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The Yulin Dog Meat Crime: Red China, The Miscreant Nation

The sadism and cruelty of the current Yulin Dog Meat Festival, at which over 10,000 are butchered by being beaten to death with metal rods, blowtorched, or thrown into caldrons of boiling water, is a good example of the brutality and savageness of the Chinese Nation. For a country and people to tolerate such barbaric practices, and let them go on year after year, shows a people corrupt and savage. Yet the rest of the world is also savage in its feckless disregard for, and quietude on, such Immoral Crimes.

Recall that President Bill Clinton gave Red China Most Favored Nation trading status, and that not one Democrat President, Senator or Congressman has ever spoken out and demanded an end to MFN trading status until these Criminals in the Dog Meat Trade, its miscreant patrons, and the Criminals in the Red Government who tolerate this, are brought to task. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is proof that Commies will do anything for a Yuan, as illustrated by these Dog Meat Traders, who fully deserve Capital Punishment (although I must oppose it in Principle), and the Chinese Government itself.

Let us therefore resolve to boycott all products from Red China until they give up this deeply immoral activity of terrorizing and murdering dogs, which is not far from the mass torture and murder of children. I certainly would not grieve if these creeps were put up against the wall, although I’d prefer that they spend the rest of there days in cages, and at hard labour.

Let us undertake a Gandhian boycott of all Red Chinese products, and initiate non-violent political agitation leading to abandonment by Congress and the President of MFN trading status with these Criminals. Let the Liberal Democrats, for the first time in decades, tell their “Good People” to speak out against the Chinese Miscreants and their barbaric, sadistic “cultural” practices that have no place in the new civilized world.

Let us boycott Red China and give our trade to Taiwan, Free China, which bravely recently outlawed the Dog Meat Trade, showing that the Taiwanese Chinese people as a whole have a qualitative moral superiority to their Mainland neighbors. Repentance and Reform should be rewarded in the wallet, since politically we live in a very materialistic world.

While I think the treatment of factory farm animals in the West is nearly as sadistic and barbarous as the dog meat trade, there is one qualitative difference in the attitudes of the people. I doubt there are many meat eaters in Western countries, like the US and Britain, who would approve or tolerate or not condemn the intentional torture and slaughter of animals by beating them with steel rods, blowtorching them, boiling them alive, skinning them alive, and all the other inventive sadistic techniques the Chinese Dog Meat Criminals have thought up to “improve the flavor” of Fido. People in the West take the anodyne that the animals condemned to a horrific death in their abattoirs are murdered “humanely”, and that myth provides an analgesic to any Moral pain their consciences might feel as they eat their cow, veal, lamb, and rock cornish game hen. But that the animals should be intentionally tortured would be a very rare opinion I would think. However, the callousness the Dog Meat Trade breeds alike in its traders, its customers, and the Chinese nation as a whole, is a form of insanity, and the Dog Meat Traders really should be locked up for life, in mental hospital prisons, for the safety of the remainder of the society.

A society that remains silent in the face of such Crimes destroys itself, and we now have a World Society, thanks to the internet, technology, and fast planes, though we may still live in fictional individual nations. So putting an end to this filthy trade is the responsibility of people of all nations, not just the Red Chinese inhabitants. Every Crime and War going on in the world, whether to animals, or whether by governments, is the responsibility of all human beings. Although obviously there is nothing I can do immediately, right now, to affect the violence in, say, South Sudan, or Yulin, China, other than to write my Congressman, hire a hall and give a speech,demonstrate in front of the Red Chinese Embassy, or write an essay like this.

Finally, we should acknowledge the many Moral People in Red China who oppose the Dog Meat Trade, struggle against it, sabotage it, and undertake civil disobedience against it in the best tradition of Henry David Thoreau, a Great Libertarian. We absolve all those in Red China who oppose and are disgusted with this filthy business, and harbor no animus towards them.

Most likely, a puppy has been blowtorched to death, or thrown into a boiling cauldren, while you read this. Others are waiting terrorized while the mob of sadistic humans surrounds them, waiting for their meals. They’re dying as you read this. More profits for the Trader.

Let us bring Death to the Dog Meat Trade. Let us butcher this vile, heinous business. Let us make the Miscreant Nation of China pay, in lost dollars and yuan, for their toleration, promotion, and protection of this gargantuan Crime.

Let us Boycott Red China until they cease to wallow in the filth of their Moral Turpitude. Let us Boycott Red China until they outlaw the Dog Meat Trade.

Death to the Dog Meat Trade! Make the Sadists pay!

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014


Racism: The Big Lie

Mankind has found many ways of dividing itself up into illusory groups, and the four deadliest of these ways have been nationalism, organized religions, class divisions, and racism. It is of racism that we speak herein. (Though it is an illusion, we will continue to use the term “race” as commonly meant in this post.)

It is obvious that the Human Mind is a Universal Mind, that is, it is identical in its fundamental characteristics in all creatures that call themselves human beings. All human beings experience fear, hunger, pain, and many other physical and psychological states. The fear and terror of a child being murdered in Uganda, Armenia, or Wounded Knee is exactly the same.

The fact is that people of all different races are identical psychologically. What differs is the way they are conditioned by their society and their personal experiences.

I think there are four major disproofs of racist theory.

First is the historical proof that, in the past, warring groups invaded, raped, and intermarried so extensively that anything like a modern “pure” race is obviously non-existent, except when groups remained completely isolated from other people, as on an island, in a remote mountain fastness, or in a virtually empty desert like Western Namibia. In an old encyclopedia, from the early 20th century, I once read that all human beings were 38th cousins, or somewhere in the 30s. Any man who tells you that he comes from some racially-pure stock obviously belongs to the Race of Fools.

The second strong disproof of the falsity of racism is the Capitalist, Economic, or Praxeological disproof. Simply put, all human beings have identical capitalistic tendencies when trading or conserving commodities, no matter where they come from. This is well shown in the works of Ludwig Mises, the main proponent of the Austrian School of Economics. For example, marginal utility theory applies to men in all cultures at all times. If you have a very limited supply of some vital commodity, you will value the last unit of that commodity much more than if you have a vast quantity, far beyond what you’d need for years. The corn farmer is glad to trade his millionth bushel of corn for the tractor part he suddenly needs to complete his harvest, but if he’s down to his last two pounds of corn grits in the midst of a North Dakota blizzard, he will value them more.. Time preference is another example of universal economic thinking: all human beings would prefer to have capital or whatever commodity they want as soon as possible, rather than having to wait for it. This is why longer-term interest rates are almost invariably higher than short term interest rates, and why people would prefer to be paid what they have earned immediately, rather than in a few weeks or months. The professional would rather you pay his bill on the first possible day rather than the last legally-allowable day. This is true whether you’re in the Trobriand Islands, Norway, or Namibia. All so-called races react identically in these modes of economic thinking.

The third proof of the falsity of all racism is the sexual one. If you accept Theodor Reik’s premise that men and women have emotional and psychological differences that hold true in the vast majority of cases, you will find that there is far more psychological congruence between the behavior of a woman in, say, Namibia and one in Finland, than there is between a man and woman in Namibia, and a man and woman in Helsinki. The fact that psycho-sexual characteristics of both sexes hold true for all people throughout the world is another proof that there is only one race, the Human Race, with a universal Human Mind that differs only in particulars and individual abilities.

A fourth disproof of racist theory is that, in every “race” and ethnic group you find fools and clever people, and chess actually proves this point. If racists who say that Black people are less intelligent than White people were correct, it would be impossible for any Black man to beat a White man at Chess, yet there are Black Chess Masters, who, if playing a hundred White amateurs and beginners, would win 98 or more of those games. If racist theory were correct, this would be impossible. Moreover, the vast ethnic differences in the worlds very top Grandmasters, including ethnic Indians, Japanese, Norwegians, Russians, and Anglo-Saxons is another damning disproof of racist theory, which only a fool would ignore.

Lastly we come to my own pet theory on why racist theories might have come about.

Imagine five different “primitive” cultures, existing long before our current age. In the first culture, drumming talent amongst men is considered the highest virtue. All the young men with drumming talent would compete against each other for popularity, much like modern rock stars, and the most talented and handsomest would get the best looking young women. Over a thousand years, through genetic selection of the most talented reproducing with the healthiest, most feminine women, mating would produce a group of drummers so talented that they far surpassed any other group on earth. The XYZ Tribe would gain a reputation as great drummers, and its cause would be imputed to their race or tribe in general opinion.

In the second culture, male physical prowess, athletic ability, and physical perfection would be considered the highest social value, somewhat like ancient Greece, and the most perfect athletes and body builders would get the best looking, healthiest young women. Again, over a thousand years, the members of that culture might develop a reputation as being a “handsome race”.

In the third culture, wisdom would be value. The sage,  the man who sat with disciples or other wise men, discussing various aspects of life, would be considered the highest in social value and esteem, and the sages would all get the best looking, healthiest young women, producing over the course of a millenium a group who were considered to be extremely wise, (and usually peaceable if not threatened). This has occurred in many ancient cultures.

In a fourth culture, family wealth and trade might be valued as the highest and most respected social value, as in old China. The most stable, industrious, and wealthy young men would get the best-looking, healthiest young women, and over the course of a thousand years, you might get people who were extraordinarily good at commerce, while the ancient Japanese rice markets produced the modern Candlestick trading theory. Over a thousand years, the people in this group might develop a reputation amongst neighboring groups that they were extremely good at commerce, or rice trading on the Osaka exchange.

Lastly, image a culture where Chess ability ranked as the highest value. All the top Chess geniuses would constantly be bombarded with mating requests from the best looking, healthiest young women, and over the course of a thousand years, this isolated group would become known as the world’s best Chess players.

Now, I maintain that even if these various culture groups developed in isolation, and acquired a certain level of talent over and above what would be an average, generic human being’s talent in that area, this advantage conferred through genetic selection would quickly be dissipated once that group had mating contacts with outside groups that did not display this special talent. Within two or three generations, I’d guess, this talent would become so diluted that it would no longer be noticeable. Perhaps it would take more generations. But within ten generations I’m sure the genetic mixture of different gene pools would obliterate such distinctions.

Lastly, let me leave you with one facetious theory I have as to why there were no White men in deepest Africa when Livingston strolled there.

It’s because of this: it is well known that actually the superior races on earth are the Black race and the American Indians. American Indians evidently burn calories more efficiently than other races. And Black People have a superiorly-designed kneecap, that permits them generally to run faster than Whites, who have a less-efficiently designed kneecap.

This fact is, I believe, why there were no White men in deepest Africa. It was because, in ancient times, when Whites did inhabit Africa, when a beast of prey like a lion would chase a bunch of Humans to have a snack, it would be the Whites who would end up at the back of the pack, and provide a tasty meal. And before long, there were no more White men or women in deep Africa.

However, on this theory, there are those who doubt my thesis.

— Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian or Classical Liberal

Brexit: Libertarianism Blows Up Keynesianism

I haven’t heard commentators say it, but the Brexit vote was actually a Libertarian assault on Keynesianism, that system of government graft which uses socialist giveaways to control and manipulate the populace, getting them to work and save for decades, and then inflating away the value of their savings in a few years. They boil the frog slowly, so that only the Ron Paul-types protest, and how many Ron Paul supporters or Libertarians have actually studied and understood Austrian School Free-Market Economics as presented by Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard?

That Brexit was carried out by the British People shows that the Liberty thread that ran all the way from Magna Carta through Henry VIII’s break with Rome to Cromwell’s Glorious Revolution, and onto Lord Acton and Lords John and Bertrand Russell, was no fluke, but something deeply ingrained in the British psyche. And this proclivity for Liberty is not something peculiar to the British people, but is a component of all the more reasonable forms of government, excluding of course dictatorships. The American and British forms of government, blemished as they may be, are far and away the best forms of government on the planet, and it is on this principle alone that a vote for Brexit was not only justified but absolutely necessary.

British Capitalism could not be conquered for centuries by foreign adventurers and monarchists, but now people are told that Federalism brings such economic benefit that it is alright, even beneficial, for them to give up their rights and self-government in order to have a higher material standard of living. Such “pragmatism” was soundly crushed by the Brexit vote.

What the European Nationalists had not been able to conquer in a thousand years with violence, they thought they could conquer in a few years through the nepenthe of Federalism and Socialism. But, in the first large manifestation against the Leviathan Socialist State since the Trump campaign, the voters of Great Britain gave ’em the V-sign in reverse.

Brexit gives us hope that Mankind will avoid the Big Motherism of Ms. Rodham, and turn once again to the uncomfortable Freedom of Liberty. There must be some element of deep sanity in Man that wants to turn him away from the great chaos of Socialism we see in America, Venezuela, and Europe, and turn him towards the sanity of an arduous Freedom. Enough of that sanity seeped through into the intelligence of the British voters to change the course of British history.

Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, begun in 2008 and continued in 2012, has finally born fruit in 2016, and Brexit is the child that he helped deliver. For the first time since the end of WW2, a people in the West have made a significant move towards Libertarianism, even if it is just the negation of a larger Socialism.

The politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate welfare-chiselers expected “Mrs.” Clinton’s Nehru jackets to be purfled with miniver after the Brexit vote, but now they see their ermine trampled with muddy boots by the masses.

To paraphrase a famous Englishman, Brexit may not be the end; it may not be the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

The beginning of a true Jeffersonian-Rothbardian Libertarianism.

—Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014

On the Futility and Necessity of Politics and Political Parties

I just chanced to come upon the analysis of George Phillies concerning the National Libertarian Party’s platform, and his opinions regarding each measure and plank. and it reminded me of how futile political parties are, given the inevitable bureaucracies that arise, trying to seize power and influence within the party structure. There is no way that a political party of any size can ever exist without creating a bureaucracy that will take it over, and thenceforth direct the energies of a million good-faith citizens who truly believe in the few ideological slogans the party bandies about.paul 19

That the Libertarian Party, of all parties, should fall into the trap of Bureaucracy shows how the minds of people trick themselves. One of the key teachings of the Libertarian “Big Three” Economists, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard, was that bureaucracies arise in all organizations, from big government down to the local chess club, and that certain energetic individuals will take over that bureaucratic power, while Hayek’s rule that in bureaucracies the worst rise to the top has been well proven by a long parade of Federal Government departmental heads.

We see the same problem arising in progressive school’s bureaucracies. Bertrand Russell, A. S. Neill, and J. Krishnamurti all had problems with the school administrations of the schools they set up, and these were three very revolutionary thinkers when it came to the question of education.

So it would seem that in the realm of both politics and education, the bureaucracies should be abandoned, and only individual action should take place. This would mean, politically, coagulating around a few set principles, like the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle, and the Inalienable Rights of the Individual over and above any false Collectivist claim to Rights. A large part of electing someone would then be: are they genuine or a carpet-bagging opportunist, repeating like a parrot the party’s mantra. That is where the insight of the voters comes into action. In the performance of the candidates lies the key to modern elections. This has been proven by both Trump and Sanders, who have ripped away the diaphanous skirts of both major parties, to reveal only fat cellulite legs, lined with the varicose veins of corporate corruption. The veins run dollar-bill green, and run from the bottom upwards.

And in education, it seems my view of educating children in small groups of 3-5, with a teacher and assistant, in combination with all the educational tools available over the internet, which have made the lecture hall and the library virtually obsolete, is the correct view. Schools serve as a collectivizing agent, getting the children ready, on a daily basis, for a collectivist action (going to the school where there is a huge crowd of people, sitting in the class in the midst of a large group.) These collectivist actions prepare the child for the corporate job and the political party, and the idea that they are part of a ‘society” when in actuality that “society” only exists in their daily contact with individuals. Educating children individually, or in tiny groups of 3-5, will remove this collectivizing brainwashing which both government and private schools can’t avoid because of their current structure. We should question whether schools are even necessary any more.

As far as politics go, it should be obvious that only through individual change within a huge number of people will it be possible to radically alter the rotten world society in which we now live. Without that inner change, merely changing the outer society will do very little. You only have to look at the percentage of people who eat meat (over 98%), and the realities of the factory farm and the slaughter house, to see how self-centered the mass of Humanity is. And creating a political party that is going to somehow magically change this situation is a pipe-dream. This is the trap into which the Communists and the Socialists fall. They falsely think that: merely change the outer economic circumstances and the laws, and everyone will become angelic and non-greedy. The cherishing of material possessions in Soviet society showed just the opposite. The Soviet Marxists were just as materialistic as the American Capitalists. Maybe even more so when you compare the amount of charitable giving which the American middle class has historically shown, due probably to the general level of prosperity in America (compared to most world historic societies). There were many wealthy Romans, but I don’t recall them being noted for their philanthropic works, unless it was passing out corn to quell a food-riot insurrection.

So, if societal change can only come about through individual change, and if all political parties are doomed to the disease of Bureaucracy if they achieve any notable size, then it should be clear that political action is pure folly and a waste of time.

But does that mean the Libertarian, the 18th Century Classical Liberal, and the Anarcho-Capitalist should abandon the field to the Fascists, the Socialists and Communists, the Nazis, the Racists, the Nationalists, the Theocrats, and even Monarchists?

Does not the outer society play a large part in conditioning the individual, when only a child, into the implicit values of the society? Little Johnny quickly catches on that doctors make a lot of money, and since Johnny notices that adults talk a lot about money, he decides to become a doctor. And since everyone wants to know what Johnny wants to do when he “grows up”, little Johnny gets the message that what you do in society is very important to these large apes he’s growing up amongst. The schools, both government and private, reinforce this when they tell the students how much more a college graduate earns over the course of his lifetime than a high school graduate or drop-out.

Therefore, if the outer society plays such a large part in conditioning the individual, then, even though politics is futile and a waste of time, it must be engaged in, at least at the minimal level of voting (and usually having to write in people for most positions since the usual party hacks are so bad). Even though change must be at the individual level, it makes a huge difference to individuals if they live in a free, free-market Capitalist society, with Classical Liberal Jeffersonian views when it comes to political issues and Rights. Historically, such Liberalism has only been found in the most Capitalistic societies — Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the U.S.A. All three have had a long tradition of both Capitalism, or the Free-Market, and a wide liberality of opinion, with significant minorities or majorities opposing censorship, the Draft, Capital Punishment, and supporting separation of church and state. All three of these countries also engaged in the most egregious outrages against Libertarianism in terms of their colonies, their wars, the American enslavement of the African and his descendants, and theft of the American Indians’ lands. But whether because of it, or in spite of it, Capitalism within these societies brought Classical Liberalism to heights it had never imagined in previous times. In earlier days, Bertrand Russell and Clarence Darrow would have been burned at the stake or lynched (Russell almost was once, when speaking at an anti-War rally in a church during World War One). Now, in the Liberal Capitalist 20th Century societies, people just grumbled about them. Everyone would rip the government by word, but assassinations of government officials by ordinary citizens were very rare.

So, if the outer society does have an impact on the conditioning of the individual, it is obvious that politics, and the society it breeds, are extremely important.

And thus we are left with the paradox that, while we can see clearly that politics is a waste of time and a great dissipation of energy, we can also see that it is vitally important to the bringing about of a Libertarian, Jeffersonian, Free-Market Capitalist, democratic-Republic Society, where dissident opinions are tolerated, and with a low, or non-existent level of violence.

— Paul Grad

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Libertarianism vs. Fascism

In listening to Mussolini’s  “The Doctrine of Fascism”, one is struck by his everlasting emphasis on “The State”, the very thing that Professor Rothbard, the definer and refiner of modern Libertarianism, said was the enemy of the Individual. In Mussolini, the State becomes a super-human entity with a life of its own, and the Individual is merely a cog in this collective, his every action a manifestation of “The State”. His Individuality is lost; he becomes part of an ethnic or national collective, and even his ideas are shaped by the past. Fascism is a doctrine of the old, the dead, continuing to condition the action of the now, the new. The Fascists revel in that fact, and make sure that nobody escapes from this collective historical consciousness.

Libertarianism, on the contrary, says that the State is the Enemy of the Individual. The word “Individual” comes from the word “indivisible”, in other words, something cannot be broken up. But the Fascist State, be it Mussolini’s bloodthirsty regime, or Obama’s more benign one, intrudes itself into the indivisibility of the individual, through so-called education, through brainwashing mechanisms like National Public Radio and the major corporate news sites, through the thousand-and-one mandates the modern American State puts on the Individual, the latest being the medical insurance compulsive-purchase mandate, and breaks up and dissipates the energy of the Individual. By either brainwashing the Individual, as Mussolini did through his so-called “education”, or dissipating his energy like the modern American Democrats and Republicans through a thousand mandates, from registering with selective service to compulsory jury-service slavery (a violation of the 13th Amendment if you go read it), the Fascist State wastes the life energy of the Individual, and forces any exceptional person to dissipate his talents in complying with all the mandates that mediocre, accepting Americans never question, or even champion. This produces a mediocre society, and you can certainly see that any time you have contact with government workers and bureaucrats.

Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Fascism” is certainly full of a great deal of other garbage, at least what is garbage to a Libertarian. He highlights the necessity of “Empire” which is some sort of mystical expansion of the nation through not only land but through historical inevitability. The Individual is merely a part of this historical inevitability. Mussolini champions organized religion, and speaks of the State’s respect for it, instead of constructing a strict wall of separation, like Jefferson urged. Organized religion should be completely outside the functions of the government, which should be concerned solely with protecting and defending Individual Property Rights, including ones’ body.

Additionally, he was a racist.

And when Mussolini defined Fascism in a nutshell as corporatism, he must have had the Obama-Republican State in mind, for, under the Bipartisan Fascists, the corporations have taken almost complete control of the once comparatively-free American economy. You only have to see the continued deterioration in competition as small banks and retail chains are wiped out by the mandated “reforms” which only the mega-banks and supermarket chains can afford to comply with, to see how the Democrat-Republican Party has destroyed free-market Capitalism through Corporatism.

In other places Mussolini has the gall to call Fascism a “spiritual” doctrine, then go on to speak of the necessity of violence, and dealing harshly with anyone who does not see the new necessity of Fascism over what Mussolini deems horrendous systems like Liberalism (Classical) . Classical Liberalism, or as we now call it Libertarianism to distinguish it from the modern term “liberalism”, which is merely a form of corporate and individual socialism very close to Fascism — Classical Liberalism puts the emphasis always on the Individual and his Rights. It knows the State is the enemy of the individual, as it always has been in human history. It guards the Individual against the invasions of the State, which the caponized American public has readily allowed. That is why Thomas Jefferson included the Bill of Rights in the American Constitution — to protect the Individual against the tyranny of the State.

The State is a myth; a mental phantom. Only the Individual is real.

Paul Grad, Enviro-Vegan Libertarian

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Warning—Don’t Donate to Me

I have just noticed a website,, which has a page soliciting donations for me. As you might know if you’ve read my platform and posts, I am not accepting or soliciting any donations, and this attempt to solicit funds for me should be regarded as bogus.

Please don’t donate any funds to my campaign, and if you have, I suspect you’ve been defauded. I have no campaign committee or mechanism for getting donations, and have pledged to spend less than the $750 limit the State sets as a threshold past which you must form a Campaign Finance Committee, and submit documentation any time you spend anything. So there is no Campaign Finance Committee site set up to accept donations.

Please don’t donate to me, or to me on

Paul Grad, Libertarian Candidate for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Smashing the Pot Laws, YES on Oregon Measure 91

After more than fifty years of tyranny, of the Communistic terrorizing and kidnapping of the public by the Prohibitionists, the voters of Oregon are about to have a chance to crush this evil, probably once and for all. Shreds of the laws might remain, but they will have been caponized.paul 19

For over fifty years the Fascist-Prohibitionists have been allowed to spread their miasma of fear over the population, using the hated “Controlled Substance” laws to crush Individuals, and tear families apart. It should be clear that “Controlled Substance” is just another term for Communism, and State interference in the Free Market.

Along the long road that has led to Measure 91 — a measure with imperfections to be sure, but one that, though rough and ready, will serve — there have been many heroes and villains.

Perhaps the first crack in the Fascist dyke came from a British Conservative newspaper editor, Lord Rees-Mogg, editor of the London Times. If you get to legally possess cannabis on November 5, 2014, it will be in part due to the fact that Lord Rees-Mogg had the temerity to speak out, almost fifty years ago, against an injustice that no one else had the courage to name. It was Reese-Mogg’s editorial concerning the cruel way in which Mick Jagger and Keith Richard were treated by the British judiciary, entitled “Breaking a Butterfly on a Wheel”, that was the first major protest against the anti-Libertarian cannabis laws by anyone in the Establishment.

That was in the mid-60s, so you can see how long people in the Western “civilized” countries, the so-called social democracies, have suffered from the tyranny of the Democrats and Republicans, the Labourites and the Tories. All Communist bullies. Remember that Texas gave someone Life in Jail for possessing one seed.

There was a long list of these Prohibitionist Miscreants: Mayor Yorty, Joseph Califano, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Jack Webb. The list of the infamous rolls on and on, and will not be forgotten by future generations and historians.

One of the few in America who spoke out against the Fascists was William F. Buckley, Jr., as well as Professor Milton Friedman, but apart from these few there was little dissent against this Fascism until the Libertarian Party was formed in 1971 by Professor Murray Rothbard and a few other Radicals. The Libertarians, believing in self-ownership, soon came to champion the cause of not only cannabis legalization, but the decriminalization of all drugs, based on inalienable personal property rights, and the Libertarian opposition to all forms of involuntary servitude, or State control over ones’ body. The Libertarians, — Harry Browne, Ron Paul, Judge Grey, Neill Franklin, and Gary Johnson, as well as Steve Kubby in California, and brave scientists and medicos like Vera Rubin (Ganja in Jamaica) and Dr. Lester Grinspoon — were the only quiet voice speaking out against Evil, while the major parties remained blithely silent on the Injustice, which itself is a great Injustice. They were cowards; the Libertarians weren’t.

But if you had to name one Individual who has done more to bring about real cannabis legalization that anyone else, you would have to name Congressman Ron Paul. (I say legalization because the Measure makes legal eight dried ounces and four live plants, which to me is de facto legalization, despite the other taxing and regulating provisions in the Measure).

It was Ron Paul’s two latter campaigns for the Presidency (he also ran in 1988 as a Libertarian) that really brought cannabis-legalization to the forefront of the political arena, and his occasional 20% vote percentages sent the message to the political establishment that their prohibitionist days were coming to an end. Ron Paul made advocating for cannabis legalization respectable, especially since the advocate was a Doctor.

Then again, perhaps the real developers and facilitators of Measure 91 were the Ron Paul voters who made him a force to be reckoned with. As soon as he hit 15-20%, the lemmings of the Democratic Party began to mouth their usually mealy doubletalk. They never had the guts to propose outright abolition, but he did.

The Colorado and Washington laws were also forerunners, but it is the Oregon measure that will finally defend the People’s Right to own and utilize this drug if they so wish, as long as they don’t involve endangering the public or children when they do so.

But there will be another salubrious effect from this Measure if it passes, and that will be that the “medical marijuana” business, the mulcting of the sick for profit both by the dispensary owners and by the government bureaucrats and pensioners, will be wiped out, and good riddance to it. The immorality of making money off the misery of the sick, charging them through the nose for a gram of something which they could grow by the ounce and the pound on their window sills, if the Communists didn’t stick their nose in, will be obliterated. For those few souls who genuinely need high-potency cannabis, and need to know the exact dosage they are taking, there will be private labs and voluntary organizations that can certify potency. These products may indeed cost more, because of the labor, equipment, and packaging that would go into producing them. But for the average person, who is using cannabis medically for neuralgia, insomnia, glaucoma prophylaxis, and other more serious medical conditions which still do not require a specific dosage, Measure 91 will fulfill their needs. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars an ounce, or $80 or $50, the typical patient will pay virtually nothing, and that saved money will rest in private bank balances, where it will be loaned out to purchase capital equipment which in turn produces better quality goods at a cheaper price. This productivity gain helps all consumers, but especially the poorer. Legalization also means that the money will remain in private market hands, able to assist the account owner should he have need of it, instead of having it pay the bloated and immorally high pensions of State workers and retired bureaucrats. Moreover, this money gain will be spread over a large number of generally less affluent members of society (the young, and the elderly infirm), instead of being concentrated in one sector only, like retired government bureaucrats, or dispensary pushers.

The medical dispensary owners are shivering in their shoes. The taste of easy money, made off those who have no choice, the seriously ill, is fading from their palates, and they may soon have to think of a real way to make a living. The four-plant/eight-dry-ounce rule will wipe them out, and trade in medical cannabis may prove so slack, that only one dispensary will be necessary for a city, and that could easily be run by a non-profit or religious institution.

So, if you are a cannabis user who, on November 5th, can, for the first time in modern American history, inhale or ingest cannabis without fear of being kidnapped and thrown in a cage by the Democrats, remember that it is thanks to a long line of Libertarian radicals — Rees-Mogg, Timothy Leary, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, the Libertarian Presidential Candidates, and finally Ron Paul and the Americans who voted for him — that this heinous and cruel whip of Fascism has finally been sundered in two.

Vote to smash the Fascist’s Cannabis Prohibition into smithereens! Yes on Measure 91!

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,,,

Paul Grad for Governor: My Oregon Abigail Adams Project Questionnaire Responses

I am the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, and will be appearing on the November ballot. In the interests of public transparency, and because I don’t want to fool anyone as to my positions on many issues, I enclose herewith my answers to the Oregon Abigail Adams Project’s Questionnaire.

There are a lot of slanted questions in this survey, like the last one about ICLEI groups. And other issues are so complex, that you can’t really answer yes, no, or decline to state. “Decline to state” sounds a bit like you’re refusing to testify. How about “not sure”? They do allow you to briefly add a comment, further explaining your position.

One other slightly disingenuous tactic to get you to participate in the questionnaire is that they tell you in their introductory blurb that they do not list a candidates party or parties, so that voters can just look at how they stand on the issues. Very commendable. But when a voter seeking information on your positions goes to their candidates page on their website to click on your answers by your name, they have the candidates listed by office and also by party, so anyone going there will know perfectly well what party you’re from.

I’d guess that I’m too Libertarian for them, and too Environmental for them, so I doubt I’ll earn there ringing endorsement, but if they help to further spread my platform, their actions will have also helped to further the political-democratic process, and to inform the voters of the entire panoply of views of their candidates.

Paul Grad,

Facebook: Paul Grad for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Voters’ Pamphlet Statement

paul 19As the official nominee of the Libertarian Party in Oregon for Governor, I herewith  present my voters’ pamphlet statement, which will appear in the Oregon voters’ pamphlet for the November 2014 election if I am able to secure the valid signatures of 500 registered voters by the last submission day of August 12, and deliver them to the elections division in Salem. As there is a good possibility I will not be able to secure the requisite number of signatures, I thought I should present that statement to the public, so that they may better know my positions, and so that it would not be lost to posterity as an example of a registered minor political party candidate’s platform.

The Statement runs thusly:

“Libertarianism is a branch of political philosophy dealing with property rights ethics. Its core axiom is: no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of any individual. It believes all men have inalienable natural rights which no government or individual may violate, including the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, to contract, and the quiet enjoyment of one’s property.

I am a Jeffersonian minarchist, or believer in minimal government, democratic majorities, and strict separation of church and state. I will spend less than $750 on my campaign and will not accept donations. I am running to reform and eliminate the many injustices in our political system.

My Libertarian platform includes abolishing the personal income and estate tax, increasing penalties for rape 50%, legalizing heroin for the terminally ill, controlling pitbulls, legalizing cannabis without taxation, pardoning cannabis prisoners, abolishing the death penalty, abolishing PERS, abolishing the State Lottery, abolishing the minimum wage law, outlawing Civil Forfeiture, abolishing most commissions and boards of examiners, removing marriage from the legal code, legalizing all drugs less addictive than caffeine, outlawing tobacco smoke within 20yds of children, legalizing prostitution and gambling, and implementing vegetarian diet in prisons.

I combine Libertarianism with a stringent environmental preservationism, and animal welfare proposals, for our environment has been so degraded by goverment mollycoddling and giveaways to corporate conglomerates, that free-market capitalism itself is threatened. I would place a moratorium on logging on all State lands, ban State spraying of pesticides, and ban atrazine, 2-4D, neonicotinoid pesticides, GMO crops, and fracking.

My animal cruelty prevention measures include outlawing vivisection, hunting, fishing, slaughterhouses, rodeos, and keeping of orcas and dolphins.

Create a non-violent revolution in American politics by voting for my radical Libertarian platform.

And that’s it. The State only allows 325 words, so giving a clear picture of one’s platform in such a truncated statement is difficult. Moreover, you cannot explain any exceptions to your bills in such a short statement. For example, legalizing cannabis doesn’t legalize DUI or giving it to children for non-medical reasons. Outlawing hunting doesn’t stop you from shooting the pitbull that is lunging for your child or you. The rape provision applies only to 1st and 2nd degree rape. The income tax abolition is for the personal and small corporate tax. Large corporations would pay their current rate, and huge, billion-dollar corporations would actually have their tax rates raised temporarily to the top current personal rate, until State spending was cut to the point where we could lower it to the current rate for them. Also, I almost certainly would allow the use of a pesticide in medical emergencies like the Black Plague, ebola virus, malaria, or some highly-lethal mosquito born disease, if a chorus of recognized medical experts told me it was absolutely necessary. Likewise, my logging moratorium would have exceptions for diseased, dead, and public safety hazard trees, or if I could be convinced that there was such a high fire danger in one area that thinning was absolutely essential. And my radical animal anti-cruelty proposals would need a voting majority of the public to pass. They would also probably require a redefinition of animals from personal property to some intermediate state between the full natural rights of a human being, and just mere property that you can treat in a way that, if it were a human child,  would get you the death penalty.

The brevity of the statement also forces you to eliminate many other measures you’d like to mention but can’t. That’s one reason I write these blog posts — so the public can know exactly where I stand on all these issues in detail.

You can read my platform in detail or summary or :

Paul Grad,


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Oregon Destroys Black Youth

A Multnomah County study released yesterday shows the horrendous circumstances to which White Liberal Democrats have driven the Black youth living in Portland’s ghettos. The study noted the increase in violence and shootings in the last few years, due to gang activity in several neighborhoods of Portland, and noted the expulsion rate in public schools for Black youths in those areas was over three times the rate for White youths (over 18% vs over 5%). The study concluded with the usual wasteful and ineffective proposals that Socialist Liberals have been making for decades, to solve the problems that their own bully-boy Socialism brings to Black youth. It is little wonder they join gangs.

The report explains that lack of employment was one of the major reasons survey respondents sited for joining gangs, and proposed the usual Liberal panacea of job programs, and make-work jobs as part of the solution.

Of course, it is the racist, restrictionist Minimum Wage Law that creates so much unemployment among Black youths, as well as youths in general. Statistically, though, Black youth has fared far worse than White after the imposition of the Fascist Minimum Wage Law. This law intentionally excludes the lowest skilled workers from the Free Market, who now have no opportunity to earn any money at all, so as to eliminate job competiton and thus boost the wage rates of the union workers, and other workers who would have to compete with Black youth. The Racists have it pretty well sown up.

The other barb  the picadores of Socialist Liberalism in Oregon stab Black youth with is attendance at public schools. These youths, with no chance to earn money, which means in effect that the are economically powerless, are dragooned into attending public schools, which are little more than compulsory prisons of boredom for many youth, and when a youth is 14 to 16, he begins to feel very intensely how this Fascistic, huge-government Leviathan has complete control of his life. It is no wonder that 18% of Black youths are expelled from these prison camps known as public schools. They would be far better off if they were free to pursue their own lives at that age, if they didn’t want to be in goverment schools.

So the solution is not the proposals recommended in the study of more jobs programs, recreational programs, and former gang members hired to jawbone these rebels into conformity, leading perhaps to a deadend, corporate, low-level job, where they will be exploited by the corporation and the tax-collectors of the government, to pay for the politician’s cushy trade junkets to our totalitarian trading partners.

The solutions lie in abolishing the Minimum Wage Law and government schools, solutions far too radical for the sycophants of big-government Fascism. But solutions that I will attempt to implement if elected Governor of Oregon.

Let’s stand up for the Black youth of Oregon, and for all the young people in America who are imprisoned by the walls of big-government Socialism, and the callous, well-fed Liberals who imprison them.

Let’s rid ourselves of the communistic, prohibitionist Minimum Wage Law, and abolish the dragooning of our children against their will into government schools, where they will be taught to conform and obey.

Let’s free Oregon’s Black youth, and all the youths, from the Democrat’s and Republican’s big-government tyranny

Paul Grad,