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Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Libertarianism vs. Fascism

In listening to Mussolini’s  “The Doctrine of Fascism”, one is struck by his everlasting emphasis on “The State”, the very thing that Professor Rothbard, the definer and refiner of modern Libertarianism, said was the enemy of the Individual. In Mussolini, the State becomes a super-human entity with a life of its own, and the Individual is merely a cog in this collective, his every action a manifestation of “The State”. His Individuality is lost; he becomes part of an ethnic or national collective, and even his ideas are shaped by the past. Fascism is a doctrine of the old, the dead, continuing to condition the action of the now, the new. The Fascists revel in that fact, and make sure that nobody escapes from this collective historical consciousness.

Libertarianism, on the contrary, says that the State is the Enemy of the Individual. The word “Individual” comes from the word “indivisible”, in other words, something cannot be broken up. But the Fascist State, be it Mussolini’s bloodthirsty regime, or Obama’s more benign one, intrudes itself into the indivisibility of the individual, through so-called education, through brainwashing mechanisms like National Public Radio and the major corporate news sites, through the thousand-and-one mandates the modern American State puts on the Individual, the latest being the medical insurance compulsive-purchase mandate, and breaks up and dissipates the energy of the Individual. By either brainwashing the Individual, as Mussolini did through his so-called “education”, or dissipating his energy like the modern American Democrats and Republicans through a thousand mandates, from registering with selective service to compulsory jury-service slavery (a violation of the 13th Amendment if you go read it), the Fascist State wastes the life energy of the Individual, and forces any exceptional person to dissipate his talents in complying with all the mandates that mediocre, accepting Americans never question, or even champion. This produces a mediocre society, and you can certainly see that any time you have contact with government workers and bureaucrats.

Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Fascism” is certainly full of a great deal of other garbage, at least what is garbage to a Libertarian. He highlights the necessity of “Empire” which is some sort of mystical expansion of the nation through not only land but through historical inevitability. The Individual is merely a part of this historical inevitability. Mussolini champions organized religion, and speaks of the State’s respect for it, instead of constructing a strict wall of separation, like Jefferson urged. Organized religion should be completely outside the functions of the government, which should be concerned solely with protecting and defending Individual Property Rights, including ones’ body.

Additionally, he was a racist.

And when Mussolini defined Fascism in a nutshell as corporatism, he must have had the Obama-Republican State in mind, for, under the Bipartisan Fascists, the corporations have taken almost complete control of the once comparatively-free American economy. You only have to see the continued deterioration in competition as small banks and retail chains are wiped out by the mandated “reforms” which only the mega-banks and supermarket chains can afford to comply with, to see how the Democrat-Republican Party has destroyed free-market Capitalism through Corporatism.

In other places Mussolini has the gall to call Fascism a “spiritual” doctrine, then go on to speak of the necessity of violence, and dealing harshly with anyone who does not see the new necessity of Fascism over what Mussolini deems horrendous systems like Liberalism (Classical) . Classical Liberalism, or as we now call it Libertarianism to distinguish it from the modern term “liberalism”, which is merely a form of corporate and individual socialism very close to Fascism — Classical Liberalism puts the emphasis always on the Individual and his Rights. It knows the State is the enemy of the individual, as it always has been in human history. It guards the Individual against the invasions of the State, which the caponized American public has readily allowed. That is why Thomas Jefferson included the Bill of Rights in the American Constitution — to protect the Individual against the tyranny of the State.

The State is a myth; a mental phantom. Only the Individual is real.

Paul Grad, Enviro-Vegan Libertarian