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U.S. Presidential Candidates Disprove Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

paul 19There could be no clearer proof that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution — “Evilution” in the words of the supporters of the infamous “Scopes Monkey Trial” — is false than by comparing the current crop of U.S. Presidential Candidates with many of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Somehow, a population of about three million souls at the time of the American Revolution produced men like Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Washington, Albert Gallatin, and many other rabid Libertarians.

Now a population of 330 million can only produce the pathetics: Hilary Clinton, Comrade Sanders, face-puncher Carson, Mexican-racist Trump, wonderful mother Fiorina, yet another Bush illustrating the true meaning of No Child Left Behind, ¬†obese Christie, who wants to throw drug addicts in jail but who can’t control his own greed for food, the Arky Huckster-to-bee, and a few other losers. Rand Paul is probably the only one who understands Austrian School Economics.

How did a young Nation of 3 million, with such primitive technology, produce so many political geniuses and true Radicals like Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine? How does a Nation of 330 million now produce such a pile of political garbage like Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump?

No, it’s crystal clear, looking at the U.S. Presidential Candidates, that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution must be completely false.

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian