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Ten Little Democrats: A Political Poem Sort Of

Ten Little Democrats going out to dine

One choked to death trying to eat a copy of the Constitution

And then there were nine.

Nine Little Democrats sat up very late November 8

One cried himself to death

And then there were eight.

Eight Little Democrats travelling in Devon

One was told his citizenship had been revoked and he’d been deported

And then there were seven.

Seven Little Democrats chopping up some sticks

But then one was prosecuted for wasting strategic resources necessary for Homeland Security

And then there were six.

Six Little Democrats playing with a hive

A Libertarian Bee stung one

And then there were five.

Five Little Democrats going in for law

Alan Dershowitz sued one

And then there were four.

Four Little Democrats going out to sea

A red-herring-baiting House Un-american Committee Chairman subpoened one

And then there were three.

Three Little Democrats walking in the zoo

A Russian bear hugged one

And then there were two.

Two Little Democrats sitting in the sun

The  climate change frizzled one

And then there was one.

One Little Democrat Left all alone

So he joined the Libertarian Party

And then there were none!

—Paul Grad


The Women’s March: Why Didn’t They March When…

The Women were out marching on the first full day of Trump’s Presidency.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Obama added $9.3 trillion to our national debt, fueling inflation in necessities like food, rents, gas, and insurance, and driving tens of millions into poverty, thus vastly increasing the crime rate.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Obama proposed, early in his administration, that indefinite detention without trial be implemented in America, completely overthrowing the Jeffersonian concept of Individual Rights, and a speedy trial before a jury of one’s peers for anyone arrested and charged with a crime. For this proposal alone Obama deserved to be Impeached.

I wonder why they ¬†didn’t march when Obama murdered hundreds of innocent civilians along with a few guilty terrorists with his countless drone attacks, thus creating a whole new crop of jihadists who use footage of those murdered women and children to recruit fresh terrorists. The Immorality of these Murders was never questioned by “The Women”.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Obama enabled Iran to get nuclear weapons within ten years. Perhaps they and their children are not the ones who will live terrorized, in constant fear of nuclear attack from a regime that stones women to death and hangs 15-year old children for being gay or sexually promiscuous.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Black Americans were gunned down by the police every few days in America, and Obama did nothing to Federally intervene and prosecute the crimes. Compare his passivity to the vigorous action taken by John and Robert Kennedy who went after the segregationists, and busted open the Southern Universities to Black students.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Obama forced every American to do business with the huge corporate insurance companies under Obamacare, or be forced to pay a huge cash penalty. This heinous overthrow of Individual Jeffersonian Rights — inalienable Rights which no man or government may overthrow — institutionalized economic Fascism in America, Fascism being a union of Government and Big Corporations against the Individual.

I wonder why they didn’t march when the Obama Administration helped overthrow an elected government in the Ukraine, and, by participating in the insane build-up of armaments near the Russian border with the NATO Warmongers, helped to bring the world closer to a U.S-Russian nuclear war than it has been since the Cuban Missile Crisis, according to Princeton Professor and Russian scholar Stephen Cohen. I wonder how these Women would feel if Russia was placing nuclear missiles and masses of conventional weapons in Northern Mexico, or if a flotilla of Chinese battleships were off the coast of California, just outside U.S. territorial waters. These women don’t seem to mind dishing out terror to people all over the world, as long as it doesn’t get near them.

I wonder why they didn’t march when Obama continued to persecute tens of thousands of Americans suffering from conditions which medical cannabis could have alleviated. These people sat in pain and terror while Obama played golf and smoked his tobacco cigarettes. Where were these Women when those other women and children, like Shauna Banda and her son, were harassed and prosecuted by their Fascist State Governments (like Kansas) for using cannabis for their medical diseases? The Women didn’t seem to give a damn about those women’s suffering, unlike the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul, who relentlessly hammered away at the Fascistic overthrow of Jeffersonian Inalienable Rights which the Democrats and Republicans had supported for 80 years. But Obama didn’t have the huevos to stand up for Jeffersonian Rights and propose Federal legalization of cannabis. What a wimp!

And I wonder why they didn’t march when the Clinton Foundation took up to $25million from Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship which treats women abominably. Or when Hillary Clinton took Huma Abedin as an advisor, a woman who is an associate editor of a publication which promotes Sharia Law. The hypocrisy of these Women demonstrators, who never once attacked Hillary Clinton on her Saudi Arabian Collaboration, stinks of Fascism.

In short, the Women never marched when Obama and Hillary committed crime after crime, but they marched when someone they couldn’t control finally got into office.

Obama’s Fascism brought on the Presidency of Donald Trump, but the Women were silent in the face of that Fascism. Now they will face the consequences of that silence.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014