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Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Smashing the LNG Jordan Cove Project

paul 19As Governor of Oregon I will, if elected, do everything within my legal powers to block the construction of the Liquid Natural Gas Jordan Cove Project, which would strewn pipeline across a valuable swathe of Southern Oregon.

I oppose this project because it is a vile, communistic attempt to overthrow our inalienable Property Rights. It will destroy the real estate values, and the lives and dreams, of countless property owners who have invested a lifetime in building their properties. And now the Corporate Communists, in collusion with the Federal Government, are going to destroy those properties in the name of “eminent domain”, which overthrows the Jeffersonian Bill of Rights.

What distinguishes this project from other pipeline projects in Oregon is that this will initiate a new loading facility on the coast at Coos Bay, while earlier loading projects merely consisted of the conversion of already existing facilities, so that no virgin loading areas were violated. Also, this project is distinguished from earlier projects in that its products are for export and not for domestic consumption .

With its usual Benthamite prejudices, which disregard inalienable property rights — the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights — the Federal-Corporate alliance is touting this as a “net benefit” for the country.

I wonder what the “net benefit” is of overthrowing the U.S. Constitution, and the Libertarian spirit of Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution? The Communists are creating a society where “they know what is best for the public”, and their analyses will always favor the Corporate Collective over Individual Property Rights. Such governments need to be removed by a vote of the People.

Libertarianism differs from the Democratic and Republican Parties’ dogmas in that it always bases its views on Principles, and not on the Benthamite pragmatism that says that “the greatest good for the greatest number” is the guide by which we should decide issues. Under such a bankrupt “pragmatist” philosophy, it would be perfectly alright to murder the 3% of the population that has red hair, and distribute the plunder of their estates unto the remaining 97% of the people. Pragmatism takes no account of ethics, principle, or the rule of Jeffersonian Law — as you can see in the Jordan Cove Project.

Our Communist, baby-seal clubbing friends North of the Border are used to ripping off their Native Peoples, and now they think they can commit the same crimes against Property Owners in Oregon, in collaboration with the Federal Government. And they will get away with the cozenage if Kitzhaber or Richardson get elected.

Voting for a Democrat or Republican will only guarantee the execution of this heinous, anti-environmental, anti-Capitalist, project. Voting for me, or any other candidate who opposes this project, will be a vote for the defense of the Bill of Rights, of Jeffersonian Republicanistic government, and of the inalienable Property Rights which every Human Being on Earth possesses.

Vote for me, and I will do all I legally can to help stop this egregious violation of our Inalienable Natural Law Property Rights.

This time, vote for Justice.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Starve-flation, the Bipartisan’s Weapon

paul 19The massive inflation Ron Paul predicted back in his 2008 campaign is now with us in food prices. The Democrats and Republicans have driven up the price of food fourfold, and in doing so have rendered the lives of most Americans who live from hand to mouth miserable. How is a father of four now able to feed his wife and children, other than having a corporate job, or receiving some kind of government support? The Democrats and Republicans well knew that their deficit spending would cause this massive consumer price inflation, and that that impoverishment would keep the mass of Americans working away for decades, so that the politicians and bureaucrats could continue to live on the tax proceeds mulcted out of the workers.

The sociologist Franz Oppenheimer pointed out that there were two ways of getting an income: either through the market mechanism, which he called “the economic means”, or else through “the political means” which is by legally looting, through taxation, the profits of those who engage in the economic means. In this manner, the political and bureaucratic class, and all the government workers even unto the grunts, are all parasitically sucking off the productive, market sector of society. Occasionally their actions do good, and one must sympathize with the government janitors, working their dismal graveyard shifts alone, but all-in-all almost all government actions and spending are outside the minimal pale within which Jefferson said government must be contained.

