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World Islamic Leaders Silent and Passive on the Murder of Rohingya

While a bloody virtual-genocide and mass persecution of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has continued unabated for years, and now we see hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fleeing for their lives into Bangladesh, where they are living in the most miserable conditions, we hear and see absolutely nothing effective coming from the wealthy Gulf State rulers to stop this mass murder and rape of civilians by the Burmese military, and no military action from the whimp world governments, like the US, Britain and Germany, as they stand by and passively let the murders continue, instead of trying the heads of the Burmese Military, and that phony politico, Aung San Suu Kyi, for Capital War Crimes before the UN Tribunal.

When you see the lack of solidarity between Muslims of different nations, and the utter indifference of largely Christian countries, in the face of the persecution of women and children that has gone on for years now, and is reaching fever pitch, you can see how worthless are the world national leaders, and the religious figures, who are always in the news.

It seems to me it would be fairly easy for the wealthy oil-rich Gulf Monarchs to give massive financial aid to Bangladesh to house these fellow-Muslims in decent accomodations, or even airlift all these refugees to camps in some uncrowded part of the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia or eastern Turkey, where they would be safe from the Burmese Military.

And Aung San Suu Kyi, that whimp who is afraid to speak Truth to Power, is a perfect example of the “good person” who is created by the media propaganda of many years duration as some kind of saint, and who on closer reflection turns out to be immoral and politically corrupt. US Politics, and the politics of virtually every nation, is full of such corrupt politicians and political figures. But Jefferson and Lord Acton taught us that Power Corrupts, and the Western Socialist Democracies are just as prone to such corruption as the dictatorships of the Far and Middle East. We should always be highly skeptical of government, and keep its power severely circumscribed.

The murder, rape, and orphaning of Rohingya children will go on unabated, while the Gulf Monarchs continue to sip their coffee, Trump continues to play golf, Corbyn continues to whine about Israel, and the Democrats continue to whine about Trump.

— Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian