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California Fire Storms, Texas and Florida Hurricanes: The Price of Logging

As I predicted long ago, the price of the continued deforestation of the West Coast of the United States, as well as massive logging around the globe, would be a catastrophic rise in temperatures that would lead to unstable air masses and intense fires.

But in the face of these predictions, by both myself and the Greens, ineffectual as we have been, the Democratic Governors of California, Oregon, and Washington, who have been in power for decades, have continued to rape the forests in kowtowing supplication to the Republican timber companies, and the Democrat timber-worker’s unions. The environmental terror that Governors Jerry Brown, John Kitzhaber, Kathleen Brown, and the Washington governors, as well as Democratic Senators Wyden and Merkley, and pro-logging Democrat Congressman Peter DeFazio, have unleashed has been sweeping over Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the hapless Caribbean Islands, and is currently decimating Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino, with thousands of homes destroyed, and possibly hundreds dead (over 100 currently unaccounted for).

When I ran for Governor of Oregon in 2014 as the Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee, I proposed a 40-year moratorium on cutting of live trees, with some obvious exceptions like diseased trees, or those that posed a danger to human life. Dead trees could still have been harvested, as proposed in Orville Camp’s logical forestry plan which I included in my platorm, and which would have provided both profit and fire safety of local rural Oregon communities.

The reader should investigate for himself how much deforestation of land in these three Democrat-ruled States has occurred during 2005-2015. Recall that John Kitzhaber, served three terms, and had to resign his fourth due to allegations of corruption. Under him, the forests of Oregon were raped. Huge amounts of cancer-causing chemicals, which are banned in Europe, were helicopter sprayed all over the state, near residential communities and structures, so that the spray poisons drifted onto adjacent properties and were breathed in by local residents. And that hypocrite Kitzhaber was a registered medical doctor. It shows you the deep corruption of the Democrat Party, and how dangerous they are to the survival of the planet and yourself.

Now the people of the North Bay as well as the Floridians, the Puerto Ricans and the Texans, are paying the heavy price for their indifference to the environment and politics, and for their continued re-election of, in my opinion, Environmental Criminals like Governor Brown, and the Oregon and Washington Governors. Unfortunately, the Environmental Criminals will never be tried, but will live out their days comfortably on their governmental rich-man’s pensions, mulcted out of the taxpayer’s pockets, and their gold-plated healthcare plans, which will guarantee they live to 100. These politicians trample on Man’s Inalienable Property Rights while letting the Earth be destroyed by their corporate clients.

It is probably too late now for the environment. The tipping point has most likely been passed. Which means that all action is now futile, and we will quickly come to live in a world of survival only.

As they say, “when there is no insight, the people perish”.

— Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian


The Grenfell Tower Fire Massacre Shows Socialist Government’s Failure

Great Britain has had Socialist governments since the 1930s, and socialist legislation shortly after the turn of the century, but after almost 90 years of big-government socialistic, bureaucratic rule, the Grenfell Tower Massacre can still occur.

This massive death was caused by government incompetence, because all governmental bureaucracies become incompetent. Frederick Hayek pointed that out in his 1943 book, The Road to Serfdom. This is because in all bureaucracies, the worst rise to the top. The most mediocre, fawning, afraid to criticise, milquetoast, bureaucrat will rise to the top, and we see this in the constant incompetence of the police, and the security services in Europe, who let known terrorists and law offenders wander around the streets, instead of incarcerating or deporting them.

The same incompetence is illustrated by the Grenfell Towers fire massacre. First they tell people to stay in their apartments, and they’ll be rescued. Then, when the building is being engulfed in flame, they tell people to selfl evacuate. How much more incompetence can there be in a country as developed as England, with an educational system which traditionally has prided itself on the quality of the scholars, intellectuals, and writers, which won renown throughout the world?

Now they say that sixty apartment blocks must be evacuated immediately, and thousands of people are being thrown out of their domiciles on a second’s notice, even though these sixty blocks have had people living in them for ages, and its hard to believe it wouldn’t be cheaper to hire firewatchers on each floor with extinguishing equipment for far less than it has cost to rehouse these people, the Socialists thrown them into the streets, or sterile hotels. At the very least a few days to a week’s notice should have been given to these victims of Socialism.

With sixty out of sixty blocks failing fire safety standards by having the flammable cladding on their sides, and the number of buildings to be checked at 600 according to the Press, it is clear how dangerous Socialist government is to the health and safety of the Individual Citizen and the non-voting Child. That such a situation could go on for so long without a tragedy bringing it to mass attention clearly shows why government, especially socialist government (and every government in the world is socialist or authoritarian in some measure) is always going to be incompetent in whatever it touches.

If this had been a private huge company or corporation, you can be fairly sure that that cladding would have been tested and guaranteed not to be flammable, or else they would have been sued into bankruptcy, or probably had their CEO serve jail time and a huge fine. If people have died, he might have been convicted of Manslaughter. There would have been some sort of retribution and compensation for the victims, and the satisfaction in knowing that someone who caused the death of your relative because of negligence or the quest for profits had paid a heavy price. But when Socialist Government does it, nobody goes to jail, nobody resigns, nobody loses their salary and pays a huge fine, or sits behind bars like the person having a few ounces of cannabis.

All Big Government does is set up a commission or inquiry. No one gets executed. A White Paper is issued with recommendations, because the Socialist illusion is that big government can always be reformed, so they have been “reforming” it for ninety years, while it continues to keel from one tragedy and incompetence to the next. Crisis after Crisis without end, with people uselessly losing their lives, because most voters have been brainwashed into tolerating Socialist, un-Jeffersonian Government.

With Corbyn’s 40% Labour vote, you can see how mentally brainwashed are the British People. This guy’s love-of-big-government doctrine has brought about situations like the Grenfell Tower Massacre, yet he recently got cheered at Glastonbury by the young crowd. So the coming generations have no inkling of how they are supporting what is destroying them, because they never read the philosophical Masters and Writers of the 20th Century; they never read anything except perhaps an assigned textbook, certainly not Hayek and Rothbard, and Russell, Sartre, and Camus. Or Huxley, Alan Watts, and J. Krishnamurti,or stuff from the earlier philosophers from Plato’s Socratic dialogues to Schopenhauer’s Essays, stuff that will develop the brain, make you doubt opinions you’re sure off,and lead to an investigation of the consciousness of the individual.In the modern world, this is all bypassed for visual stimuli and junk food among most of the young, and it’s been going on for so long that their parents are just the same. I’m now seeing old middle-aged women with wrinkly tatooes.

So Socialist government destroys Liberty and Mentality, and impoverishes so many people, especially the young, that it leads them to more Socialism, which finally results in the complete breakdown of society. The West is in this process; England well illustrates it.

Since the process will continue because so many cheer and believe in big, bureaucratic government, there is very little hope of turning it around in America, the UK, and Western Europe, and Asia is equally as wimpy as the British when it comes to confronting Governmental Authority, look at China and Japan, or Singapore. Of course, Asia also has a rich tradition of Capitalistic trading, with many merchants.

Yes, the Grenfell Tower Fire Massacre clearly shows that with so many brainwashed, historically- and economically-ignorant, people there is really very little hope of now diverting Mankind away from disaster,

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014

The Vegan Abolitionist Party (VAP): America’s Sixth Political Party

In a previous post on the five political parties I perceived in America, I mentioned my  belief that a sixth Party was necessary, and I will deal with that issue in this post.paul 19

The sadistic Murder of Cecil the Lion by the Criminal Walter Palmer has focused attention on the Abomination of Hunting in a way that has never occurred in all of Human history. Judging by the comments from the Women that I’ve read on social media concerning this Crime, I’d say Palmer, and his fellow trophy hunters who splash their perversions all over facebook, will probably need to continually look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, and the men will have to wear steel cups 24/7.

But after all the name-calling, hand-wringing, and the ineffective Menendez CECIL Act, which excludes many large animals, as well as the dragging out of extradition proceedings against Palmer by the Obama Administration, it is clear that petitions and expressions of outrage, while they can have some slight effect on conditions, (i.e. Botswana’s trophy hunting ban and the various airlines which banned transport of murdered trophy animal), are far too feckless forms of protest to bring about the necessary Revolution in Animal Welfare. To really effect a complete abolition of hunting and other Crimes, something more potent is necessary.

That something, I believe, is the formation of an Animal Welfare political party in each of the major, so-called democratic, countries. These parties would press not just for one or two animal welfare reforms, but would seek a complete, holistic, cessation of all forms of animal torture and murder. However, each issue could be tackled separately, so that temporary failure on one issue would not halt progress on another.

In casting about for a name for this Party, I’ve tentatively monikered it the “Vegan Abolitionist Party” —- no, the goal is not to abolish Vegans. Rather, the party’s aim would be to abolish and outlaw the various Atrocities committed against animals by individuals in an incredibly brutal, callous, and indifferent society.

I like the term “Vegan Abolitionist” both because it quickly informs the hearer that this is a Party deeply interested in diet and health, while simultaneously it harkens back to the great Libertarian Abolitionists of the Anti-Slavery Movement, Men like William Lloyd Garrison, who campaigned for decades before their dream was realized, although they always pushed for its immediate realization.

Moreover, I see no reason why this “Vegan Abolitionist” political definition could not be affixed to the standard political tranches which divide the Western electorates. “Vegan Abolitionist Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Labour or Tory,” could become the appellation of various wings of the Vegan Abolitionist Party, although that would be quite a mouthful to say each time a candidate introduced himself to a member of the public. Such fusion candidates would place the platform of the Vegan Abolitionist Party foremost as their primary message, but they could also append their specific, traditional, political ideologies if they chose.

And so, I urge those passionate about reforming the horrendous conditions that animals suffer in all over the world to create political parties based around Vegetarianism and the abolition of hunting, trapping, vivisection, and the abuse of performing animals.

And perhaps more importantly, I would urge people to run for office in Western “democracies” on the platform of Animal Welfare Reform. They needn’t form or belong to such a party; they could run as Independents or unaffiliated. They needn’t even actively campaign; just to have your name on the ballot, with the title of the Party, could be enough. But what is necessary is that people be given an alternative to the usual two meat-eating politicians, who are only fighting over how much they want to spend to subsidize factory farming, or fishing, or vivisection, or the medical costs due to meat-eating, all paid for by the taxpayers, including vegetarian taxpayers. Such candidates would make the public aware that there are a few rare Individuals among them who say, “Hell no!” to Animal Murder.

Let the mainstream politicians know that they won’t get your vote unless they deal effectively, and not just cosmetically as in the Menendez CECIL Act, with Animal Welfare issues. When constituencies grow to 10-20% on an issue, politicians become fawning toadies.

Therefore, let the Animal Welfare Revolution begin.

I hereby found “The Vegan Abolitionist Party” (VAP) of America.

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Ron Paul and the Oregon 834,636 Crush the Pot Laws

November 4th’s election brought miserable news to Oregon: the reelection of Governor Kitzhaber instead of the election of myself. But it did bring one small candle of light to the political world as 834,636 Oregonians voted to decimate the pot laws by passing Measure 91, which, for the first time in modern American history, makes it legal for Americans to own and cultivate cannabis without any regulations except in regard to amount of dried material and live plants. Though the Measure contained pages and pages of Statist regulations designed to appeal to the many totalitarians that infest Oregon, it accomplished the essential goal of letting an individual produce their own product without any malevolent interference from the State or the Law. paul 19

Considering what a reign of terror the Government Miscreants of the Democratic and Republican Parties have waged on Americans since the 1930s, and especially since the early 1960s, when cannabis first became a widely-applauded substance, it is no tribute to the American People that it took so long to negate such a grave Injustice against Capitalist private property Rights as cannabis prohibition by governmental fiat.  I can recall someone saying to me in 1970, “They’ll never legalize it.” And the Fascists certainly wouldn’t have except for two factors: Ron Paul and the Oregon 834,636..