By driving up food inflation, and by raising the minimum wage to a level where unskilled workers have a very hard time finding work, the Democrats and Republicans have driven tens of millions of Americans into desperation, and one can observe it in the continual degeneration of American society. You can see it in aesthetic degeneration, in the degeneration of people’s bodies as they ruin themselves with tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, and obesity. You can see it in the sterility of the modern architecture, the ugliness of modern cars, the routine sameness of dress, with most people wearing uniforms designed by the major corporations, just as the Communists all wore their Mao uniforms and Lenin caps. You can also see it in the ugliness of the new currency designs, as compared to the magnificently-designed bills at the the start of the 19th century. Look at Jackson’s portrait on the twenty; it’s disgusting. Compare the noble profile of Liberty on the Morgan Silver Dollar to the infantile profiles of Eisenhower on the modern “silver” dollar coins, made of cupro-nickel, or the hideous profile of Susan B Anthony. Currency redesign is often a prelude to massive inflation.

Under truly free-market Capitalism, the individual’s purchasing power over time would certainly increase. It did during the advanced stages of the Industrial Revolution, from 1870-1890, and in the decade after. Annual purchasing power increased on average 1.5%/year during that period, especially after 1880, partially from falling prices, and partially from increasing wages. Savings, put into banks, were loaned out to purchase capital equipment, which in turn further increased the efficiency of production, leading to additional price drops for consumers.

Seeing that Individual’s wealth would increase steadily under a truly free market, the collectivists of the Democratic and Republican parties saw that the only way to stop that was through further inflation. Despite years of productivity increases, we have had inflation constantly for decades — the exact opposite of what occurred from 1870-1900. That is due to Keynesian economics; an elaborate system of sophisticated theft.

But inflation is like a wild beast. It cannot be controlled once it takes hold of the People’s psyche. The Fed’s thinking that it can control it is pure hubris. The People’s belief that the Fed can control inflation is pure foolishness. It can’t. (Nor could it control massive deflation.)

The Democrats and Republicans have brought tens of millions — possibly hundreds of millions — of Americans to the brink of despair. They have turned a happy, secure America, where the price of food was the most reasonable in the world, into a jungle where people are continually being impoverished and made fearful by rising prices, and where the government’s only cure is more of the same disease. And the weapon they use, to make sure they always have masses of eager, desperate workers, is called Inflation.

Turn away from this headlong rush towards economic destruction. Vote for my platform and ideas, and help restore America to a place where food security is available to all, and not just to those with corporate and government jobs, or those with food stamps.

Please vote for me for Governor on the November ballot, and send a resounding message to those who have destroyed food security for the family and the individual.

My platform in both detail and summary, and my candidate’s statement, are available at

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Three Degrees of Separation

Libertarianism, or Classical Liberalism of the Jeffersonian variety, believes that three separations are necessary to keep Government, a necessary evil, from exploiting its immense power. These three separations are: separation of Church and State, separation of Business and State, and separation of Education and State. All these separations are absolutely axiomatic for any Government to remain largely honest, and all three are currently violated in our Democratic-Republican Fascist country.

America is Fascist because it follows the Mussolini blueprint of binding the State with Corporate Business. This was also a popular idea among American industrialists following World War I, and there was a lot of sympathy for Fascism amongst the American business class in the 1920s and 1930s. This disease of Fascism is deeply embedded in the American economic system, from Farm Subsidies to the Export-Import Bank, from the Federal Reserve’s picking and choosing whom to bail out to the racist minimum wage laws, which wrecks the lives of so many Black teenagers, from the Bureau of Land Management selling public assets and grazing rights at below market cost, to the refusal to jail CEO’s of companies that murder people through their negligence, be it in a coal mine or a car. And, of course, the contracts between Government and the Military-Industrial Complex, which are such a huge part of our deficit, and without which the U.S. economy would probably go into a deep recession (though, like all recessions or depressions in truly free-market economies, it would be over rather quickly), are the worst example.

