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Six Political Types Who Should Not Be President

In 1992 the late Senator Eugene McCarthy listed five types of politicians who should not be President. In the light of the current administration and Presidential candidates, it is obvious a sixth type also needs to be shunned.paul 19

The five types of politicians McCarthy listed were governors, generals and admirals, Vice-Presidents, religious ministers and their sons, and the CEOs of major corporations.

Governors, for example, if successful, feel they can run the country. They think, if they’ve balanced the budget, and called out the National Guard to quell the student uprisings, that that qualifies them to balance the Federal budget and control the military-industrial complex, which invariably ends up controlling them.

Generals and Admirals are also on the list. It’s obvious, with the intelligence community and the military running the country, that electing a general or admiral will only be more of the same.

As to why Vice-Presidents should not be President, we only have to look at “potatoe”-head Dan Quayle, and prohibitionist Joseph Biden to see why they shouldn’t be in power.

Ministers and their sons would obviously be a major disaster, given the Jeffersonian battle for separation of church and state, something that still is unaccomplished as we put the Diety’s name on the currency, and dragoon school children into saying “one nation under God”, which is an insult to Pantheists. Imagine John Ashcroft or Mike the Huckster-to-be as President. Heaven forfend!

Lastly on Senator McCarthy’s list we come to the CEO heads of major corporations, those vast socialist behemoths subsidized over and over again by the Federal Government Democrats and Republicans. Fortunately we’ll be spared Carly Fiorina this time round.

In the light of recent history, I would definitely add junior Senators to McCarthy’s list of diseased candidates. The Obama catastrophe for America and the world will hopefully not be repeated in the form of Senator Rubio.

Yes, it’s patently obvious that governors, generals, vice-presidents, ministers and their sons, CEOs of major corporations, and first-term Senators should definitely not be the President of these dis-United States.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor 2014


The Libertarian Party of Oregon Should Nominate Ron Paul for President

When one looks at the horrendous field of candidates being shoved in the face of the American People to serve as their next President, one can only shake ones head and wonder how we came down from Jefferson to this.paul 19

Given the dismal choice, “a choice of cancer or polio” in the words of Sir Mick, and the news today that Donald Trump may go back on his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee and run as an independent, and given the unique situation of the Libertarian Party of Oregon in relation to the national LP, it seems possible, and actually advisable, for the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) to nominate Ron Paul as their nominee for President of the United States.

Now, there is a long and complex issue between the LPO and the national LP of which the reader might not be aware. In brief, a self-proclaimed rival group calling itself the Libertarian Party of Oregon, with a largely Republican agenda, sought twice to have itself legitimized as the LPO recognized by the Oregon Secretary of State (SOS). After two lengthy legal proceedings and in both cases, the courts ruled in favor of the true LPO, chaired by Wes Wagner, and ruled against the usurpers, led by Richard Burke. The Oregon SOS only recognized and currently recognizes the Wagner faction as the true LPO. The Wagner faction is far more democratic and egalitarian, requiring no dues, and sending ballots to every registered Libertarian in the State. The Burke faction wanted to require dues, and hold a State convention to select candidates.

However, despite the rulings of the Oregon Courts and the Oregon SOS, the national LP Judicial Committee recognized the Burke faction as an affiliate faction, and gave them access to the national convention on an equal footing with the Wagner faction. At the same time, the national LP executive branch continued to recognize the Wagner faction as the legitimate Oregon Party, making for a confusing situation. This is roughly my understanding of the spat between the Oregon LPO and the national LP.

And what this means is that the legitimate Wagner LPO will probably not be attending the national convention because they probably won’t be seated, or will be seated as equals with the Burke faction usurpers.

However, this also means that the LPO has the possibility to choose its own Presidential Nominee, independent of the national party, and would present a situation where a different candidate from the National nominee could be put forth.

Now, after today’s Trump statement that he might run as an Independent, we have the possibility of three major-party candidates running: the Democrat, a non-Trump Republican, and Trump. Given this three-way splitting of the vote, it might be possible for a well-known fourth candidate, with a very radical Libertarian free-market outlook and understanding, to break through and capture the Presidency. And given that the national LP might nominate again Governor Gary Johnson, who failed to ignite much fire in his two previous Presidential campaigns, or the unknown Dr. Mark Feldman, or one of the other unknowns, it seems to me there is a great opportunity for the Libertarian Party of Oregon to make history.

That would be done in a way similar to the Dixiecrat Southern segregationist parties, who ran their own candidates several times in the face of a national candidate who wasn’t racist enough for them.

I would suggest that members of the LPO, upon receiving their nominating ballots, should write in former Congressman and three-time Presidential Candidate Ron Paul for President.

Such an action would bring a ray of hope into a dismal field of candidates that will probably look like: Sanders-or-Clinton, Cruz-or-Rubio, Trump, and Johnson — four candidates splitting the national vote. Under such a fragmentation of the tally, it might be possible for a well-known outside maverick, with a national following that reached over 20% of the vote in several Western States, to gain national media attention by getting on the ballot in just one State, and nominated by a Libertarian Party that was so independent, it was even independent of its national organization (an example of States Rights).

Such an action would not only propel Ron Paul into the national spotlight as an instant candidate, roiling the muddy political waters, but would also propel the Libertarian Party of Oregon into national (and international) prominence as an independent state party, nominating its own candidate, and giving the finger to the national bureaucracy, in classical Libertarian mode.

I realize that many in the Libertarian Party would disagree with many of Ron Paul’s political positions. I do myself. But as far as understanding the economic underpinnings of Capitalism, and its relation to the Jeffersonian Rights adumbrated in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, and as far as understanding Libertarianism, Ron Paul has no equal amongst any politician in America now serving, or serving in the last few decades.

Compared to the garbage being offered the American Public by the major parties, Ron Paul would make a great nominee for President, and a great Libertarian President. I urge all current LPO members to write him in on their nominating ballots, and I urge the Oregon public to register with the Libertarian Party of Oregon, so they can write in Ron Paul.

When it comes to choosing the next President, let Jefferson’s children have a choice, not an echo.

— Paul Grad, LPO Gubernatorial Nominee 2014