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Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing Vivisection in Oregon

As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to end vivisection within the State. I would start with closing down the monkey vivisection units at Oregon Health and Science University, which currently hold about 5,000 rhesus monkeys. I would also seek to immediately end cat and dog vivisection and experimentation in Oregon. Monkeys, dogs, and cats should be the first animals protected, given their intelligence, and then we can hopefully spread that to rabbits, mice, rats, and fish.paul 19

Vivisection is a cruel, sadistic, and completely unnecessary abomination that shows how callous and insensitive our society has grown. The results obtainable through animal experimentation could be obtained through other means, like nano-technology, microbiology, and human testing. Many scientists and M.D.s oppose vivisection because they know it is both useless and immoral. But there is a vast fortune to be made from vivisection for the researchers, who get multi-million dollar grants, the lab workers, the suppliers to the labs, and the animal bounty hunters, who gather up these defenseless creatures for a fate worse than death. Given the sensitivity of animals to pain and distressing emotion, these torture labs are worthy of only the Nazis and the Japanese WWII medical experiments. They are an example of the depravity of the current Democratic and Republican Parties. However, there may well be legal limits to what I could do as Governor on day one, since I am not an expert on Federal animal-experimentation statutes.

Ending vivisection is a political issue that is rising, thanks in part to British Liberal Democrat MP, and now Minister, Norman Brown. Brown has promised to end the vivisection of cats and dogs in Britain, but says he will only move slowly, much to the chagrin of animal welfare advocates. However, just the fact that a U.K. Cabinet Minister is talking about such an issue is a milestone in ending the abomination of vivisection.

Here in Oregon, things got so bad that, in August 2014, the Fed’s USDA had to come in and warn the rhesus monkey unit at Oregon Health and Science University about their abysmal treatment of these primate relatives of ours. Earlier, in February 2014, Animal Welfare groups had complained about the treatment of the monkeys. OHSU denied any problems. But six months later the Feds had to warn them, so depraved was their conduct. How credible are these animal torturer’s words? Read about the experiments they conduct, and the conditions of the monkeys, half of whom were losing their hair according to the Feds, due to maltreatment and miserable living conditions.

Remember that Dr. John Kitzhaber presides over this institution. Doctor.

It is time for political candidates to incorporate anti-vivisection planks in their platforms. Only when this Crime that taints all Humanity is abolished, will we have the possibility of a peaceful world.

Let’s abolish vivisection in Oregon.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: “My People”

While as Governor I would have the fiduciary responsibility to represent all the People of the State, there are certain groups of Individuals in our society whom I feel are getting an especially raw deal under our current mostly-socialist State government. And that socialism refers not only to welfare recipients, but also to wealthy corporations and hugely-paid government workers. The groups I’d mainly represent are those exploited by this government-corporate looting mechanism, and I’d attempt to redress the injustices under which they labor.paul 19

The four groups I’d say I would best represent, as a Libertarian, are the small businessman, the minimum wage worker, the artisan, and the small investor. These are the backbone of America, and the vast majority of our society, and these are the groups that are most cruelly exploited by the Fascistic government-corporate alliance.

My proposal to abolish the personal income tax (and the small corporate income tax up to about $100,000) would greatly help these four groups, who would immediately see about a 9% increase in their income. Giving workers the option of opting out of State unemployment insurance deductions would also benefit workers, especially those who are pleased with their jobs and planning to stay with them for years. Abolishing the State minimum wage law would help both small businessmen and unemployed teenagers, especially minority youth, although the Federal minimum wage law would still exist, which disenfranchises Black youth from getting any kind of income unless they sell themselves to the corporate giants.

Artisans, those who practice a specialized craft, are being devastated by the Federal inflation. There’s not much as Governor I could do about that, but abolishing and outlawing Business License requirements throughout the State would certainly help, since so many artisans make their living vending at fairs, swap meets, and municipal holiday events. It is self-evident that business license requirements are a form of Communism, a restriction on the Free-Market. Furthermore, my proposal that every township in Oregon should establish a “free-market” zone, where anyone could vend their wares without a license or any fees, would certainly help vending artisans.

Lastly among our groups are the small investors, those doughty day-traders and small lot investors who manage to keep their heads above water by that ancient Capitalist activity known as trading. With inflation raging, despite the Federal Reserve saying it isn’t high enough yet, trading in their retirement years has become a full-time job for many as they see the purchasing power of their wonderful Social Security checks inflated away in a few brief years by Obama and the spendthrift Republicans. Instead of passively letting their money be inflated away to nothing by leaving it in the Federally-subsidized banks, the small investor courts risk in seeking to improve his lot. And now the Federal Democrats, like DeFazio, want to further caponize that small investor by imposing a “transaction tax” on him. Obviously, all “transaction taxes” are forms of Communism, and must be opposed vigorously.

There are two other groups I’d represent as Governor, whose Rights are routinely violated, and who are generally denounced by one and all: the billionaires and the homeless.

As far as I’m concerned, any billionaire who made his money in the Free-Market, without any government subsidies, loans, grants, or contracts, (and not in meatpacking, tobacco products, or deforestation) is worthy of admiration. He made his wealth because the public, without any coercion, patronized his products and services. I would not begrudge a discount merchandiser, who saved consumers $100 billion over the local competition in the course of 40 years, his wealth of $1 billion. And that billion will usually sit in a bank where it will get loaned out to build capital equipment that produces better quality goods at a lower cost, or for the purchase of a capital good like a car. And if you’re wondering how billionaires are exploited by corporate communists, it’s called the Estate Tax.

The homeless might be the worst exploited group of all. The Democrats beloved minimum wage law has made it so that these people are almost completely cut off from the cash commodity, unless they beg or collect cans. And the raging Democrat-fueled inflation has meant that now the homeless must panhandle for a lot longer to get that coffee and donut in the cold, hangover morning. And this in a State that provides a public PERS pension of $545,000 for one individual, and over $100,000 a year for over 1,100 individuals, the State Apparatchiks.  Why don’t the Democrats, Greens, and “Progressives” ever lobby for Destitution Camps, where any destitute US citizen, or Oregon resident, could go and get food, clothes, shelter, and bathing facilities? If these self-righteous Socialists in Oregon really cared about the poor, like they’re always braying about, they would set up these camps in a minute. And the Federal Government could do the same, but don’t expect DeFazio, Walden, Merkley, Kitzhaber, Wyden, and all those Liberal Democrats in the Oregon Legislature to ever even mention such a logical and humane solution to the homeless person’s crisis. They’re more concerned with their benefit packages.

Additionally, not as a Libertarian but as a moralist, I stand for those environmentalists, vegetarians, and animal welfare people, whose views coincide with my own on issues in those areas. Issues that especially concern vegetarians, Hindu-Americans, and anti-Vivisectionists have long been absent from from political dialogue and campaigns (the Vegetarian Party rose in 1947 and fell in 1948). My candidacy has changed that somewhat.

So these are the People I’d be standing up for first and foremost if I were elected: the small businessmen, the low-wage worker, the artisan, the unemployed teen, the small investor, the non-government-subsidized billionaire, the hobo, the tree-hugger, and the vegetarian.

Paul Grad, Libertarian for Oregon Governor,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Program

Libertarians generally aren’t supposed to propose governmental programs, although Libertarians like Frederic Hayek and Milton Friedman proposed plenty of them. The vast majority of planks in my platform call for the abolition or termination of some governmental institution or law, but there are a few exceptions, such as my proposals on pitbulls and second-hand tobacco smoke. And one of my few governmental programs would be a low-cost spay and neuter program.paul 19

The program would work thusly: the State would make available to Oregon residents spay and neuter services for cats and dogs at a charge of one-hour at the current minimum wage. The services would be carried out by University of Oregon Veterinary School students as part of their training, and as a way to paying off their student loans, or to gain income if they have no loans. Since the University of Oregon receives taxpayer monies, it is only just that the public should receive back from this subsidized entity a service both humane and frugal. The spay-neuter services would be in the form of mobile clinics, so that all corners and citizens in the State could be serviced.

Though some would argue that this program flies in the face of Libertarian theory and antagonism against any new State programs, I would counter-argue that my vision of Libertarianism includes measures for public health and environmental protection, as well as the protection of the taxpayer’s money.

Actually, I think this measure promotes my brand of Libertarianism in three aspects. First, it would save the taxpayer a small fortune in pound and euthanasia costs. By drastically cutting the number of stray, abandoned, and feral animals, this measure would substantially lower the costs for county animal shelters throughout the state. Many fewer animals would end up being put down, as many fewer would end up being brought to the pound in the first place. Pound food-costs would lessen, and possibly the voluntary animal welfare organizations, whom one can only view with great admiration, could handle most of the problem. Let’s hope we’ll see the day when government pounds have to close due to lack of animals being brought in.

Secondly, this measure would greatly help cut the number of feral animals arising from dumping of dogs and cats in the wilderness, and its associated decimation of native wildlife. Merely on the basis of the environmental and wildlife damage avoided, is this measure justified in my estimation.

Lastly, there is the immeasurable suffering to animals that would be avoided by not having unwanted animals born that will then end up abandoned, sold to vivisection labs, or need to be put down at shelters to make room for the next batch of unfortunates. On this basis alone I would support this measure.

I realize that this measure would cut into the incomes of extant veterinarians in Oregon who make a substantial income off of fixing cats and dogs. Perhaps, if we cannot abolish the income tax in Oregon, we’d give them some kind of tax deduction or credit for the lost business. Still, with spay costs going up over 1000% in 25 years (from $5-$7 at a clinic to over $65 today) thanks to the bipartisan’s inflationary spendthrifting, the cost has grown to a point where many poor people cannot afford to fix their pets. This measure would help rectify that horrendous inflation, and save the State more tax money than would have to be spent if there were inaction on this problem.

So from the fiscally conservative, environmental, and humane sides of the issue, I think my proposal would be a winning proposition for all concerned, while returning to the citizenry a little of the vast socialist subsidies which the public has doled out to the State Universities and Colleges for decades.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Increasing the Smoke Free Oregon Doorway Distance

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, I will seek to increase the “Smoke Free Oregon” distance from doorways that smokers must stand from the current, risible, 10ft, to a distance which adequately protects the property rights of Oregonians in their bodies from assault. Our Person is included among the inalienable Property Rights that Libertarians, and Jeffersonians, believe are part of all men’s Natural Rights. Therefore, it is the duty of government to protect those rights in our Person from assault, and be the Hammer of the Malefactor to those who would commit those assaults.paul 19

The current 10ft distance from public and business doorways that tobacco smokers are required to stay is far from adequate to prevent tobacco smoke from entering buildings. I have numerous times been in county buildings, supermarkets, and private businesses, where one could smell tobacco-smoke that had been wafted into the buildings by a gust of wind, or from someone standing outside under an intake airduct. I believe this 10ft distance needs to be substantially increased to protect not only the property rights of those who can vote, but also the property rights of children who cannot vote, but who are forced to live in a society where the Governor and Administration never address this problem of second-hand tobacco smoke. Even the fact that this distance was initially set at an inadequate distance of 10ft shows the lack of care in crafting the measure. It was done as a cosmetic measure, to imply that government is concerned about public health. The fact that it was inadequate from the start shows the real lack of Care and Concern in the government bureaucrat’s thinking.

Scientific testing could easily provide a distance at which virtually no particulates from 2nd-hand tobacco smoke could enter a public building, even on a windy day. My Administration would conduct such testing.

Let’s stop mollycoddling tobacco addicts, and force them to stand at least 70-100 ft from any public-access doorways, so that they can no longer continue to damage and pollute our bodies with their self-destructive habits.

Don’t tread on me!

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Warning—Don’t Donate to Me

I have just noticed a website,, which has a page soliciting donations for me. As you might know if you’ve read my platform and posts, I am not accepting or soliciting any donations, and this attempt to solicit funds for me should be regarded as bogus.

Please don’t donate any funds to my campaign, and if you have, I suspect you’ve been defauded. I have no campaign committee or mechanism for getting donations, and have pledged to spend less than the $750 limit the State sets as a threshold past which you must form a Campaign Finance Committee, and submit documentation any time you spend anything. So there is no Campaign Finance Committee site set up to accept donations.

Please don’t donate to me, or to me on

Paul Grad, Libertarian Candidate for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Libertarianism vs. Communism

In my opinion, there are only two political philosophies: Libertarianism and Communism. Libertarianism, or the Classical Liberalism of Jefferson and his predecessors, is based on the ethical bedrock principle, known as the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom, that “no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone”. It says that all humans are endowed with certain inalienable Natural Rights, and that government or other individuals cannot violate those Rights. Such violations are Invasion.paul 19

Communism and all its relatives, which stretch from a pure communism, where the State owns 100% of everything, including your body and Liberty, to its milder cousins like the Democratic and Republican Parties in America, which violate the Individuals Natural Rights, but leave him a little Liberty, and use the propaganda of State Media to describe their system as Capitalist — Communism and its relatives all violate these Natural Rights Principles. They lay claim to the fruits of ones labor; they tell the individual what he can and cannot put in his body, even for medical reasons; they can force him to serve on juries at slave wages for months on end; they force him to buy insurance from private business entities in order just to exist in America; they dump flouride in his drinking water, they dragoon his children into government schools where they are exposed to pesticides, they can murder him through Capital Punishment for a crime he didn’t commit. And these abuses of the Citizenry have persisted unabated for the last 65 years, while the two major parties have both had the power to correct these abuses within 72 hours. That is the putrid morality of the non-Libertarian Parties, and you’ll notice that none of the other minor parties have addressed these issues like the Libertarians.

Libertarianism stands in opposition to moral and ethical relativism. It says there are actions of human beings that are definitely and objectively immoral, and that the actions of a government (or of Libertarian political activity) must always be moral. This opposition to “the ends justifies the means” of the Communist and the Nazi, is one of the main characteristics of Libertarianism. The Means must be Moral.

And by starting from a bedrock of Truth, Libertarianism avoids many of the problems and political issues that would not be even debated in a Libertarian society because they would not exist. Marriage, for example, being a traditionally religious institution, should not be handled by the State, and married people should gain no material advantage from their collective status over those who are single (for example, a lower tax rate for married couples). But the entire issue of so-called “Gay Marriage” would be entirely removed from the political sphere under a Libertarian administration, since marriage, being a religious institution, would be removed from government, and all this wrangling of political energy over a non-issue would be conserved. The same holds true for drug possession, prostitution, and gambling. All those issues would soon be non-issues under Libertarianism. And the same applies to most of the political wrangling that goes on in American political life — it’s dealing with issues that are really non-issues, like (for the Republicans), what level of immoral taxation are we going to accept and tell our followers to grovel and accept, and how can we even spend more in those areas we love, like overseas military bases and farm subsidies. Both major parties are utterly morally bankrupt.

No, there are only two parties in America: the Libertarian and the Communist, and you’d better vote for the former if you want to preserve your Republic.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Bullet-Proof Vests for Police and Police Dogs

I am the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, on the November 2014 ballot. As Governor, it would be my clear duty under Article 1 Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution, to issue at State expense a bullet-proof vest to all police officers within the State who serve on patrols. Officers would have the option of wearing them or not. I would also issue such vests for police dogs, not only for humane reasons, but also because, given the costs of training them and the frequency with which they are targets of gunfire by suspects being apprehended, dog vests would be cost-effective, saving the taxpayers more than their expense.paul 19

During a recent candidates forum in Cave Junction, I asked the two candidates for Josephine County Sheriff, current-Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, and would-be Sheriff, Officer Dave Daniel, what they thought of my proposal for vests, as well as for a State Police Station situated somewhere in the Illinois Valley to ease the burden on the already overstretched Josephine County Sheriff’s Office. They both seemed to like both proposals, although Sheriff Gilbertson mentioned that there was grant money available for the vests. Afterwards, it occurred to me that the Sheriff was referring to the Federal DOJ program which pays for 50% of the cost of a vest, although the Officer is required to wear the vest at all times when on duty.

Not only is paying for 50% of the cost of the vest inadequate, but I do not like the requirement that the officer should have to wear the vest at all times, since it seems to me to overrule the judgement of the Officer in a situation where he thinks the vest might be a hindrance to apprehending a suspect who poses little threat because unarmed (as when chasing a naked suspect).

But for the Federal or State Governments not to issue these vests as part of standard equipment seems to me both insane and incredibly chintzy, considering that we are asking these Police Officers to put their lives on the line every time they approach a new suspect. Clearly, under Oregon Constitution Article 1 Section 1, as head of the Administration representing the People, and with my primary Responsibility their “Peace, Safety, and Happiness”, it seems pellucidly clear to me that it would be my duty, and I would have clear authority under the Article to issue these vests free to all Police. If the Legislature were too cheap to fund such a measure, then I’d re-submit the Legislation as a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against any State Income Taxes these Officers might owe. One way or another.

There are those who feel that there is a militarization of the domestic police forces in America, and that such an issue of vests might be construed as an example of such militarization. I don’t think so in this instance, because this is solely a self-protection measure. While these vests might embolden rogue police with a sense of impunity, I believe the general effect on Officers of Integrity will be to lessen their aggressiveness and apprehension, since they will have this huge added measure of protection against instantly lethal gunfire. Given the economic desperation into which the Federally-driven monetary inflation is driving so many Americans, I’m afraid there will be more crime and more violent confrontations with police. Bullet-proof vests will help mitigate the frequency of such confrontations, not only by making the Police less fearful, but also making any suspects who might be contemplating violence against an Officer less likely to try it and instead to go along quietly. Just as we don’t want police hurt, we also don’t want innocent suspects hurt, just because they go off the handle in a burst of anger because of the intense economic pressure they’re under, brought about by the Federal Bipartisan’s Inflation.

So from a Constitutional, Moral, and cost-effective standpoint, bullet-proof vests for all Patrol Officers and Police Dogs in Oregon is a must, and can be paid for through my pardons of anyone in jail on a cannabis charge, excluding DUI and non-medical delivery to minors.

This measure benefits the safety of all our People.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Governor of Oregon

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: A Police Station for Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley

If elected Governor of Oregon, I would seek to establish a State Police station, along with a small holding tank, in Cave Junction or its environs. It is characteristic of a socialist society, that it can give one State pensioner a pension of over $545,000/yr, and over 1100 pensioners a pension of more than $100,000/yr, while it cannot provide 24/7 deputies, or even one deputy, for a huge area of land, with roughly 17,000 inhabitants or more.paul 19

Yet, under Article 1 Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution, the administration has the Responsibility (and I, as head of that administration, would have the Responsibility) of bringing about conditions that insure the “Peace, Safety, and Happiness” of the People of Oregon. And since “Peace” and “Safety” come first in that list, it is obvious that they should be the absolute first priority of any Government — the guaranteeing of Jeffersonian Property Rights, and the arresting and punishing of any violation of those inalienable Rights. And I agree completely with that view — that the first Jeffersonian function of Government is to secure those inalienable Rights mentioned in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. The Declaration defends us against Others and the Government; the Bill of Rights defends us against the Government. It is not the first obligation of a government to pay its civil servants pensions in excess of $100,000, while its Citizens have no police protection. It is the first obligation of Government to provide Law Enforcement Protection, and a legal system of courts and jails, against those crimes against which almost all societies throughout history have passed laws. These so-called “malum in se”, or “crimes in themselves” are crimes like murder, arson, rapine, fraud, assault, kidnapping, slavery, etc.

A side issue here is that PERS costs add about 17-21% to the cost of hiring any new personnel, so that police would be far more affordable for county and state taxpayers if PERS were abolished (which is part of my platform), or turned into a voluntary program with no state guarantees for its solvency (which would make it virtually equivalent to a private retirement fund, except it would still be called the Oregon State Employees Retirement Fund).

Inflation at the Federal level has also made it much harder for taxpayers to pay for ever-rising police salaries and insurance costs, so that public safety levies have been failing for years in Josephine County. Since the County can’t or won’t fund these levies, and since there is a dire lack of Law Enforcement in the Illinois Valley, it would be my sworn duty, under the Oregon Constitution, to establish a State Police Station, with holding tank for at least three prisoners, in the Illinois Valley, and probably near or in Cave Junction. Not only would crime go down, but almost certainly property values would rise. This is obviously not the main valid reason for Law Enforcement, which is to guarantee those Natural Rights stated in the Declaration of Independence, but it is a large side-benefit. If property values rise, then counties can collect more property taxes (until we Libertarian’s eliminate them, except for taxes for County police, courts, and jails). There may be a few other minor county functions that would require some tax revenue, although the property tax is certainly not the way to raise that revenue. (The quest for a “just” tax is futile because all taxation is a form of coercion, and thus an evil, although the poll, or head tax, is certainly the fairest, but it is outlawed by the Oregon Constitution. The poll or head tax is also a sure way for the foolish politician who introduces it to be quickly booted out of office.) Shifting government school’s funding from county property taxpayers to large corporate taxpayers (who benefit from a pre-trained workforce and a lower income tax than a poor worker (7.6% vs 9% for the worker)) would give much more spendable and savable cash to local property owners, and that would boost local economies.

The dangerous situation of the People living in the Illinois Valley, and the utter lack of responsibility of the Governor and Legislature in providing for 24/7 multiple-police presence, shows the callous indifference of Socialist, planned government to the plight of the People. Salaries of $150 to $240k/yr for State administrative assistants/managers go on for dozens of pages, if you look at the salary records gathered by a private institute (and that was for 2010). I also saw a figure in a State publication that said that on average PERS takes in about $21 Billion/yr in payments. Can that be, in a State of 3 million? That’s about seven grand paid in every year by every person in the state on average, just to pay for these exorbitant state retirement pensions, unless I’m figuring something wrong. And this State is about $86 Billion in debt already, which is something around 22 grand for every person in the State. A baby born in Oregon already owes 22 grand to the State; that’s Socialism.

To pay for this police station, in part or in entirety, I will pardon anyone in State Prison solely on a cannabis charge, unless it involved DUI or non-medical delivery to minors. We saw a figure of about 100 Citizens kidnapped and currently held in State Prisons by the Prohibitionists, so, given the costs of incarcerating one person for a year, we could probably easily cover the costs of the new police station through such cannabis pardons. (These pardons would also free up prison space and money for my proposed 50% lengthened sentences for 1st degree rape).

It is clear that the Illinois Valley badly needs the most primary function of Jeffersonian Republican Government — police protection. If elected Governor, I will deal with this lack of protection by swiftly installing a police station in Cave Junction, hopefully with the backing of the Socialist legislature, but if not, then by my own order, if legally possible under Oregon Law, to comply with my Responsibilities under Article 1 Section 1.

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, the time for a real law enforcement presence in the Illinois Valley will have finally come.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor,

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom

As Governor of Oregon, I would always seek to act in accordance with the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom which states that “No man or group of men may aggress against the Person or just Property of any Individual.” It basically says that a Libertarian, or anyone, should not initiate aggression against anyone’s body or property, unless that person violates your person or property.paul 19

The Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom is really not much different from the old Hippie saw which ran “Go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.” It is also in line with the real spirit of Buddhism, in my opinion (and I am not a Buddhist), in the sense of first making sure that one does no harm to another. Buddha refused to kill, and a Libertarian refuses to kill, unless attacked. And even then, since he has no pre-ordained political dogmas, he doesn’t really know what he’d do in that situation of being attacked.

Libertarianism also follows the political philosophy of that grand old Leftist Libertarian, Lord Bertrand Russell. Russell supplies us with the correct formula for political action in the face of injustice. Civil disobedience should not be carried out lightly, because the existing laws should be obeyed unless they are so repugnant to Conscience, that the Individual must refuse to obey them. If the injustice is not so heinous, then it should be opposed solely by non-violent political “agitation”, that is, peaceful political demonstrations, writing articles, giving speeches, running for elected office, the grand old Irish Capitalist weapon of the boycott, picketing, bringing legal suit, etc. These should be the methods if the injustice is not egregious. For example, the difference between opposing a tenth of one-percent sales tax levied on non-food items, and opposing Human slavery. One should be opposed by political debate, legislation, demonstrations, etc. The other should be overthrown.

One important question that arises simultaneously with the adoption of the Non-Aggression Axiom is that of what exactly is property ownership, or “just” property. This is the key to the ethical system of property rights known as Libertarianism.

Let’s say we are walking by an alley late at night, and we chance to see a young man of twenty, holding a gun on an elderly, silver-haired couple, and we hear him say, “Give me your wallets”. We assume that he is robbing them.

But say we learned that this young man had been employed by this elderly couple for a month cleaning latrines at bowling alleys, and when it came time for his monthly paycheck, the employers, that silver-haired couple we see in the alley, refused to pay him wages. Say furthermore, that after handing over their wallets, we knew the young man had removed from each wallet only the amount due to him, and not a cent more, and then had returned the wallets to the employers. Now our view of who is the scoundrel and who the innocent must face a complete reversal. We must admit that our first impression was completely prejudicial, and upon learning the facts we feel great sympathy for the young man, and great contempt for his exploiters. Because now we realize who is the just owner of the money involved in the “theft”, and who were the thieves, foiled by vigorous Libertarian action.

Libertarians also believe that for ends to be moral, the means must be also. This is one of their chief objections to taxation by the State, whom they compare to a highwayman, only worse, since the highwayman robs you once, and then goes on his way, while the State is robbing you from the cradle (look how these Liberals pile up the debt for the unborn) to the grave (the vile Estate tax, a violation of the Property Right of the Deceased to give away his property to whomever he chooses.)

Thus, Libertarianism, or Jeffersonian Minarchism, both of which are virtually identical to Classical Liberalism, the philosophy that fueled the British Liberal Party of the 19th Century, is really true Liberalism. It champions always justice in Property Rights for Individuals, for this is the only way you ever can possibly achieve Social Justice, a popular phrase of the Left, which has no meaning except in regards to Individual Property Rights. Individual Justice is Social Justice; there is no other.

And at the root of all this is the word Liberty, the word they put on all the American coins. The Freedom to “Go ahead and do whatever you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt anybody else.”

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Why I am Running

In short, because I think our society is on the brink of disaster, economically, politically, and environmentally.paul 19

But that’s not the only reason. Basically, I’m running because for years I have seen injustices and dangerous situations going unanswered and even unmentioned by the mainline politicians. Nobody says legalize heroin for the terminally ill, no one says outlaw pitbulls, after they’ve been responsible for 62% of all fatal dog attacks in the past nine years, nobody stands up and says let’s jail people who smoke tobacco near children, and near anyone for that matter, no one sits-in at the Capitol and demands the Pardon of the Cannabis prisoners, rotting in cages in State custody. Then there are the economic injustices, like a billion-dollar corporation paying a lower income tax rate than a poor roofer making $7950, like one individual receiving $545k/yr in PERS pensions, while the voters of Josephine County are reviled as cheapskates because they refuse to pay the $130k/yr cost of a new deputy, even though it is the State’s and the Governor’s Responsibility under the Oregon Constitution to promote the “peace, safety, and happiness” of the Citizenry, which means that the State has the Responsibility to provide police protection if the County cannot manage it. There are over 1100 PERS recipients receiving pensions of over $100k per year, and since PERS costs tend to add about 21.5%, longterm average, to county and city hiring costs, it is clear that if PERS costs didn’t exist, then the first $100,000 of just one of those 1100-plus individual pensioners could have provided police protection to a valley of 17,000 souls who must largely fend for themselves, due to the incompetence and immorality of the current administration in Salem.

Another great injustice,whose victims have been without political voice for so long, is the serving of meat in state prisons. This violates the deepest moral and religious values of vegan, vegetarian, and Hindu-American taxpayers in Oregon, and, since the AMA has stated that a vegetarian diet is a completely healthy diet, there can be no reason to continue this injustice any longer. Actually, the property rights of all Oregonian taxpayers are violated by the serving of meat in prisons, since meat costs so much more than beans and other high-protein sources. All taxpayers would have their property rights protected by the implementation of vegetarian diet in state prisons. Prisoners would be free to use the money they earn to purchase non-refrigerated forms of meat or fish through the mail, and the State would provide them with B12 tablets.

So the social and economic injustices that have gone unrectified for decades were also a major contribution to my mailing my name in as a candidate.

Another big reason I ran was because, for a long time, there were only three Candidates listed as running for the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s nomination, and they were all Republicans. I could not let that stand. For the Libertarian Party to be represented by someone like Ms. Rafferty would be tragic.

When I sent my name in, I explained that I planned to run a largely local campaign, and not to accept any donations. I also said I would not spend over the $750 spending limit above which the State requires you to form a “Campaign Finance Committee”, and to submit a report anytime you spend any money at all. This is all part of the “regulations”, purported to prevent unfair elections, which virtually guarantee than no Individual, on their own, could become Governor of, or Senator from, Oregon. But you should have, and do have, the Right to spend your justly acquired money as you see fit. Nor should you have to engage in any collectivist activities, like forming a campaign finance committee which obviously involves the labor of others, to run for office. Moreover, the reporting requirements over $750 would be extremely arduous for any person running on their own to comply with. They are, in my view, a form of involuntary servitude, or slavery, and I would not comply with them on principle, unless I were running a full-scale political campaign and had a hired staff who could deal with all that trivia. The Liberals, in their so-called drive for election reform, have made sure than no Individual on his own could ever get elected in their wonderful democracy. The effects of the Liberal’s reform measures are often worse than those of outright Reactionaries.

I did not pledge not to spend any money at all because that would have precluded my having to mail a letter, or print my platform on a piece of paper, or any other costs associated with local campaigning like cost of transportation to events, etc.

I also wanted to run because I see the People suffering so miserably from the inflation which the Democrats and Republicans have forced on them through the Federal Reserve, and the vast media propaganda machine that brainwashes the public into accepting this theft. Inflation is theft, and all governments want it and promote it. It is the theft of the wealth of the working class, to keep them in the working class, and the Democrats are its biggest proponents. It grieves me to see children growing up in this hopeless inflationary poverty, where the poor do not know from week to week what vital cost or food item will inflate next. This inflationary tyranny of the Democrats and Republicans must be crushed politically at the polls, and by running I am giving the public a chance to send that crushing blow to the swindling inflationists.

I also saw that if I didn’t run, no one else would run whose platform was even remotely close to what I think is necessary for America: a radically pro-Individual-Free-Market Capitalism, championing the small businessman, the worker, the artisan, and the small investor, melded to a stringent environmentalism, much more radical it seems to me than the namby-pamby rumblings of the environmental “movement” which has completely failed to stop the destruction of the Earth. I thought a genuine Libertarian who also espoused a radical Environmental Plank would have appeal to a good number of people in Oregon, while my Animal Cruelty Prevention planks would appeal not only to vegetarians, vegans, and anti-vivisectionists, but also to our fellow-vegetarian Friends in the Hindu-American Community in Oregon, whose Rights are also violated with impunity.

So I thought my Candidacy might be the filip that would catalyze a new political wedge of thought. Maybe you could call it Enviro-Vegan-Libertarianism, although I’m pretty sure that I only encompass a tiny fraction of the current Libertarian Party with this melding.

I also wanted to get an entire platform, that reflected that combination of political and ethical philosophies, down on paper into a written document with specific planks. As one astute British politician once urged, “Policy, not politics.”

Additionally, I thought I’d be a suitable Libertarian candidate because I have read extensively in Libertarian literature: works and lectures by Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Arthur Seldon, and others. Though I think Professor Rothbard’s “Anarcho-Capitalism” is a feasible social system, and that Mankind will eventually arrive at such a system if it survives current times, I do not think America is currently at all prepared for such a system, and that if we could arrive at the Jeffersonian Ideal of a Minarchist, or minimal government, Republic, determined by democratic elections, we would have accomplished much. Let’s carry out the Jeffersonian Revolution of government securing Individual Inalienable Right —  its sole legitimate function — and we will have done something which has never been done in the world, but must be done.

Another necessary Gubernatorial function which I think I would fulfill better than any of the other Candidates would be my willingness to meet with the public through speeches, press conferences, and public questionings. If elected, I plan to speak in every town that has a town hall or county building in the State within the first 180 days of my administration, and I will respectfully request that the Native Tribes permit me to visit their Lands and address their Elders, and listen to their concerns. If elected, I will use my bully pulpit to speak out on issues that concern me pertaining to matters within the State of Oregon. I believe that this is a necessary function of any Governor — to meet regularly, face to face with the press, and not just through the ventriloquist’s dummy of a Governor’s spokesperson.

Finally, one other reason I ran was because I was somewhat inspired by the campaign of the Left-Libertarian and Novelist, Norman Mailer, for Mayor of New York. The fact that Mailer would try to realize his own private vision of Libertarianism in the political realm, after writing about it for decades, made me think that, at worst, my campaign would do no harm, while at best it might actually provoke massive change, but, at least, it would probably change the thinking of a few Individuals, here and there, on a few issues, but probably not enough to radically change our society. Mailer confessed after the election that he was so politically naive that up until a week before the actually balloting, he thought he had a chance to win. He got about 5.9% of the vote.

While I resolved to put myself forward as the People’s servant, I also resolved not to interfere with my responsibility to take care of myself and my property. If I were elected, then my Responsibilities would shift, and I think the enforcement of the Constitutional requirements of Article 1 Section 1 would become my first priority, since the Gubernatorial remuneration would be adequate for my personal needs. I do not doubt, despite my lack of actually being in government, that I could carry out the office as competently, if not more so, than any of the other candidates.

So, all these reasons in combination are why I’m running for Governor of Oregon. I’m disgusted with the persistence of Injustice, and I don’t want to see America, as manifested in Oregon, go down the drain.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,,