So a Wall of Separation must be constructed between the U.S. Government and Business. This does not mean that the Government would immediately stop checking things like weights and measures of products, or checking for food adulterations, like adding sawdust to the wheat bread. However, in a Libertarian law society, all these issues could be dealt with by voluntary organizations, and private merchants courts. But the American public is far from ready for such privatizations, its thinking being so conditioned by Statist propaganda. Studying Libertarian ideas is really a process of de-conditioning oneself from this kind of thinking which says that Government is always necessary to solve every problem, and control every deviant behavior. But merchant and religious courts could often handle many civil and corporate contractual cases that clog our government courts, and cost the taxpayer so much money, while the jurors are dragooned into involutary servitude, and paid a pittance on top of that, not even the minimum wage which the Democrats are always braying is so moral that no man should work for less. They seem to have forgotten the poor, exploited juror.

The next necessary degree of separation for our Libertarian, Jeffersonian Republic, is the classical Separation of Church and State that Thomas Jefferson so rightly saw was absolutely necessary for a free society under a minimal Government. We won’t go into this argument again, except to point out the recent horrendous 5-4 decisions by the Supreme Court, which once again bring organized religion back into the public sector, such as public town hall meetings, in violation of Jefferson’s maxim: build up a “Wall of Separation” between Government and Churches. Almost everyone is free in America to purchase land and build a church, and practice their religion unmolested. The cry that religion is being persecuted in America is a myth, with the exception of the Native American Church peyote-takers.

The third necessary Degree of Separation in our Jeffersonian, democratic-elections, Republic is separation between Education and State. Government should not be involved in education, which should be handled solely by private groups.  If Government is involved in education, it will obviously propagandize against any who teach that Government is evil, or unnecessary, or that Government should not be involved in education. What Professor, subsisting on a Government grant, is going to speak against the Government, or speak out against the wickedness of Government grants? Will Government give scholarships to Anarchists?

Moreover, since America is not a very intellectual country, and since intellectuals at universities would have a very hard time subsisting on the sales of their writings if the government didn’t subsidize them with professorships and research grants in a culture only in love with the visual image, unlike pre-movie cultures like Britain and America, where reading and the written word were highly prized, it becomes a matter of survival for the intellectual to shut his mouth when it comes to defaming the Government, or even the principle of Government. This leads to a mealy-mouthed sort of overnice intellectual, who is afraid to expess any anger at the continuing injustices of the Government that is feeding him. Contrast the milktoast bulk of university professors during the Vietnam War years, to the ferocious attacks on the Johnson Administration’s Vietnam War by writer Norman Mailer.

The sole function for which Government could be involved in education, would be to teach reading, since this is axiomatic for any further education and to be able to read the laws and vote. However, in the modern age, with computers and community workshops, it would be fairly easy to make sure every child learned to read without Government schools. Also, remember that in a Libertarian society, there would be no income tax or property tax, so people could channel this money themselves to the educational group of their choice if they felt the issue of universal literacy was so important to them and society.

So, in a Libertarian Law Society, there would be a strict separation between Government and Business, Church, and Education. As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to re-establish this cordon sanitaire between Government, and those who would seek to use its largesse for private gain.

Please vote for me for Governor of Oregon in November.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor

Paul Grad for Governor: My Oregon Abigail Adams Project Questionnaire Responses

I am the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, and will be appearing on the November ballot. In the interests of public transparency, and because I don’t want to fool anyone as to my positions on many issues, I enclose herewith my answers to the Oregon Abigail Adams Project’s Questionnaire.

There are a lot of slanted questions in this survey, like the last one about ICLEI groups. And other issues are so complex, that you can’t really answer yes, no, or decline to state. “Decline to state” sounds a bit like you’re refusing to testify. How about “not sure”? They do allow you to briefly add a comment, further explaining your position.

One other slightly disingenuous tactic to get you to participate in the questionnaire is that they tell you in their introductory blurb that they do not list a candidates party or parties, so that voters can just look at how they stand on the issues. Very commendable. But when a voter seeking information on your positions goes to their candidates page on their website to click on your answers by your name, they have the candidates listed by office and also by party, so anyone going there will know perfectly well what party you’re from.

I’d guess that I’m too Libertarian for them, and too Environmental for them, so I doubt I’ll earn there ringing endorsement, but if they help to further spread my platform, their actions will have also helped to further the political-democratic process, and to inform the voters of the entire panoply of views of their candidates.

Paul Grad,

Facebook: Paul Grad for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Top Five Issues

paul 19As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to implement correction of five egregious injustices which go against the basic American Libertarian philosophy. These are my top five issues.

First, I’d try to legalize heroin for the terminally ill. Libertarians believe drugs should be legalized, and that, since you own your body as one of your Property Rights, no individual or group of individuals can justly prevent you from doing what you want with your own body, as long as it doesn’t aggress against the property rights of another individual. Therefore, you certainly have the right to take heroin when you are dying if you so wish. The sadistic prohibitionists in the Democratic and Republican parties have for too long denied the most vulnerable Americans this inalienable Right. I will abolish that sadistic prohibition if elected, and if the legislature will vote its accord. Please help me implement this basic Right which protects every one of us from the indifference of a callous government.

Secondly, i will attempt to abolish Capital Punishment. A Government should never be given the power to murder an individual, for life is an inalienable Right, and can not be taken away by any individual or group of individuals. A more arduous imprisonment, with restitution to the victims next of kin, would be the penalty for those convicted of crimes so vicious that they now earn the death penalty.

Thirdly, I would try to abolish the income tax on individuals. Individuals have an inalienable Right to the fruits of their labor. Jefferson said that government shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread which it has earned. Therefore, an income tax is a violation of our Natural Right to the fruits of our labor, and the inalienable Right to the pursuit of happiness, which in earlier forms of the U.S. Constitution was termed “property”. Since corporations are not individuals in my view, although their stock is the real property of its’ shareholders, there might be the legal possibility of a corporate income tax.

Fourthly, I would try to legalize cannabis with no taxes. DUI and non-medical delivery to minors would remain criminalized. Smoking within a fixed distance of another non-consenting person should also be criminalized. Medical cannabis should never be taxed; that is highly immoral. Neither should so-called recreational cannabis be taxed, unless two conditions pertain: firstly, that people are free to legally grow cannabis without limit or taxation, and secondly, that there is a Government medical system financed by the general taxpayer. Perhaps only people on that government system should have to pay a recreational tax, with those opting out of the Government plan being absolved from paying the tax.

Fifth, I would pardon all prisoners in State prisons there solely on cannabis convictions, except for DUI or delivery to minors. This would also include some who had also been charged with “resisting arrest” if the resistance was running away from the police. For example, someone is convicted on a cannabis charge. They serve a sentence, then go on parole. They violate parole by not meeting with their parole officer, a warrant is issued, the police see them and try to arrest them, but they run away. Now they are convicted of resisting arrest and reincarcerated. But since their original conviction was unjust and a violation of their Constitutional Rights under Libertarian doctrine, they should not have been charged with resisting arrest because such an arrest was actually their kidnapping by the State. In reality, they were non-violently resisting (running away) a violent violation by the State of their Inalienable Creator-endowed Right to self-ownership.

These five issues — heroin for the dying, abolishing the Death Penalty, abolishing the personal income tax, legalizing cannabis and freeing the cannabis prisoners — are the most pressing contained in my Libertarian economic and social platform, but, unfortunately, not the only injustices by far that need correction. The destruction of the Earth, and the horrendous treatment of animals are also grave injustices, but we deal here with those pressing injustices in our economic and social system that brings misery and injustice to so many of our innocent Citizens. The Democrats and Republicans have let these injustices stand for decades. It’s time to sweep away their callous indifference to the plight of our comrade Citizens.

Please considering voting for me, and bringing Justice back to the American political and social order.

Paul Grad,