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The Degeneration of the Socialist Delusion in America

Back in the early and later 1960s, it was still easy to believe that the Left and the Socialism of the Liberal Democrats of that time, or some melange of a lot of Socialism with some Capitalism thrown in, could reform society and make America a sort of paradise. Disagreeing with Thomas Jefferson, the Left and Liberal Democrats said Government was a good thing, and not an Evil as Jefferson stated (though perhaps necessary), and, if there were problems, it should and could be reformed until it was honky-dory. Government was like a friendly, helpful neighborhood corner grocer, and if his assistant short-changed you, or sold you moldy bread as being fresh, well, you could have him fired and hire someone else.

That delusion is now breaking down, and we are seeing the degeneration of a society that was probably the most Libertarian and the most orderly that had ever existed, and considering how un-Libertarian and how disorderly America was, it shows you how bad things all over the world were, for centuries and beyond, when you compare.

Because America has followed Socialism for so long, and could run from 1950 until now borrowing money, it was able to buy off the People with both welfare, and the chance to make a fortune for those who were Capitalists. Both sides were content enough not to rebel, although the Principled Capitalists complained about the Income Tax and all the other taxes.

But these deficit-spending years finally led to inflation, and, as we know from Weimar Germany, Ron Paul, and Norman Mailer, inflation wipes out the middle class, leads to social chaos, and the chaos leads to tough talk and Fascism. Inflation brought about Hitler.

This is what is currently  occurring in the United States. Violence is growing; the epidemic use of abysmal drugs like meth and opioids is merely one of the symptoms of this degeneration in America. (A Liberal will drive a young person into poverty, and then, when they take to Meth or Opiods because of the despair generated by Socialist taxation and bureaucracy, the Liberals clamor for more government treatment centers, and more juvenile detention “shelters”, funded with more taxes….making people poorer… etcetera. You have to wonder what they haven’t been smoking.)(As Libertarians, you know, we believe absolutely in the self-ownership of adults, and, if an adult wants to take any drug, and he never violates the Non-Aggression Principle of Libertarianism, he should not be arrested and has violated no law except man-made law. That said, when I ran for Governor of Oregon in 2014, and utilizing environmental laws, I proposed a measure that would, in effect,have arrested I’d guess 99% of the meth users who commit crimes, and for far longer terms. I also proposed an initial legalizing of heroin only for the terminally ill, and would have debated further legalization in the Oregon Legislature. And I was once fascinated to hear Dr. Dean Edel, on his radio medical program, tell of a small class of heroin users who use the same low dose regularly, for years, without ever increasing their dose, and hold down jobs. Kinda like the person who can occasionally smoke a cigarette and not get hooked, while, for the overwhelming majority of tobacco users, they soon have this death’s-head-monkey on their backs all the way into the emphysema of the nursing home.)

Tobacco is for losers, (but who am I to criticize Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein? Lord Russell once explained that Tobacco usage had actually led to his long old-age, because he was once on a plane flight over Norway that segregated the tobacco addicts in the tail of the plane from the non-smokers in the front. The plane crashed into a fjord with the nose submerged, and the tail in the air. All the passengers in the front were drowned, but Russell managed to escape through a window, swim to shore, and write again.).

This is all somewhat removed from our main point that Socialism leads to Anarchy (i.e. Common Law crimes) which is now leading to Fascism. Trump is a reaction to that Anarchy, and, we judge, probably the least harmful in the long run. There is perhaps none less dangerous to absorb this call for a tough guy to cope with the appalling disorder in America than he, but of course one must never trust these “leaders”. Yet, I can think of ten demagogues in America (mostly Democrats) who would have been far worse and far more dangerous than Mr. Trump. The Democrats have become the Klan in terms of their fanaticism.

But it is the Bipartisans who have destroyed America, the milksop middle, that talk Capitalism but groan when you talk of eliminating the Socialist program or tax loophole that is benefiting their own individual case, while never questioning the basic crime of taxation. (All funding for a Libertarian government could come through excise taxes on imports from foreign countries that violate our Bill of Rights, and contract insurance offered by the government in order to settle contractual disputes decided in government courts. This would preclude individual taxation, which is a crime according to the Declaration of Independence which delineates the Inalienable Rights of the Individual.)

So thank the do-nothing wimps for whom you voted, Governor Jerry Brown and Governor Kate Brown, the Brownshirts whose college and university campuses spew Jew-hatred, while they stay mum. Oregon State University and the California State Universities and Colleges spew racism and violence against Jews comparable to the racism of the old Segregationist South against Black People, before the Kennedy Administration had the huevos to bust their asses. But the Governors Brown, both Democrats, the wimps who don’t speak out against the Hitlerians,  as well as Oregon Democrat Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, stay silent and do nothing. Real trash politicians.

Additionally, we are seeing a crime wave of unprecedented proportions in Southern Oregon, where criminals who would have received 5-10 years in jail for Grand Auto Theft in the 1950s in California, are being consistently plea-bargained down to “Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle” and are soon out of jail stealing again. Grants Pass has now become the auto vehicle theft center of Oregon, thanks to Governor Kate Brown’s unwillingness to place them in State Prison for long terms, so that her beloved mega-corporations can continue to pay no income tax, and her beloved 1,195 PERS pensioners can continue to suck their $100,000/yr plus pensions out of the State’s taxpayers. The Oregon State Constitution requires that the first priority of the Government is, to quote, “The peace, safety, and happiness” of the People, i.e. Law Enforcement, but this is being ignored by this immoral Governor, who jeopardises the safety of the Citizenry in order to safe money for her Government and Corporate clients. I have heard from two sources that the State has told the Counties to send 5% less criminals to State Prisons in exchange for more money to those Counties, thus throwing the burden of jailing these criminals onto County property owners who fund the Counties’ jails. The Counties in turn, would rather spend the money on their commissioner’s $90,000 plus salaries in a County where the average income is approximately $20,000 and lower. Another example of how Socialism is wiping out the middle class to finance State bureaucrats. State workers salaries in Oregon often run from between $150,000 to $250,000 plus benefits. They can now do better than successful commodity traders just by showering and showing up for work. As in the Soviet Union, membership in the Party, or now working for the State Government, is a sure ticket to easy street, while the private sector worker, like the minimum wage worker, can barely survive — more fruits of the Democrats’ and Republicans’ Socialism

So between the Meth Heads and the Democrat Politicians, you can see what is wrong with America, and the Libertarian Solutions, which only Congressman Ron Paul and a few Rothbardian-Libertarian economists have ever espoused for the last 35 years, are no longer possible. America is like an old old car battery just on the brink of failing

Welcome to Criminal Anarchy under the Governors Brown and Socialism.

— Paul Grad, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee


Jefferson on the Gallows: The Republic on the Brink

Jefferson stands on the gallows, and the Republic is on the brink of existing no more.paul 19

Jefferson’s Dream, of a Republic with Individual Rights above all else, with the Rights of Life, Liberty, and Property instrumental to the Pursuit of Happiness, championed by the Government, and with a steel wall separating church and state, so that no hated Theocracy could ever be established, with No Monarchy, and no Aristocrats, Nobilities, or wealthy Landed Gentry controlling the Government — that Dream hangs in the balance next week. Will we move towards a society of Individual responsibility and effort, or continue in the mire of more and more socialist programs creating inflation, further destroying the middle class and entrenching the poor in their poverty?

This election is really a choice between some degree of Individual Liberty, or none at all. Socialism and Military spending have so destroyed the pro-Capitalist society that could have been, if they had been kept at bay in the 1930s, that we are left with a very fragile society, finally on the brink of cutting all ties with the Libertarian, Capitalist, Minarchist Minimal Government outlook of Thomas Jefferson, and many of the more Libertarian Founding Fathers.

Frederick Hayek brilliantly explained, in his Masterpiece “The Road to Serfdom”, how both Fascism and Communism or Socialism, ultimately lead to a totalitarian society, with economic chaos, and the most mediocre bureaucrats rising to the very top of Government, and that is precisely what has happened to the United States. 80 years of Social Welfare programs and Federal Reserve inflation, and unnecessary military spending, have led to a situation where 7 out of 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in cash assets. Compare this to the salaries of corporate lawyers, financial house workers, government bureaucrats, and the military top brass, and you can see the vast discrepancy in wealth that Jefferson would have railed at. And it has all come about because of Socialism, and Fascism, which Mussolini defined as Corporatism, the blending of the State with the large Industrial Corporations, and the Workers Unions in those Corporations. These three institutions destroy any small Capitalist and anyone trying to work outside of that Fascist structure. Instead of a Nation of Shopkeepers, as Capitalist England was known as, you get Hillary Clinton’s Socialist, Corporatist hodgepodge, completely stifling the Individual and the small Capitalist.

America, and Jefferson’s Dream, are on the gallows, and America’s Voters must deliver a reprieve in this final hour, and not let the spirit of Totalitarianism, and Corporate Fascism, take over his and our beautiful Republic, a Republic based on democratic elections to choose its Representatives, and with Congress and the Courts serving as a check on any lunatic wanting to establish an Imperial Presidency, like a Nixon or an Obama or a Clinton.

On November 8th, give a finger to the Fascists and the Communists, the enemies of Classical Liberalism or Libertarianism, the doctrine that a person makes their own destiny, and should be free to act in any manner they wish, as long as they do not assault the Property Rights and Person of any other. Vote for the Person closest to that Libertarian ideal who has a chance to win. The Republic is too sick for you to vote for Candidates who have no chance of winning, a position I have never taken in the past, having agreed with Spooner and the Libertarians that no election is decided by one vote. But now, with $20 trillion in debt, and a candidate who wants to go fisticuffs with the Ruskies, and who has guaranteed in ten years that a Fascist Theocracy in the Middle East will have a nuclear weapon, we must vote not only to elect the greatly-lesser of two evils, the more Capitalistic Candidate, but also vote to show a popular opposition to the Fascist Candidate, should she win.

On November 8th, save Jefferson from the Gallows, and give the Finger to the Fascists!

— Paul Grad, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee

Trump vs. Clinton: The Capitalist vs. The Corporate Socialist

Though I originally planned to vote for Gary Johnson, and said I wouldn’t vote for Trump, I’ve come to the conclusion that a vote for Trump is an existential necessity, given the war-mongering  Corporate Socialist Clinton, and the way her brand of Fascism is destroying the country.

paul 19If you wanted one good reason to vote for Trump over Clinton, it would be the avoidance of nuclear war with Russia, and the probable tearing up of the Iran Deal, a deal which guarantees a nuclear weapon within a few years to a war-mongering, belligerent Theocracy. It’s basically a choice of Peace over War, and War is the great enemy of Free-Market Capitalism.

But beyond those reasons, we are really being given a choice between a Capitalist and a Corporate Socialist, who embraces all the free perks that Socialism can send her way, a choice between a man who has made his own money in a heavily socialist society, and a woman who has made her money by kowtowing to the largest corporate interests in America, and the most despotic Christian-hating, Jew-hating, woman-oppressing, totalitarian regimes in the Middle East.

I thought, about five years back, after rooting for Ron Paul, and seeing his campaign run up against the Republican establishment, that the only hope for America was an independent billionaire, who did not have to spend his time fundraising, or pleasing the main elements in his party, but who could speak his mind and finance his own campaign. That billionaire turns out to be Donald Trump.

The “campaign finance reform” laws have made it virtually impossible for anyone in America to get elected to office unless they are an independent billionaire, or able to raise millions of individual donations. Since donations to political candidates are now limited to $2,700, it would have been virtually impossible for me to raise enough money to run an effective campaign when I was the Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor in 2014. If a millionaire, or a billionaire had wanted to give me a million dollars for my campaign, it would have been “illegal”, a clear violation of the Right to do what you want with your money as long as it doesn’t violate the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle. The Democrats and do-gooders, in their unthinking rush to do something sounding good like keeping “big money” out of politics, have virtually guaranteed that no poor person could ever attain major political office, and that those that can will always be the willing stooges of the two major parties. The fact that so-called “campaign finance reform” violates the Right to use your money to pursue your happiness (by donating it to a worthy, revolutionary candidate) is quickly thrown under the bus.

We should be grateful to Donald Trump for destroying the pathetic Republican Party, and for wiping out all the candidates in that Party who were ready to go fisticuffs with the Russians, with the exception of Senator Rand Paul. Good riddance to that bunch of nothings.

There are other virtues to the Trump candidacy. Here is an amazingly energetic man at 70, who can hold two or three campaign rallies in a day. Trump is also very bright (he graduated at the top of his class at Wharton), and you will notice that he never flubs a line in his speeches, or uses vocal “ahh, umm” pauses like the President does. Unlike Jill Stein, he doesn’t have to say “you know” seven times in every sentence. Moreover, to run a huge business, and make constant decisions that cost millions of dollars, require a brain that can function efficiently and rationally. Apparently Trump has such a brain, and that’s the kind of brain you’d want in a President.

Additionally, you have to admire the fact that Trump has never used a drug, not even caffeine, although one should keep in mind Norman Mailer’s observation that small town wisdom distrusts the man who never takes a drink or who has never been drunk because they know that “devils are inside in that man, waiting to bust out”. That certainly seems the case with Trump, when he lets his mouth run ahead of his mind. And though he doesn’t use drugs, it is obvious that he uses food as a substitute.

Now, there are many things I don’t like about Trump’s platform and manner. His bashing of Mexicans, where he actually called them rapists if you listen closely to the speech, and his juvenile making-fun of a severely disabled reporter, are disgusting. His plan to build a fence along the Mexican border (although he makes no mention of the Canadian border, where many Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants have settled) seems unrealistic. His Tariff policy is certainly anti-Capitalist and shows he hasn’t read or understood Professor Murray Rothbard, since the money saved on cheaper, tariff-free foreign-made goods ends up in the bank balances of US Citizens, which strengthens the country more than foreign tariffs on US-made goods hurt it. Still, he has a point that foreign tariffs hurt our trade deficit, and he’s probably right that foreign countries will have to lower or end their anti-Capitalist tariffs if he threatens them with retaliatory tariffs. His absurd notion that our military is falling apart, and we need to beef-up our conventional weapons, must have the arms manufacturers salivating. He seems to have forgotten our fleet of nuclear weapons.

But you can’t have it all in one candidate (except for me — go read my platform).

But at a more fundamental level, a vote for Trump is a vote for Capitalism over and against the Corporate Socialism of Clinton (which is actually Fascism if you read its founder Mussolini’s definition of it). And Free-Market Capitalism is an essential element of Classical Liberalism, the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and the Libertarians. While there has never been a purely Capitalist society, except among so-called primitive tribes who use shells or cattle as currency to trade with other tribes, and never a society that has existed with the amazing modern technology, which has the capacity to end human drudgery, it is also true that the most Capitalistic, Free-Market societies like the old U.S., Great Britain, and the Netherlands, have been the freest and most tolerant societies in history. Capitalism promotes human dignity and economic prosperity; Socialism always destroys it, as it is destroying modern America. Under Capitalism, the Consumer is King and votes in the market place with his money; under Socialism, the central planner, politician or Fuhrer is king. In that sense Capitalism is democratic and Socialism is authoritarian. Every Socialist society that has existed has economically and socially fallen apart, as currently the US and Europe are falling apart.

Finally, let me add that voting for Gary Johnson is not going to prevent a nuclear war with the Russkies, and many of Johnson’s policies, like mandatory vaccinations and his support of the TPP, are anti-Libertarian. He also has virtually no charisma, which is important in a political candidate. The last straw for me was when he called Clinton a “dedicated public servant” which is unbelievable coming from a candidate who purports to be a Libertarian, and in light of Clinton’s behavior. Where were all the trenchant criticisms of the Democrats, and their whole corrupt system, that used to come from the lips of Ron Paul?

So whether its with enthusiasm, or by default, the causes of World Peace and Capitalism necessitate a vote for Donald Trump for President.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor in 2014

Ron Paul and Donald Trump Destroy the Republican Party

paul 19Ron Paul and Donald Trump have destroyed the Republican Party — and good riddance to it.

Ron Paul really laid the groundwork for this overthrow of the GOP with his revolutionary ideas about government, harking back to the Jeffersonian tradition, and its logical economic sequitor, the Austrian School of Economics (i.e. pure free-market capitalism). The 20%plus he was getting in the early 2008 campaign showed that a considerable tranche of the Republicans and Libertarians were fed up with the constant collectivist actions of the mainstream Republicans. The recent budget giveaway under Paul Ryan shows that the Republican Party has not changed, and is still the right wing of the Democratic Party.

So Ron Paul laid and wired the dynamite to blow-up the stinking edifice. All Trump did was press the detonator.

Ron Paul’s gentle, gentlemanly approach to his campaigns was not the vehicle that an angry public could drive off the ranch of Fascism. It would take another eight years of poverty, inflation, social degeneration in American society, soaring crime, and Obamacare taking the last discretionary dollars every month from millions of middle-class Americans, to push enough millions over the cliff that they would turn to a brusque, direct-speaking, abrasive Donald Trump. No matter that he has proposed horrendous socialist programs in the past like single-payer government medical insurance, and supported the income tax, Trump’s new supporters don’t care, because he is advocating 60% of the positions that Ron Paul articulated. Trump has formed a new party that grabs favorite positions from the left (affirmative action and single-payer medical) and the right (huge military increases while somehow cutting income taxes on everybody while somehow dealing with the deficit). Ron Paul’s Austrian Economics proposals make logical and obvious sense; Donald Trump’s don’t. But that will not stop Trump’s supporters from voting for him.

However, there is another reason why Trump may well win, and that is his conciliatory attitude, at least recently, towards Putin and Russia. With the sole exceptions of Rand Paul, Trump, and Sanders, all the other candidates are ready to go fisticuffs with the Rooskies, which is a near sure prescription for World War III. Ironically, it will be Trump’s peace LBJ vs. Clinton’s warmonger Goldwater (and recall she was a Goldwater Girl at the 1964 Republican Convention).

Personally, I could not and would not vote for Trump, based not only on his stereotyping Mexicans, and ridiculing disabled people, but also based on his ridiculous economic proposals (eliminate the deficit while greatly expanding the military, and cutting taxes on almost everybody and huge corporations). His proposals to “bring jobs home” would be highly inflationary for hundreds of millions of American consumers, while just helping a few thousand workers and stockholders in those companies. Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the economic principle that what is best for America is to have the highest cash balances possible in the savings accounts of consumers, and when he slaps huge tariffs on foreign goods, he helps impoverish those consumers while subsidizing American stock holders in the protected companies, and the Federal spendthrifts. That said, it probably would help the U.S. trade deficit slightly.

However, if Trump ran against Clinton, while I would not vote for him, and vote Libertarian if they ran somebody decent, or write in someone, I would be routing for Trump to beat Clinton, not only because of Clinton’s warmongering with Russia, but also for her support for the terrorism-promoting Iran Deal, and her long history of political actions and proposals (remember when she proposed lowering the estate tax to $250k). We definitely do not need “dynasties” in American politics, and the history of the Kennedys, the Bushes, and the Clintons illustrate why. Family dynasties ruling America smacks of Monarchy. The idea that only a relative or spouse of a powerful politician is competent to take over governance is an insult to a country of 310 million people, and an affront to Jeffersonian Republicanism.

The dissolution of a political party by one candidate, Trump, was foreshadowed earlier this year by an event which I have seen no American commentators mention. That event was the U.K. General Election of 2015, which saw the Labour and Conservative Parties wiped out in Scotland by the SNP (Scottish National Party), and saw UKIP, the UK Independent Party, gain almost 13% of the vote, though they garnered only one seat in Parliament. This broke a stranglehold on British politics by the Tories and Labour that has existed since 1900. Prior to 2015, people didn’t vote for candidates, they voted for party manifestos. But those days are thankfully gone. Masses of people, on both sides of the Pond, are starting to see that the economic policies of the Left consistently fail, and that the Right is not so far from the Left in its collectivist thinking.

The Democratic and Republican Parties, the Conservative and Labour Parties — these are the megatheria of the past, dinosaurs sinking into the La Brea Tarpits of History. In a decade they will be extinct, or starved and voted into marginality. So, whatever you may think of them, we owe a debt to Ron Paul and Trump for blowing up the Republican Party — that putrid and mephitic edifice of Collectivism and Fascism, masquerading as Free-Market Capitalism. The Western world’s politics will never be the same again.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Jobs vs. A Nation of Shopkeepers

As the Libertarian nominee for Oregon Governor, I thought it useful to review an Oregon Gubernatorial debate forum from 2010, where the four previous candidates for Governor spoke.

It seemed that all one heard were calls for “jobs, jobs, jobs”, and how was the government going to help create jobs, as if that is the main function of government, instead of protecting individual property Rights.

Why do we want jobs? Why don’t we talk of creating independent Capitalists, instead of calling for people to go to an office for forty hours a week for forty years to make somebody else rich, doing the exact same thing, day after day. If you have a job, you’re working to make someone else wealthy (and to pay the government officials’ salaries). Now why do all these Democrats and Republicans always want you to work for someone else? Why don’t they aim to make every individual in our society economically self-sufficient, which would mean that you wouldn’t have a job, but instead a business.

Now jobs are probably necessary at the start for many people, but many others could start out at near zero with a business service or a pushcart if we didn’t have so many obstacles in our communistic society to starting a business. Business licenses should be anathema in a Free-Market society. They are restrictions on your Right to Contract, because you should not need anything in America, which is always touted as a Capitalist society, to engage in trade.

Now, what we mean by “A Nation of Shopkeepers” is not literally that; what we mean is that everyone should have a “shop”, a process by which they can procure their income through their own efforts, without interference from the government. It might literally be a shop, a store where the person conducts his business. But the shop could also be a talent, like a musician or barber or photographer or free-lance roofer. It is something the person is doing for themselves, working for themselves, and not a job where the bulk of the fruits of their labor goes to their employer, although there is nothing inherently wrong with that if the worker willingly accepts employment.

Moreover, there may be jobs that remunerate the worker so lavishly, that they willingly accept a job because they can make in one year what would take them ten if self-employed. The worker with the boring job making $50/hr may be much happier at his work than the minimum-wage worker who finds his work interesting. There is a reason that installing the pipeline in Alaska commands more income than working in a Southern California mini-mart.

The politicians Kitzhaber and Richardson spend much time talking about “what government can do to spur job growth and economic development”. They don’t seem to have much faith in the “silent hand” of the free-market or the freedom of Capitalism to constantly develop new consumer needs and wants. They talk like there is a limit to Capitalist prosperity in a free society. Isn’t Richardson a bit of a economic Communist to talk as if it is government that creates jobs and wealth, not individuals?

And I listened to some recent interviews of Demo and Repub candidates on a community radio station. The interviewer took the same Keynesian view which seems to be epidemic in Oregon,asking what did the candidate think they (or government) could do in office to spur job growth and economic development in their region. None of them said, “get government out of the way, and let the free-market work its magic.” Richardson talked as if the only way was through natural resource exploitation, but that is not necessary for a large capitalist economy to exist. The Japanese have very few natural resources but a somewhat high standard of living. It is trade that produces wealth, the demands of the consumer in the free-market, although, of course, every product must start from raw materials. But natural resource raw materials are all over the earth, and can be transported.

What is destroying Oregon economically are the same things that are destroying the whole country, and the mentality behind them. Things like the minimum wage, the income tax, the Fed policy of intentional inflation which economically weakens everyone relative to the super-rich and causes such pricing havoc, massive Federal deficits weakening the dollar which in turn helps spur inflation, and perhaps greatest, the mentality of Keynesian economics which says the government runs the economy and can successfully tweak it through its policy. This has been shown to be an utter disaster both in America and Britain.

Capitalism’s development of new crafts as the general level of prosperity increases can be shown by the following example.

Imagine a society that is very poor, hand to mouth. What are the chances a dog-walker could make a living in such a society? Just about nil. Then move up to a lower-middle class income society. It’s still unlikely that a dog-walker could get work there, but he might occasionally get an hour or two. Then move up to a largely middle-class and upper-middle class society. Now it’s quite possible that a dog-walker could have a group of clients, too busy or arthritic to walk their beloved pets, who could together give the walker enough income to continue as a walker. Then imagine a wealthy society, where almost everyone had a million dollars in the bank and gasoline was a buck a gallon. Now, not only could the dog-walker make a good living, but you might have a proliferation of dog walkers, and even specialists in different breeds. Some dog walkers might become famous because of their rapport with certain breeds, and command fabulous fees from eccentric millionaires: “if you want your Great Dane walked properly, old boy, Blenkenthrope is the man to see. Amazing rapport with the beasts, just whispers in their ear. He only charges a thousand-an-hour.”

At its Capitalist high point, England was known as “A Nation of Shopkeepers”. The historian, Sir Richard Evans, has pointed out that it was quite possible, in Victorian England, for a man to go his whole life without any official contact with the State or government, except for his birth and death certificates. Compare that to modern America.

So America needs to trust in the Freedom of the Free-Market, get away from this one aim of creating jobs, and move to the more far-sighted aim of having everyone find something they like or love to do, whether because of the function or its remuneration. In short, a Nation of Shopkeepers.

Then we will have a happy, affluent society.

Paul Grad, paulgrad4governor,wordpress.com


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Capitalism, The Society That Never Was

We hear a lot of propaganda about how Capitalism has failed, and how we need even more Socialism and government intervention in the economy, but I disagree. On the contrary, I think a Capitalist, Free-Market economy has never truly existed.

Of course, there have been pockets of Capitalism that have existed. The South Sea Islander or the Native American, trading shells or some other money commodity for another useful commodity, like food or tools, was engaging in pure Capitalism. There was no coercion, both parties to the trade did so willingly, they used the money commodity to realize the transaction, and both were glad afterwards. The man with a thousand cowry shells, but only a day’s food, traded some of those shells for a months supply of victuals, while the man receiving the shells knew that he had a thousand pounds of food which would soon go bad, and also knew he could trade those cowry shells in the next village for a goat he wanted for a pet. Each got what he wanted, with no coercion or violence. The trade was effected with the money commodity, better known as Capital. And both traders ended up with a more commodious life, according to their individual pursuits of happiness. That is Capitalism, and that is good.

But outside of such native trading situations, and perhaps isolated pockets of the Old West, where people traded precious metal coins or dust back and forth to get their commodities, there has been no true Capitalism.

What Libertarianism, and Jefferson’s Republic sought and now seek, is the realization of such a Capitalist society within the Jeffersonian framework of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s not that Capitalism produces Libertarianism, though it does if we look at the history of England, the Netherlands, and the Italian Republics, but rather that Libertarianism leads to Capitalism, because of the sanctity of Property Rights under the Natural Law theory.

There have been two necessary ingredients to this Capitalist Revolution that have never existed before simultaneously in history. The one was the Libertarian philosophy and government according to Jefferson, and the other, which has only become recently available, is the incredible explosion in technology.

Technology has exploded so many of the problems that Human Beings used to have to spend most of their lives dealing with. Compare the problems of performance and maintenance of the first Model-Ts to the current models. Now there is a device that can suck moisture out of the air in the middle of the Sahara, so that one need not die of thirst. Technology has enabled many “disabled” people to perform on a computer just like their “enabled” counterparts, and there are very few people who could not now do some useful work on a computer, no matter what their disability, though there are many exceptions.

It seems to me that now, with this amazing technology, and this amazing Jeffersonian concept of government, finally bringing the Libertarian, or Classical Libertal, philosophy to fruition, there is no obstacle in the way of creating such a Libertarian Capitalist free society, save for big, socialistic, government, and the mentality it has created in most of the American Public. That Libertarian philosophy was nurtured and passed through so many thinkers from the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, to the English Dissenters, and finally to that Renaissance Man, Thomas Jefferson, who saw and acted as if money was not an end in itself, but a tool in the “Pursuit of Happiness”. Recall that in previous constitutions, the phrase had been “an unalienable right to life, liberty, and property”. I believe Jefferson had the great insight that money only had relation to the things it could be used to obtain and to do, and he certainly lived his life that way, throwing every cent that came his way into Monticello, and crop experimentation, and books, and musical instruments, and land. The great blot on his record was that, paradoxically, this great “Libertarian” descended to owning slaves, about the worst Libertarian crime there is, after murder.

But now, we have the Jeffersonian blueprint, which took millenia to develop, and we have this amazing technology, which also took millenia. With each in one hand, we can create a Free-Market society where there will be great Freedom and prosperity, where the Bill of Rights is scrupulously enforced, and men are generally happy because they have found a calling that they enjoy, that earns them a living.

Let’s create this non-coercive Libertarian society of Free-Market Capitalism, which I believe will lead to a constantly rising standard of living, and a constant creation of new jobs and professions catering to the free-market demands of whomever has the Capital to undertake a project, be it buying an orange, or building an orphanage.

For the first time in recorded Human History, let’s have a real Capitalist Society.

Please help bring this about by voting for me for Governor of Oregon. While bringing about this Capitalist Revolution, I will defend the Land and Nature tooth and nail, beginning with a logging moratorium on all State Lands, preserving this valuable asset, owned by the residents and taxpayers, to increase the intrinsic value of the land.

Paul Grad, paulgrad4governor.wordpress.com

Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Not Accepting Donations

As the Libertarian candidate for the Oregon Governorship, I shall refuse to accept donations, although I could not morally interfere with any voluntary groups that might form, which might help propel my candidacy, or any non-financial aid in campaigning anyone might want to contribute. There are several reasons for this refusal.

Firstly, I feel the requirements imposed by the State of Oregon in its election rules are violations of the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against involuntary servitude. To run for office in America is a property Right, and there should be no restrictions on what you spend, or having to keep records of what you spend, or your donations, or who donates, etc. These are all unConstitutional in my view, but highly convenient for the two Bipartisan Fascist parties to keep out any competition to their monstrous rule. I shall refuse to subject myself to involuntary servitude in order to realize my inalienable Right to run for elected office.

Also, by not accepting money, I keep my candidacy pure, and keep my ability to say what I want on any subject open.

Additionally, I am not joining either the national Libertarian Party, nor the Oregon State organization, the Libertarian Party of Oregon, since a) I don’t agree with every single iota of their platform, just 99% of it, and b) I have a few proposals that many Libertarians might argue are antithetical to Libertarianism, though I don’t feel they are, so by joining the party it would seem hypocritical to run as a member of that party whose political platform some, or even one, of your proposals contradicted. And c) by not formally becoming a member of a political party, other than a registrant in that party, I increase my credibility with the public, because I am not welded 100% to an ideology. My animal welfare, and environmental proposals might well outrage many Libertarians, but they will bring into a political panoply two sectors that might greatly increase the appeal of Libertarianism. Yet these same outraged Libertarians might heartily endorse my radical free-market, pro-Capitalist views, far more radical than most major Libertarian politicos. My environmental proposals I consider defences of Free-Market Capitalism, because without an environment that can sustain human life, there will be no Capitalism, and invariably environmental pollutions are property Rights assaults on other property owner’s Rights. And more and more, we are seeing nations having to expend small fortunes in dealing with the problems that environmental neglect has engendered. Money wasted on correcting environmental pollutions that should not have occurred in the first place, could have been used for constructive and useful improvements in the life of Individuals (i.e. their taxes would be spent by themselves on their own good, instead of being sucked up by government to correct a fire, flood, or invasive species that should never have occurred).

My animal welfare and cruelty prevention measures I admit are put forth as purely moral proposals, that may be outside the realm of Libertarian theory. Just as a strict Rothbardian Libertarianism handles children’s Rights in a completely different way that adult’s Rights, and Rothbard devotes whole chapters to the differences in treating children and adults under Libertarian ethics, so too I feel that animal welfare calls for differences in treatment. To implement my very radical animal welfare proposals, legal theory would probably have to change so that animals are no longer merely “the property” of their owners, although we agree with Rothbard that animals don’t have “Rights” in the same sense that human beings do. The “Animal Rights” movement, like the “Community Rights” movement, are working to justify concepts that we feel are unsound, since all Rights can only pertain to Individual Human Beings. We strongly agree with their goals, but feel the timbers at the base of their tenets are rotten.

I run as a Libertarian, because that is what 90% of my platform is concerned with, and I think it is a pretty radical brand of Libertarianism at that, compared to what is usually touted by politicians who call themselves Libertarians, or Libertarian Republicans.

If you elect me, or even if you vote for me, you will have made a statement that a candidate can win high office in America without money, without formally affiliating with a “movement” and an ideology carved in stone, and beholden to no one except those who keep the Classical Liberal ideas of Jefferson alive, and to all the 18th and 19th century Libertarians who wanted to see an end to the tyranny of one man over another, and the great sorrow in society.

The American Revolution was the beginning of the Libertarian Revolution towards a non-violent, free-market society where almost everyone is prosperous and none lack the necessities, without any coercion existing at all. This candidacy is an attempt at a revivification and continuation of that Revolution, which began when Jefferson sat down and began to write out the Declaration of Independence.

Vote as if the American Revolution depended on it.

 My complete platform can be found at:https://paulgrad4governor.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/paul-grad-libertarian-for-oregon-governor-my-platform/

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