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Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Insuring Accurate Election Counts

paul 19One of the lessons Thomas Jefferson learned from the French philosopher, Montesquieu, was the importance of accurate election counts. Many an early republic floundered because of inaccurate election counts, and shoddy record keeping. Now, in this modern age, I’m sure we can come up with a virtually failsafe election procedure in Oregon that will give a ballot count so accurate, that few losing candidates will want to pay for a recount. And, if we succeed, other States will follow, and we can spread the guarantee of democratic elections all over America.

My method for counting the ballots accurately is this: use the old traditional paper ballots, with each of the candidate’s names clearly visible, and a big x by the name of the voter’s choice.  Each polling station would have five or six vote counters. There would be one from each of the major parties, one from each of the recognized minor parties, and one or two independents. Each paper ballot would be opened, and held up in front of a video camera so that the ballot could be filmed. It would be easy to see the voting marks on the film if played back. Then the ballot would be handed to the first vote counter who would call out the names of the choices, while the other members observed him and the ballot, to insure he was calling the correct results. This entire process would also be video recorded, so any attempt at fraud could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Electoral fraud should carry very heavy penalties in order to protect the basis of the Republic.

This method would deliver an almost incorruptible system of vote counting to our American Jeffersonian Republic. The Citizens should no longer tolerate electronic voting machines, which can be so easily reprogrammed, or electronic counting of ballots. Electronic voting is a prescription for totalitarianism. The fraud that can occur with these systems is so obvious, that the legislators currently in office should be accused of neglect for not getting rid of them immediately. But the Democratic- and Republican- connected profiteers who sold these excessively expensive machines to counties all over America, ripping off the taxpayers in the process, were not going to miss out on the opportunity for easy lucre.

I urge the Citizenry to adopt my paper ballots proposal, and once and for all rid our system of the possibility of rigged elections through computer fraud.

Paul Grad,


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Voters’ Pamphlet Statement

paul 19As the official nominee of the Libertarian Party in Oregon for Governor, I herewith  present my voters’ pamphlet statement, which will appear in the Oregon voters’ pamphlet for the November 2014 election if I am able to secure the valid signatures of 500 registered voters by the last submission day of August 12, and deliver them to the elections division in Salem. As there is a good possibility I will not be able to secure the requisite number of signatures, I thought I should present that statement to the public, so that they may better know my positions, and so that it would not be lost to posterity as an example of a registered minor political party candidate’s platform.

The Statement runs thusly:

“Libertarianism is a branch of political philosophy dealing with property rights ethics. Its core axiom is: no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of any individual. It believes all men have inalienable natural rights which no government or individual may violate, including the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, to contract, and the quiet enjoyment of one’s property.

I am a Jeffersonian minarchist, or believer in minimal government, democratic majorities, and strict separation of church and state. I will spend less than $750 on my campaign and will not accept donations. I am running to reform and eliminate the many injustices in our political system.

My Libertarian platform includes abolishing the personal income and estate tax, increasing penalties for rape 50%, legalizing heroin for the terminally ill, controlling pitbulls, legalizing cannabis without taxation, pardoning cannabis prisoners, abolishing the death penalty, abolishing PERS, abolishing the State Lottery, abolishing the minimum wage law, outlawing Civil Forfeiture, abolishing most commissions and boards of examiners, removing marriage from the legal code, legalizing all drugs less addictive than caffeine, outlawing tobacco smoke within 20yds of children, legalizing prostitution and gambling, and implementing vegetarian diet in prisons.

I combine Libertarianism with a stringent environmental preservationism, and animal welfare proposals, for our environment has been so degraded by goverment mollycoddling and giveaways to corporate conglomerates, that free-market capitalism itself is threatened. I would place a moratorium on logging on all State lands, ban State spraying of pesticides, and ban atrazine, 2-4D, neonicotinoid pesticides, GMO crops, and fracking.

My animal cruelty prevention measures include outlawing vivisection, hunting, fishing, slaughterhouses, rodeos, and keeping of orcas and dolphins.

Create a non-violent revolution in American politics by voting for my radical Libertarian platform.

And that’s it. The State only allows 325 words, so giving a clear picture of one’s platform in such a truncated statement is difficult. Moreover, you cannot explain any exceptions to your bills in such a short statement. For example, legalizing cannabis doesn’t legalize DUI or giving it to children for non-medical reasons. Outlawing hunting doesn’t stop you from shooting the pitbull that is lunging for your child or you. The rape provision applies only to 1st and 2nd degree rape. The income tax abolition is for the personal and small corporate tax. Large corporations would pay their current rate, and huge, billion-dollar corporations would actually have their tax rates raised temporarily to the top current personal rate, until State spending was cut to the point where we could lower it to the current rate for them. Also, I almost certainly would allow the use of a pesticide in medical emergencies like the Black Plague, ebola virus, malaria, or some highly-lethal mosquito born disease, if a chorus of recognized medical experts told me it was absolutely necessary. Likewise, my logging moratorium would have exceptions for diseased, dead, and public safety hazard trees, or if I could be convinced that there was such a high fire danger in one area that thinning was absolutely essential. And my radical animal anti-cruelty proposals would need a voting majority of the public to pass. They would also probably require a redefinition of animals from personal property to some intermediate state between the full natural rights of a human being, and just mere property that you can treat in a way that, if it were a human child,  would get you the death penalty.

The brevity of the statement also forces you to eliminate many other measures you’d like to mention but can’t. That’s one reason I write these blog posts — so the public can know exactly where I stand on all these issues in detail.

You can read my platform in detail or summary or :

Paul Grad,


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Crime of Civil Forfeiture

One of the great crimes against Individual Property Rights, or Capitalism, is that Cpaul 19ommunist abomination known as Civil Forfeiture. This is taking away someone’s property by the State when that individual has not been convicted under any criminal statute. It is the golden road to Oz for Communists and National Socialists, enabling them to loot the wealth of innocent citizens who have never committed, or intended to commit, a crime.

This is one issue I plum forgot to mention in my platform, and I have to thank Kyle Markley, the Libertarian Party candidate for Oregon State Representative for District 30, for reminding me of it. Markley wrote an excellent post on this topic, and pointed out some horrendous examples of the egregious abuse of this injustice by government bureaucracies greedy for easy lucre, as well as positing the Libertarian legal arguments against Civil Forfeiture. In one case cited by Markley, an 80-year old woman had drug dealers run into her house, drop their drugs on her floor, and run out again, and then had the government charge her with drug dealing. They attempted to take her home and it took over two years for her to secure her property back to herself. One can only image the anguish suffered by this innocent old woman because of the power given to government through this vile measure, which violates the Fifth Amendment of Jefferson’s beautiful Bill of Rights. Such abuse of the elderly by greedy bureaucrats deserves jail time. And this whole issue shows us what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said that all government is evil because of its propensity to always, without fail, try to abuse its power, and because human nature hasn’t changed one iota since the time of the pharaohs. Thomas Jefferson was a wise man.

The solution to this egregious communist outrage is to permit only Criminal Forfeiture, that is, only when the person having their property confiscated by the State has been convicted of a crime —- hopefully a crime that would be a crime under Libertarian Law, and not one made up by the prohibitionists, like outlawing drug possession or gambling. Most “crimes”, that clog our courtrooms and help bankrupt the taxpayers, would not be crimes in a Libertarian society,  so that many current cases of Criminal Forfeiture would not even exist under Libertarianism, and our courts and prisons would be far quieter and less detrimental to the public’s wealth. I’ve read that 70% of our prison inmates are there for crimes made up by the communist prohibitionists who infest both major parties. These miscreants would tear a parent away from their children because they had a pound of cannabis in their possession. Don’t let the State’s bureaucrats continue to get away with such moral crimes against the Inalienable Right to One’s Property and Self-ownership.

I herewith commend to your attention Libertarian Markley’s excellent issue discussion on the Crime of Civil Forfeiture:

There are many Fascist laws in America, and the Libertarians are here to smash them, non-violently and legally.

Paul Grad,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Oregon Destroys Black Youth

A Multnomah County study released yesterday shows the horrendous circumstances to which White Liberal Democrats have driven the Black youth living in Portland’s ghettos. The study noted the increase in violence and shootings in the last few years, due to gang activity in several neighborhoods of Portland, and noted the expulsion rate in public schools for Black youths in those areas was over three times the rate for White youths (over 18% vs over 5%). The study concluded with the usual wasteful and ineffective proposals that Socialist Liberals have been making for decades, to solve the problems that their own bully-boy Socialism brings to Black youth. It is little wonder they join gangs.

The report explains that lack of employment was one of the major reasons survey respondents sited for joining gangs, and proposed the usual Liberal panacea of job programs, and make-work jobs as part of the solution.

Of course, it is the racist, restrictionist Minimum Wage Law that creates so much unemployment among Black youths, as well as youths in general. Statistically, though, Black youth has fared far worse than White after the imposition of the Fascist Minimum Wage Law. This law intentionally excludes the lowest skilled workers from the Free Market, who now have no opportunity to earn any money at all, so as to eliminate job competiton and thus boost the wage rates of the union workers, and other workers who would have to compete with Black youth. The Racists have it pretty well sown up.

The other barb  the picadores of Socialist Liberalism in Oregon stab Black youth with is attendance at public schools. These youths, with no chance to earn money, which means in effect that the are economically powerless, are dragooned into attending public schools, which are little more than compulsory prisons of boredom for many youth, and when a youth is 14 to 16, he begins to feel very intensely how this Fascistic, huge-government Leviathan has complete control of his life. It is no wonder that 18% of Black youths are expelled from these prison camps known as public schools. They would be far better off if they were free to pursue their own lives at that age, if they didn’t want to be in goverment schools.

So the solution is not the proposals recommended in the study of more jobs programs, recreational programs, and former gang members hired to jawbone these rebels into conformity, leading perhaps to a deadend, corporate, low-level job, where they will be exploited by the corporation and the tax-collectors of the government, to pay for the politician’s cushy trade junkets to our totalitarian trading partners.

The solutions lie in abolishing the Minimum Wage Law and government schools, solutions far too radical for the sycophants of big-government Fascism. But solutions that I will attempt to implement if elected Governor of Oregon.

Let’s stand up for the Black youth of Oregon, and for all the young people in America who are imprisoned by the walls of big-government Socialism, and the callous, well-fed Liberals who imprison them.

Let’s rid ourselves of the communistic, prohibitionist Minimum Wage Law, and abolish the dragooning of our children against their will into government schools, where they will be taught to conform and obey.

Let’s free Oregon’s Black youth, and all the youths, from the Democrat’s and Republican’s big-government tyranny

Paul Grad,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Speaking Through a Megaphone

There is something exhilarating about running for office, for now all the gripes and complaints, the commiserations with neighbors over some governmental abuse or inaction, can be justified in that they might lead to a radical change in these policies if one speaks out. It’s like speaking through a megaphone.

It is highly unlikely that we will win the Governor’s election; Kitzhaber has a war chest of $821,000 we recently read; poor Richardson only has eighty-something grand; we plan to spend virtually nothing, well under the $750 arbitrary limit the State sets up to involve the minor party or write-in candidate in a maze of regulations that consume much of his campaign time. But if you vote for me, you will be sending a message that will be heard around the world, that a candidate who spends nothing can beat two big-party machines with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the lobbying blocks like the unions, timber corporations, and casino tribes. Against these financial collectivist behemoths, the individual has little chance.

But that cannot stop the message of a sane platform taking root in the body politic, and I believe my message of radical free-market Capitalism, radical environmental protection and prosecution of violators, and radical animal cruelty-prevention measures, is the coming political outlook of the future that will work a radical mutation in the social structure.

We have come a long way from the Romans, who liked to watch people being torn apart by wild beasts for amusement. There were major milestones like Cromwell’s Glorious Revolution, the rise of the Italian Renaissance Liberal-Capitalist city-states, where the first Capitalists were the book publishers, who not only had a lot of the money thanks to the burgeoning popularity of books, but also had the knowledge, gleaned from reading all the books and manuscripts that came their way, to utilize that money; and finally Jefferson’s Libertarian Revolution, made by him and the other radical Libertarians of the American Revolution, like Tom Paine.

And key to fomenting that Revolution were the Tractarians, the writers of political pamphlets and journals, giving their reasons for why British rule over the Colonies was so despicable, and why it violated Natural Rights Law, a doctrine that was widely accepted in Colonial thinking.

In some ways, we minor party or write-in candidates are much like the Tractarians of the American Revolution, trying to argue for political reforms and abolitions of tyrannies against the might of King George III and Parliament. We only have the power of the Word against the big-money batallions of the two major Fascist parties. And the power of your vote.

Show the Fascists that there is a new wave of thinking in America, as people see the old institutions failing miserably. Vote for a candidate who will not impose new taxes and programs, but rather will be cutting taxes and abolishing many albatrosses around the necks of the People of Oregon.

Please check my platform summary at:

Smash the Fascist State with your pencil at the ballot envelope.

Paul Grad,