There have been many fighters against the Democratic Fascists like Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama — those Democratic Presidents who steadfastly continued to cruelly persecute cannabis users, even after it was shown that it had widespread medical and analgesic uses. What price will they ever pay for the suffering and misery they helped prosecute by not speaking out, and even endorsing the Fascistic war on drugs? And booze-swillers and wine-bibers like Nixon and Reagan were equally vicious in their prosecution of this minority, which after forty years has grown to a majority, as the Grim Reaper has thinned the rank ranks of the old Fascisti.

There have been many heroes along the way to legalization, whom I have enumerated elsewhere, but I think we owe the coming legalization on July 1st, 2015 principally to one Individual: former Congressman and three-time Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

If it had not been for Ron Paul’s tireless hammering on the Cannabis issue and the War on Drugs for nigh on 25 years (from his first campaign for the Presidency in 1988 to his last in 2012), cannabis would not be legal six months from now in Oregon. Only Ron Paul had the courage, out of almost all of the members of the U.S. Congresses and Administrations of the past 50 years, to stand alone and say ” You are wrong, and you are immoral in what you do.” Peter DeFazio didn’t say anything. John Kitzhaber didn’t say anything. No major Democratic political figure stood up and said, “Legalize today and open the jails.” No, not one of those rotten Democrats, who always bray about how much they are for the little guy, had the huevos to speak out. I wonder how many little guy children cried their eyes out at night, because DeFazio and Kitzhaber and Clinton locked up their mother or father for possessing cannabis? They  are Fascist Criminals for not speaking out against Evil, but they will never pay for their Sins.

But Ron Paul could not do it alone. It also took the 834,636 Oregon Voters (and one of those voters was me) who voted for Measure 91. Those voters did it, not the ones who voted against it, to keep Capitalists in jail for a Communist crime, and not those who didn’t vote at all, the Indifferenti, who cared nothing about injustice or the suffering of the sick.

No, the Oregon 834,636 struck a Libertarian blow against the very bonemarrow of Fascism with their vote. They overruled the Indifference of a Nation of over 300 million and its parasitical leaders. They smashed the Communistic Principle of Drug Prohibition. They corrupted Evil, and nurtured Freedom. And all with a ballpoint pen.

So my kudos to Ron Paul, for being the valiant warrior who didn’t give a damn about what people said about him, or how speaking the truth would affect his political standings, and to Oregon’s 834,636 voters who put the stake through the heart of the Democrat’s War on Drugs.

They blasted the Fascist Pot Laws to smithereens!

-Paul Grad, Enviro-Vegan Libertarian

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing Vivisection in Oregon

As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to end vivisection within the State. I would start with closing down the monkey vivisection units at Oregon Health and Science University, which currently hold about 5,000 rhesus monkeys. I would also seek to immediately end cat and dog vivisection and experimentation in Oregon. Monkeys, dogs, and cats should be the first animals protected, given their intelligence, and then we can hopefully spread that to rabbits, mice, rats, and fish.paul 19

Vivisection is a cruel, sadistic, and completely unnecessary abomination that shows how callous and insensitive our society has grown. The results obtainable through animal experimentation could be obtained through other means, like nano-technology, microbiology, and human testing. Many scientists and M.D.s oppose vivisection because they know it is both useless and immoral. But there is a vast fortune to be made from vivisection for the researchers, who get multi-million dollar grants, the lab workers, the suppliers to the labs, and the animal bounty hunters, who gather up these defenseless creatures for a fate worse than death. Given the sensitivity of animals to pain and distressing emotion, these torture labs are worthy of only the Nazis and the Japanese WWII medical experiments. They are an example of the depravity of the current Democratic and Republican Parties. However, there may well be legal limits to what I could do as Governor on day one, since I am not an expert on Federal animal-experimentation statutes.

Ending vivisection is a political issue that is rising, thanks in part to British Liberal Democrat MP, and now Minister, Norman Brown. Brown has promised to end the vivisection of cats and dogs in Britain, but says he will only move slowly, much to the chagrin of animal welfare advocates. However, just the fact that a U.K. Cabinet Minister is talking about such an issue is a milestone in ending the abomination of vivisection.

Here in Oregon, things got so bad that, in August 2014, the Fed’s USDA had to come in and warn the rhesus monkey unit at Oregon Health and Science University about their abysmal treatment of these primate relatives of ours. Earlier, in February 2014, Animal Welfare groups had complained about the treatment of the monkeys. OHSU denied any problems. But six months later the Feds had to warn them, so depraved was their conduct. How credible are these animal torturer’s words? Read about the experiments they conduct, and the conditions of the monkeys, half of whom were losing their hair according to the Feds, due to maltreatment and miserable living conditions.

Remember that Dr. John Kitzhaber presides over this institution. Doctor.

It is time for political candidates to incorporate anti-vivisection planks in their platforms. Only when this Crime that taints all Humanity is abolished, will we have the possibility of a peaceful world.

Let’s abolish vivisection in Oregon.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Program

Libertarians generally aren’t supposed to propose governmental programs, although Libertarians like Frederic Hayek and Milton Friedman proposed plenty of them. The vast majority of planks in my platform call for the abolition or termination of some governmental institution or law, but there are a few exceptions, such as my proposals on pitbulls and second-hand tobacco smoke. And one of my few governmental programs would be a low-cost spay and neuter program.paul 19

The program would work thusly: the State would make available to Oregon residents spay and neuter services for cats and dogs at a charge of one-hour at the current minimum wage. The services would be carried out by University of Oregon Veterinary School students as part of their training, and as a way to paying off their student loans, or to gain income if they have no loans. Since the University of Oregon receives taxpayer monies, it is only just that the public should receive back from this subsidized entity a service both humane and frugal. The spay-neuter services would be in the form of mobile clinics, so that all corners and citizens in the State could be serviced.

Though some would argue that this program flies in the face of Libertarian theory and antagonism against any new State programs, I would counter-argue that my vision of Libertarianism includes measures for public health and environmental protection, as well as the protection of the taxpayer’s money.

Actually, I think this measure promotes my brand of Libertarianism in three aspects. First, it would save the taxpayer a small fortune in pound and euthanasia costs. By drastically cutting the number of stray, abandoned, and feral animals, this measure would substantially lower the costs for county animal shelters throughout the state. Many fewer animals would end up being put down, as many fewer would end up being brought to the pound in the first place. Pound food-costs would lessen, and possibly the voluntary animal welfare organizations, whom one can only view with great admiration, could handle most of the problem. Let’s hope we’ll see the day when government pounds have to close due to lack of animals being brought in.

Secondly, this measure would greatly help cut the number of feral animals arising from dumping of dogs and cats in the wilderness, and its associated decimation of native wildlife. Merely on the basis of the environmental and wildlife damage avoided, is this measure justified in my estimation.

Lastly, there is the immeasurable suffering to animals that would be avoided by not having unwanted animals born that will then end up abandoned, sold to vivisection labs, or need to be put down at shelters to make room for the next batch of unfortunates. On this basis alone I would support this measure.

I realize that this measure would cut into the incomes of extant veterinarians in Oregon who make a substantial income off of fixing cats and dogs. Perhaps, if we cannot abolish the income tax in Oregon, we’d give them some kind of tax deduction or credit for the lost business. Still, with spay costs going up over 1000% in 25 years (from $5-$7 at a clinic to over $65 today) thanks to the bipartisan’s inflationary spendthrifting, the cost has grown to a point where many poor people cannot afford to fix their pets. This measure would help rectify that horrendous inflation, and save the State more tax money than would have to be spent if there were inaction on this problem.

So from the fiscally conservative, environmental, and humane sides of the issue, I think my proposal would be a winning proposition for all concerned, while returning to the citizenry a little of the vast socialist subsidies which the public has doled out to the State Universities and Colleges for decades.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Increasing the Smoke Free Oregon Doorway Distance

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, I will seek to increase the “Smoke Free Oregon” distance from doorways that smokers must stand from the current, risible, 10ft, to a distance which adequately protects the property rights of Oregonians in their bodies from assault. Our Person is included among the inalienable Property Rights that Libertarians, and Jeffersonians, believe are part of all men’s Natural Rights. Therefore, it is the duty of government to protect those rights in our Person from assault, and be the Hammer of the Malefactor to those who would commit those assaults.paul 19

The current 10ft distance from public and business doorways that tobacco smokers are required to stay is far from adequate to prevent tobacco smoke from entering buildings. I have numerous times been in county buildings, supermarkets, and private businesses, where one could smell tobacco-smoke that had been wafted into the buildings by a gust of wind, or from someone standing outside under an intake airduct. I believe this 10ft distance needs to be substantially increased to protect not only the property rights of those who can vote, but also the property rights of children who cannot vote, but who are forced to live in a society where the Governor and Administration never address this problem of second-hand tobacco smoke. Even the fact that this distance was initially set at an inadequate distance of 10ft shows the lack of care in crafting the measure. It was done as a cosmetic measure, to imply that government is concerned about public health. The fact that it was inadequate from the start shows the real lack of Care and Concern in the government bureaucrat’s thinking.

Scientific testing could easily provide a distance at which virtually no particulates from 2nd-hand tobacco smoke could enter a public building, even on a windy day. My Administration would conduct such testing.

Let’s stop mollycoddling tobacco addicts, and force them to stand at least 70-100 ft from any public-access doorways, so that they can no longer continue to damage and pollute our bodies with their self-destructive habits.

Don’t tread on me!

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Smashing the Pot Laws, YES on Oregon Measure 91

After more than fifty years of tyranny, of the Communistic terrorizing and kidnapping of the public by the Prohibitionists, the voters of Oregon are about to have a chance to crush this evil, probably once and for all. Shreds of the laws might remain, but they will have been caponized.paul 19

For over fifty years the Fascist-Prohibitionists have been allowed to spread their miasma of fear over the population, using the hated “Controlled Substance” laws to crush Individuals, and tear families apart. It should be clear that “Controlled Substance” is just another term for Communism, and State interference in the Free Market.

Along the long road that has led to Measure 91 — a measure with imperfections to be sure, but one that, though rough and ready, will serve — there have been many heroes and villains.

Perhaps the first crack in the Fascist dyke came from a British Conservative newspaper editor, Lord Rees-Mogg, editor of the London Times. If you get to legally possess cannabis on November 5, 2014, it will be in part due to the fact that Lord Rees-Mogg had the temerity to speak out, almost fifty years ago, against an injustice that no one else had the courage to name. It was Reese-Mogg’s editorial concerning the cruel way in which Mick Jagger and Keith Richard were treated by the British judiciary, entitled “Breaking a Butterfly on a Wheel”, that was the first major protest against the anti-Libertarian cannabis laws by anyone in the Establishment.

That was in the mid-60s, so you can see how long people in the Western “civilized” countries, the so-called social democracies, have suffered from the tyranny of the Democrats and Republicans, the Labourites and the Tories. All Communist bullies. Remember that Texas gave someone Life in Jail for possessing one seed.

There was a long list of these Prohibitionist Miscreants: Mayor Yorty, Joseph Califano, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Jack Webb. The list of the infamous rolls on and on, and will not be forgotten by future generations and historians.

One of the few in America who spoke out against the Fascists was William F. Buckley, Jr., as well as Professor Milton Friedman, but apart from these few there was little dissent against this Fascism until the Libertarian Party was formed in 1971 by Professor Murray Rothbard and a few other Radicals. The Libertarians, believing in self-ownership, soon came to champion the cause of not only cannabis legalization, but the decriminalization of all drugs, based on inalienable personal property rights, and the Libertarian opposition to all forms of involuntary servitude, or State control over ones’ body. The Libertarians, — Harry Browne, Ron Paul, Judge Grey, Neill Franklin, and Gary Johnson, as well as Steve Kubby in California, and brave scientists and medicos like Vera Rubin (Ganja in Jamaica) and Dr. Lester Grinspoon — were the only quiet voice speaking out against Evil, while the major parties remained blithely silent on the Injustice, which itself is a great Injustice. They were cowards; the Libertarians weren’t.

But if you had to name one Individual who has done more to bring about real cannabis legalization that anyone else, you would have to name Congressman Ron Paul. (I say legalization because the Measure makes legal eight dried ounces and four live plants, which to me is de facto legalization, despite the other taxing and regulating provisions in the Measure).

It was Ron Paul’s two latter campaigns for the Presidency (he also ran in 1988 as a Libertarian) that really brought cannabis-legalization to the forefront of the political arena, and his occasional 20% vote percentages sent the message to the political establishment that their prohibitionist days were coming to an end. Ron Paul made advocating for cannabis legalization respectable, especially since the advocate was a Doctor.

Then again, perhaps the real developers and facilitators of Measure 91 were the Ron Paul voters who made him a force to be reckoned with. As soon as he hit 15-20%, the lemmings of the Democratic Party began to mouth their usually mealy doubletalk. They never had the guts to propose outright abolition, but he did.

The Colorado and Washington laws were also forerunners, but it is the Oregon measure that will finally defend the People’s Right to own and utilize this drug if they so wish, as long as they don’t involve endangering the public or children when they do so.

But there will be another salubrious effect from this Measure if it passes, and that will be that the “medical marijuana” business, the mulcting of the sick for profit both by the dispensary owners and by the government bureaucrats and pensioners, will be wiped out, and good riddance to it. The immorality of making money off the misery of the sick, charging them through the nose for a gram of something which they could grow by the ounce and the pound on their window sills, if the Communists didn’t stick their nose in, will be obliterated. For those few souls who genuinely need high-potency cannabis, and need to know the exact dosage they are taking, there will be private labs and voluntary organizations that can certify potency. These products may indeed cost more, because of the labor, equipment, and packaging that would go into producing them. But for the average person, who is using cannabis medically for neuralgia, insomnia, glaucoma prophylaxis, and other more serious medical conditions which still do not require a specific dosage, Measure 91 will fulfill their needs. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars an ounce, or $80 or $50, the typical patient will pay virtually nothing, and that saved money will rest in private bank balances, where it will be loaned out to purchase capital equipment which in turn produces better quality goods at a cheaper price. This productivity gain helps all consumers, but especially the poorer. Legalization also means that the money will remain in private market hands, able to assist the account owner should he have need of it, instead of having it pay the bloated and immorally high pensions of State workers and retired bureaucrats. Moreover, this money gain will be spread over a large number of generally less affluent members of society (the young, and the elderly infirm), instead of being concentrated in one sector only, like retired government bureaucrats, or dispensary pushers.

The medical dispensary owners are shivering in their shoes. The taste of easy money, made off those who have no choice, the seriously ill, is fading from their palates, and they may soon have to think of a real way to make a living. The four-plant/eight-dry-ounce rule will wipe them out, and trade in medical cannabis may prove so slack, that only one dispensary will be necessary for a city, and that could easily be run by a non-profit or religious institution.

So, if you are a cannabis user who, on November 5th, can, for the first time in modern American history, inhale or ingest cannabis without fear of being kidnapped and thrown in a cage by the Democrats, remember that it is thanks to a long line of Libertarian radicals — Rees-Mogg, Timothy Leary, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, the Libertarian Presidential Candidates, and finally Ron Paul and the Americans who voted for him — that this heinous and cruel whip of Fascism has finally been sundered in two.

