries also engaged in the most egregious outrages against Libertarianism in terms of their colonies, their wars, the American enslavement of the African and his descendants, and theft of the American Indians’ lands. But whether because of it, or in spite of it, Capitalism within these societies brought Classical Liberalism to heights it had never imagined in previous times. In earlier days, Bertrand Russell and Clarence Darrow would have been burned at the stake or lynched (Russell almost was once, when speaking at an anti-War rally in a church during World War One). Now, in the Liberal Capitalist 20th Century societies, people just grumbled about them. Everyone would rip the government by word, but assassinations of government officials by ordinary citizens were very rare.

So, if the outer society does have an impact on the conditioning of the individual, it is obvious that politics, and the society it breeds, are extremely important.

And thus we are left with the paradox that, while we can see clearly that politics is a waste of time and a great dissipation of energy, we can also see that it is vitally important to the bringing about of a Libertarian, Jeffersonian, Free-Market Capitalist, democratic-Republic Society, where dissident opinions are tolerated, and with a low, or non-existent level of violence.

— Paul Grad

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Libraries, Education or Entertainment?

I well recall, in the junior high and high school days, visiting the local library, and having a hard time finding a table that wasn’t occupied by a reader. Now, it’s hard for me to recall seeing anybody read a book at the local library, the newspapers bearing most of the perusal traffic.paul 19

Libraries, to me, seem like a communistic university, where the proper activity is the augmentation of knowledge. Originally, they were depositories of essential knowledge, like the nautical books at the famous Alexandria Library, which was burned down by religious fanatics. Book-burning has been a beloved pastime of Fascists for well nigh two-thousand years.

If I were a communist or socialist, (or even an anarchistic syndicalist), the first thing I would offer the populace after a minimum of vegetarian food, clothing, shelter, and emergency medical aid, would be a library, for it is the first step in that Jeffersonian pursuit of happiness which takes man beyond the survival level of food-clothes-shelter.

And Libraries, obviously, were meant to be depositories of books.

But what do we have in the modern library? Is it a sort of public university where those who thirst for knowledge can have their thirst slaked?

In large part, no, for while the modern library may have the same number of books, its overwhelming usage currently is for entertainment — DVDs, video tapes, CDs, the internet. The Library has turned from a communal institution of learning, into an escapist free-video-rental store, with the clerks spending their taxpayer-funded time dispensing entertainment.

Few Liberals recall that in George Orwell’s ‘1984’, the Ministry of Truth was also responsible for putting out entertainment, masses of it, to keep the Plebs satisfied — everything from escapist fiction to crude pornography. The situation in modern America is not much different, when the government is subsidizing the circulation of escapist, violent films, with nudity and realistic sex scenes.

Additionally, there is the vast new library function of providing internet service for its patrons. While undoubtedly some of its usage is for scholarly pursuits, we’d guess that the vast bulk of usage is for entertainment, chat rooms, and other non-scholastic ends. Perhaps, in olden days, similar objections were raised when Mrs. Gaskell’s novels, or the works of  Ethel M. Dell, were first added to the stacks. Novels in scholastic libraries were probably regarded with as jaundiced an eye as I regard internet, DVDs and CDs in modern libraries.

And it seems clear to me that it would be far cheaper for government, instead of running these very expensive libraries, and paying out many salaries, to give each person in a locality with phone service an internet connection to the government library or libraries.

With such an internet connection, it is obvious that libraries, as purveyors of books, would largely become obselete. With connection to and, a patron has access to hundreds of thousands of free books, which can be downloaded, and with a rational change in the pseudo-law of copyright, it would be possible to double or triple that total.

Of course, the answer to this problem of public libraries is to abolish them, and replace them with private libraries. Individuals, or Collectives of individuals,who feel that public libraries are still essential could then set up their own libraries, open to the public for free, and run them any way they wished. If this was combined with my idea of government giving each individual an internet connection (and this is obviously not a Libertarian idea) then we would have a far better library usage than currently, while saving the taxpayers the violation of their property rights when forced to fund public libraries. As a Libertarian, I would even object to that government internet connection, but I bring it up merely to illustrate how easily scholastic knowledge could be spread in society, except that Liberals never mention such a logical approach, even though they tout the indispensable value of both Libraries and government intervention in education.

The modern American Library is no longer a vehicle for the spread of Jeffersonian Libertarianism through the education of the People, but an escapist-entertainment dispenser, designed to keep the People quiescent while they endure this bureaucratic, socialist society. It has been turned from an instrument of Revolution into an instrument of Pacification.

-Paul Grad, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing Government Schools

Education is far too important to be left in the hands of the State. And the education that government schools are providing is not the education that children need. It is no education at all, outside of learning a lot of facts and hearing a lot of words.paul 19

Fascists well knew that the molding of the Individual by the State through “education” was the sure way to inculcate their vile anti-Individualist, anti-Classical Liberal propaganda. (And remember that all propaganda is a lie, and thus, all propagandists are Liars.) Every modern government, even the so-called Liberal Democracies of the West, dragoons its children into attending government schools, although thankfully the home-schooling movement has offered some alternative to this coercion. The fact that test scores for home schooled children tend to be consistently higher than government-schooled children, especially when you consider that the teachers in home schools are amateurs compared to the “professional” credentialed teachers in government schools, clearly shows that home schooling is better than government schooling, despite its amateurism.

Government schools immediately instill a bureaucratic regimen into  small children’s lives. The child, who has heretofore been obedient to its parents, is suddenly forced to be obedient to the teacher and whatever the teacher tells it to do. Thus schools teach children to obey, to conform, and not to question. It also teaches them a new fear, the fear of the punishment they will receive if they fail to obey, be it a tongue-lashing in front of the class or the ridicule of their classmates. Imagine the strength and moxie of a child, who refused to say the pledge of allegiance on religious grounds, despite the ridicule of their teachers and administrators.

It is interesting to note that both Right and Left have loudly declaimed against government schools. One of the favorite attacks against Free Schoolers is that they are “Right-wing extremists”. At the same time, the middle of the road Democrats and Republicans call those Leftists who try to set up their own schools outside the system as “anarchists and nihilists”. The fact that Paul Goodman and Herbert Read, both leftwing critics of government schools, wanted to abolish them seems to be overlooked by these Liberal Democrats who attack those opposed to dragooning children into these brainwashing camps during the most impressionable years of their lives.

Government schools are also a vast financial subsidy to the major corporations who benefit from them. The local property tax payer is forced at gunpoint to teach the reading and math skills that will benefit the corporate employer. Professor Rothbard points out that soon after America became heavily engaged in Latin American commerce, government schools began to teach Spanish as part of there regular curriculum. There is no reason that Corporations should not pay the cost of Government schools, since it is they who benefit most from the technical skills they drum into children.

Another great injustice of government schools is that local property tax payers are the ones who must pay, whether they have children in government schools or not, or whether they have children or not. Obviously such an egregious injustice can not be brought up in public by politicians, for it would show what a corrupt, looting system are property taxes used for government schools.

It is also interesting to note the opposition to the Draft and the general fustian against all forms of involuntary servidtude coming from the very same Leftists who think that they have the Right to dragoon small children into these government schools all day. Could there be a clearer example of involuntary servitude than this travesty of Justice?

In Oregon, the movement for compulsory government schools dates back to November 7, 1922 when the Ku Klux Klan-supported measure was enacted that required all children to attend these prison camps. Fortunately, the Supreme Court overturned that horrendous measure, but almost a century later the Leftists attack anyone who speaks against government schools as some kind of reactionary, instead of a fighter for the Freedom of children not to have the best years of their lives ruined and molded by the Collectivists — the Leftists who support that Klan measure of almost a century ago. Now who are the real Reactionaries?

It is obvious that for the Myth of the State to continue, it must brainwash each rising generation in a belief that the State is some kind of holy institution, without which society would immediately descend into chaos. Yet the American Indians, and the Anglo-Saxons, and the Irish all had societies that functioned without government, though with law. But maybe they were merely more intelligent than modern brainwashed America.

Abolishing government schools would also open up the Educational industry to Free-Market competition. Instead of the State setting standards hoops through which any prospective teacher must dance, each individual school could set its own standards for qualifications in order to teach. Someone who has been fixing autos for forty years would no longer have to spend two years getting a teaching credential in order to be “qualified” to teach what he’s been doing for decades. Could there be a clearer example of government trying to exclude people with employable talents from the freedom to exercise them and sell them on the open market? With the privatization of schools would come a huge variety of institutions, based on the tastes and desires of the parents and children. If a child had no interest in mathematics, but a great interest in music, he could be sent to a school that would cater to those interests. Atheistic and religious schools could teach children according to the desires of their parents. Tutoring would again become a valued profession, instead of being virtually non-existent, for few poor people would hire a tutor if they think the government schools are doing an adequate job.

It should also be blazingly obvious that the elimination of government schools would precipitate a mini-boom in local economic activity as property owners in a fixed area would suddenly have much extra cash to spend that would have been paid in for the upkeep of the government school.

Also, it is very clear in the age of the internet that if government supplied every child with a dedicated internet connection that was linked to instructive lectures by top-ranked teachers, as voted on by the public, and e-book depository websites like and, then that child would have virtually the same access to information as it currently has, but without the huge expenditure of maintaining and heating huge buildings every day, the inconvenience and costs of busing, janitorial and cafeteria services, and the huge number of parasitic school-suppliers who have a guaranteed profit thanks to the money mulcted out of a coerced public. Dialogues between children and teachers could be visible to all over chatrooms, and there would be virtually no difference to current so-called education in government schools. But such a simple, money-saving idea would throw tens of thousands of government-school employees out of work, so there is that huge vested-interest of opposition to overcome.

Additionally, what government school teacher is going to speak critically of the State, or speak out for the abolition of government schools? Only a very brave one.

Also, one of the gravest problems with modern government schools is their perverting of the children’s thinking processes with computers. I was interested to read recently that Steve Jobs, the late computer tycoon, would not let his children have an ipad or use a computer. He must have seen very clearly that computers make the mind mechanical, because it must constantly follow a step-by-step process, and repeat ad infinitum a series of thoughts. Such constant repetition conditions the mind, and it is truly tragic to see Neo-Fascists like Congressman DeFazio, Governor Kitzhaber, and many other Democratic Party Liberals pushing this technology to prepare children for employment by the major corporations. They are the corporations handmaidens, disgusting in their vernility. They are willing to destroy the creativity of children’s brains in order to guarantee the flow of tax dollars that will pay for their immorally-high pensions. Computers should not be used in government schools. The skills necessary to use a computer can be learned at any time in a few days of intensive study. The conventional schools are bad enough in their conditioning of children’s brains; a child’s creativity should not be ruined by exposing those impressionable brains to the curse of mechanical thinking. Truly, here we can see the face of creeping Fascism, courtesy of the Democrats and Republicans.

Moreover, are the really important fields of knowledge necessary for survival in modern America being taught in schools? What are the areas which are axiomatic for the individual to be knowledgeable in? I’d say those areas encompass physiology and anatomy, nutrition, auto mechanics, the laws of the land, English vocabulary, grammar, and composition, American history, and financial education, this last being intentionally avoided so as to produce another generation of gullible, financially-ignorant, consumers. (Because children are cooped up every day for hours in these prisons, they should have some sort of physical exercise as part of the daily regimen. Swedish calisthenics and yoga would both be excellent activities, and can be practiced in a confined space.) Since America is first and foremost a society obsessed with money, despite its words, why is not financial education one of the main topics of schooling? Why does the government keep children ignorant in this area which will come to dominate their lives once they leave the safe cocoon of the government school? The answer is obvious.

No, government schools are a curse, and a key component of every modern totalitarian movement, be it Fascist or Communist.

Let’s abolish government schools!

Paul Grad, former Libertarian nominee for Oregon Governor