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Trump Should Nominate Ron Paul for Federal Reserve Chairman

President-elect Trump now has the opportunity to change the economic course of Mankind radically for the better, in a way that has never before been possible in Human history. He has merely to nominate Ron Paul for the Chairmanship of the Federal Reserve and with this one action he would inject a dose of pure Capitalism into a sick Socialist world, and inject Austrian School Economics, which really is the only truthful view of economics, into the world discussions on economics.

The reason that Ron Paul is the logical pick is because has been studying Austrian Economics for decades, served on the government’s Gold Commission, and was for many years a friend of Professor Murray Rothbard, the last in the modern Austrian triumvirate of Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard.  Ron Paul clearly understands Austrian Economics, and has written several books on it — the economics of pure Capitalism and also the Economics that naturally comes to all Mankind through his native intelligence and logical thought. Marginal utility theory, for example, should be self-evident to anyone who has ever had a surfeit of something which is valuable to all, and valuable to the individual who owns it, but not in the quantities that he possesses. The corn farmer may be pleased with the fact that he has 100 lbs. of good corn for his own use, but he does not need, and could not use, the next 5,000 bushels of corn he has harvested. Before it rots, he’d rather trade that marginal surplus of corn for cash or other commodities that he needs, like the part for his car without which he would have to hike five miles to town for his other commodities, and carry them on his back.

Austrian Economics reflects the psychology of economic relations between Human Beings which has existed since time immemorial. You might even call it “The Universal Psychology of Human Economic Interactions”. The great delight of the London wealthy in the 1500’s under Elizabeth and Henry Tudor was — shopping, and when the Royal Exchange opened up, with its two floors of kiosks selling every consumer staple, and where the wealthy could walk out of the mud and rain, and keep their shopping more private, those aristocrats and wealthy merchants went wild. Not much different than Black Friday in its psychology, with nowadays consumers clamoring for iphones and xboxes instead of wigs, gloves, and shoes. The economic psychology of the Human Being is universal for both time and place, and cuts across all cultures and ethnic groups, positing another refutation of racist theory.

With this one action of nominating Ron Paul, President Trump can double the impact of this revolutionary turn of government which the voters have initiated, if indeed it turns out to be revolutionary. We remain skeptical, but we would believe far more that a revolutionary or radical change has been brought into office with the election of Trump if he were to put the icing on the cake by nominating Ron Paul. This would clearly indicate Trump’s bona fides far more than his words.

I would urge my readers to contact the President-elect and urge him to nominate Ron Paul for Fed Chief, which would go much farther in restoring the Republic than even the election of Mr. Trump may do. America needs to have intelligent Libertarians at the head of the Fed, instead of confused Keynesians, whose economic theories have failed again and again.

Ron Paul for Fed Chief!

—Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014


Trump’s Election: America Escapes the Guillotine

Whew! that was a close one. Jefferson just managed to avoid a haircut from Madame Guillotine, America still has its Republic, and Madame Robespierre is in retirement for good.

And thank goodness for the Electoral College!

Not that this is manna from heaven, or even the start of something positive, but it is at least a possible ending to the Corporatist Fascism that Clinton, Obama, and the Democrats have been pushing on the country for eight years. I wouldn’t hold out great hope for Trump to avoid this style of Corporatism that was so championed by Mussolini (which is why we accurately label it Fascism). That is still to be seen in the future. I think the chances are 30% that Trump will be a huge change in government function, along the lines of reform that Ron Paul has long called for, and a 70% that his administration will be a lukewarm form of Bush-ism, with some minor or major changes.

But the important point about the election was that it was not Clinton who got elected — the candidate who had been pushed by the Party, the media, and the Liberals who conveniently overlooked the entire Fascist stink of her activities with Islamo-Fascist countries in the Middle East, as well as the piles and piles of other conflicts of interest, and her enabling of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual predatoriness. The fact that Democrats ignored all that, along with their ignoring of Obama’s Fascist proposals, like Indefinite Detention without Trial, and the TSA nude photographing of all our citizens, along with the Obamacare forcing of people to do business with private corporations — all these show how rotten and corrupt are the Liberal Democrats of the Democratic Party.

If America had elected someone as corrupt as Clinton, almost in the style of the old Latin American Dictators, then it would have been a very sad commentary on the level of Libertarian understanding of the American People. The fact that they rejected both her and all the propaganda flak that was thrown up by her surrogates to shoot down the Trump plane shows that the American Public was much smarter than the media and the Party Politicians thought. They couldn’t fool all the people all of the time.

The Liberals are crying because we may have avoided a nuclear war with Russia. They are crying because they may not get their destruction of Israel by an Iranian nuclear weapon in the hands of a fanatical Theocracy, and they are crying because the people have rejected the call to sell their fellow citizens into poverty through forcing them to pay Obamacare premiums to corporations.

The People grew sick of the inflation and poverty through which the Democrats were destroying the Middle Class, and entrenching the Lower Class into a poverty they will never get out of, no matter how many jobs they work.

And the People saw how bigoted and biased were the mainstream media, as unified and uncritical in their comments as was Pravda and the “free press” of the Soviet Union. They saw how the polls were designed to depress them, and keep turnout down for Trump. And they chose to give the finger to those mainstream media, and listen to the alternative media who were exactly correct. The only polls to get it right or close were Investors Business Daily, the LA Times/USC, and Rasmussen Reports. All the Liberal media were way wrong in their polls, and dead sure they were right. Go back and watch Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report on the PBS Newshour to see how certain all the “experts” were that Hillary Clinton was just going to waltz into office. Or watch the constant PBS Trump-bashing sessions of Mark Shields and David Brooks. Or the constant bringing on of New York Times and Washington Post reporters, posing as experts, to brainwash the public into their government-directed opinions. PBS Newshour was disgraceful in the slanted way it constantly attacked and focused on Trump, showing why government-funded news stations, like PBS or the BBC, should never be tolerated by the public. They can never be objective. They are worthless.

Let us hope that Donald Trump will goad government more in the direction of Ron Paul than any President in recent memory. While it is unlikely, it seems like it just might be possible under an unpredictable Capitalist like Donald Trump.

—Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014

Jefferson on the Gallows: The Republic on the Brink

Jefferson stands on the gallows, and the Republic is on the brink of existing no more.paul 19

Jefferson’s Dream, of a Republic with Individual Rights above all else, with the Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property instrumental to the Pursuit of Happiness, championed by the Government, and with a steel wall separating church and state, so that no hated Theocracy could ever be established, with No Monarchy, and no Aristocrats, Nobilities, or wealthy Landed Gentry controlling the Government — that Dream hangs in the balance next week. Will we move towards a society of Individual responsibility and effort, or continue in the mire of more and more socialist programs creating inflation, further destroying the middle class and entrenching the poor in their poverty?

This election is really a choice between some degree of Individual Liberty, or none at all. Socialism and Military spending have so destroyed the pro-Capitalist society that could have been, if they had been kept at bay in the 1930s, that we are left with a very fragile society, finally on the brink of cutting all ties with the Libertarian, Capitalist, Minarchist Minimal Government outlook of Thomas Jefferson, and many of the more Libertarian Founding Fathers.

Frederick Hayek brilliantly explained, in his Masterpiece “The Road to Serfdom”, how both Fascism and Communism or Socialism, ultimately lead to a totalitarian society, with economic chaos, and the most mediocre bureaucrats rising to the very top of Government, and that is precisely what has happened to the United States. 80 years of Social Welfare programs and Federal Reserve inflation, and unnecessary military spending, have led to a situation where 7 out of 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in cash assets. Compare this to the salaries of corporate lawyers, financial house workers, government bureaucrats, and the military top brass, and you can see the vast discrepancy in wealth that Jefferson would have railed at. And it has all come about because of Socialism, and Fascism, which Mussolini defined as Corporatism, the blending of the State with the large Industrial Corporations, and the Workers Unions in those Corporations. These three institutions destroy any small Capitalist and anyone trying to work outside of that Fascist structure. Instead of a Nation of Shopkeepers, as Capitalist England was known as, you get Hillary Clinton’s Socialist, Corporatist hodgepodge, completely stifling the Individual and the small Capitalist.

America, and Jefferson’s Dream, are on the gallows, and America’s Voters must deliver a reprieve in this final hour, and not let the spirit of Totalitarianism, and Corporate Fascism, take over his and our beautiful Republic, a Republic based on democratic elections to choose its Representatives, and with Congress and the Courts serving as a check on any lunatic wanting to establish an Imperial Presidency, like a Nixon or an Obama or a Clinton.

On November 8th, give a finger to the Fascists and the Communists, the enemies of Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism, the doctrine that a person makes their own destiny, and should be free to act in any manner they wish, as long as they do not assault the Property Rights and Person of any other. Vote for the Person closest to that Libertarian ideal who has a chance to win. The Republic is too sick for you to vote for Candidates who have no chance of winning, a position I have never taken in the past, having agreed with Spooner and the Libertarians that no election is decided by one vote. But now, with $20 trillion in debt, and a candidate who wants to go fisticuffs with the Ruskies, and who has guaranteed in ten years that a Fascist Theocracy in the Middle East will have a nuclear weapon, we must vote not only to elect the greatly-lesser of two evils, the more Capitalistic Candidate, but also vote to show a popular opposition to the Fascist Candidate, should she win.

On November 8th, save Jefferson from the Gallows, and give the Finger to the Fascists!

— Paul Grad, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee