President Trump Blows It — Twice: The Charlottesville and Afghan Speeches

In posts before the election, I put the odds of President Trump bringing about a radical change in the U.S. Government, as he had promised in his campaign speeches, at about 30%. I have not been disappointed in my prediction.

In the last few days, President Trump has made two vast blunders which, in my view, will alienate two large tranches of his supporters, while gaining him the plaudits of the established powers. I doubt he will ever recover his former momentum.

His first blunder was the Charlottesville speech, which disgusted a large number of his non-racist supporters. He’ll never gain much traction again with them, at least on his credibility.

His second blunder was the Afghan speech, which will alienate not only the Ron Paul-antiwar, anti-interventionist tranche which has supported him in the hopes he would reverse the old, stale, policies that have gone on since Carter and before, but also reinforce any antiwar, anti-interventionist opposition from the Left and Sanders Democrats (although you’ll notice that never did Sanders condemn the military-industrial complex or the bloated military spending in his speeches, but raved on and on about Wall Street). Trump probably could have captured huge numbers of Democrats and Libertarian Republicans if he had followed his campaign pledges to get out, and not waste the lives and treasure on a failed policy. After the lies of Obama about getting out, the public will not take kindly to yet another President lying to them on the campaign trail, and then micturating in their faces once elected. As with his non-racist supporters, his quondam non-interventionist, antiwar Libertarian supporters will now lose enthusiasm for his Presidency, and Trump will lose traction with them on his credibility.

President Trump may be a cunning businessman, and a clever operator, but when it comes to sensing the political winds, he now appears as dense as the Clintons.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014


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