Vote to smash the Fascist’s Cannabis Prohibition into smithereens! Yes on Measure 91!

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,,,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Don Merrill Interview

Don Merrill, an independent producer working with KBOO.FM to bring to the public interviews with politicians and Artists, was kind enough to interview me on September 18th for his radio podcast archive program entitled “Between Us”, and yesterday lodged the podcast of that interview on the KBOO.FM  Audio Archives. paul 19I want to thank both Mr. Merrill and radio station KBOO.FM not only for interviewing me, but also for interviewing a wide range of would-be politicians covering the entire panoply of political philosophy. Such actions by the Press serve the commendable function of strengthening and protecting The Republic by broadening the political consciousness of society, which is the political consciousness of each individual citizen viewed in its totality. They are one of the very few members of the Press in Oregon who have fulfilled their Responsibilities to the Public, in my opinion. Don did a great job!

Anyway, this is what I sound like when I get up on my hind legs. Sorry if you don’t agree with some of it. Hopefully not all of it.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Oregon Ballot Measure Recommendations

paul 19As the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, appearing on the November 2014 ballot, these are my suggestions and opinions as to how to vote on the Oregon State Ballot Measures.

Measure 86 – NO, because we should have a complete separation of Government and Education, and education should and could be completely privatized. Funding higher education is not the responsibility of the minimum wage worker and the taxpayers.

Measure 87 – NO. We should maintain a strict separation of powers between the Judiciary and the State Administration. Judges might have conflicts of interest if asked to rule on the abolition of government schools.

Measure 88 – YES. I switched from NO to YES on this Measure because ultimately it is a State’s Rights matter, and as Governor I would support a measure that helped insure public safety and probably would save a few lives every year. Oregon State has no responsibility to insure legal residence or citizenship. That is a Federal function. However, promoting public safety through testing driver competence is a valid State function, irregardless of legal residence. Oregon taxpayer’s money should not be spent to fulfill a Federal responsibility. However, I can understand the position that government should not facilitate the residence of people here illegally. So, voting on this measure is a matter between your conscience and the ballot envelope.

Measure 89 – YES. Libertarians have supported the equality of men and women before the law since the days of the French Revolution.

Measure 90 – NO. A very dangerous, Fascistic bill that must be crushed at the polls if Republican representative government, determined through democratic elections, is to continue in America and Oregon. Limiting the public’s de facto choice to two candidates is a farce.

Measure 91 – YES. While we don’t like this measure’s establishment of a taxing, regulating authority, we support it because the injustice and crime of taxation is less heinous than the jailing of American Citizens for the Capitalist “Crime” of owning private property. However, since the bill allows possession of eight dried ounces and four plants, it should be adequate for any recreational user who isn’t a hog about it, even if it is dreadfully flawed in permitting State taxation, which will ultimately lead to another so-called “Black Market”, which is actually the Free-Market. Black is Beautiful.

Since cannabis is less physically addictive than caffeine, according to Dr. Neal Benowitz of the University of California, one of the world’s leading authorities on drug addictions, it should not be taxed or regulated (other than DUI, delivery to minors, and second-hand smoke exposure) unless caffeine beverages are also taxed and regulated. Taxing medical cannabis is Immoral.

Measure 92 – YES. There has been vigorous intra-party debate on this Measure on the LPO facebook page. A poll on that page runs about 60% NO, 40% YES. Technically, I’d agree with the NO’s that the correct procedure would be to have non-GMO products labelled non-GMO, instead of forcing the GMO companies to label theirs as containing GMOs, but I side with those who think people have a Right to know what is in their food, and the studies I’ve reviewed on GMOs in diets may indicate possible difficulties. I believe in employing the “precautionary principle” in dealing with GMOs, and that justifies this Measure in my opinion.

These recommendations are solely my own, and do not reflect any official endorsement by the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor