Trump’s Election: America Escapes the Guillotine

Whew! that was a close one. Jefferson just managed to avoid a haircut from Madame Guillotine, America still has its Republic, and Madame Robespierre is in retirement for good.

And thank goodness for the Electoral College!

Not that this is manna from heaven, or even the start of something positive, but it is at least a possible ending to the Corporatist Fascism that Clinton, Obama, and the Democrats have been pushing on the country for eight years. I wouldn’t hold out great hope for Trump to avoid this style of Corporatism that was so championed by Mussolini (which is why we accurately label it Fascism). That is still to be seen in the future. I think the chances are 30% that Trump will be a huge change in government function, along the lines of reform that Ron Paul has long called for, and a 70% that his administration will be a lukewarm form of Bush-ism, with some minor or major changes.

But the important point about the election was that it was not Clinton who got elected — the candidate who had been pushed by the Party, the media, and the Liberals who conveniently overlooked the entire Fascist stink of her activities with Islamo-Fascist countries in the Middle East, as well as the piles and piles of other conflicts of interest, and her enabling of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual predatoriness. The fact that Democrats ignored all that, along with their ignoring of Obama’s Fascist proposals, like Indefinite Detention without Trial, and the TSA nude photographing of all our citizens, along with the Obamacare forcing of people to do business with private corporations — all these show how rotten and corrupt are the Liberal Democrats of the Democratic Party.

If America had elected someone as corrupt as Clinton, almost in the style of the old Latin American Dictators, then it would have been a very sad commentary on the level of Libertarian understanding of the American People. The fact that they rejected both her and all the propaganda flak that was thrown up by her surrogates to shoot down the Trump plane shows that the American Public was much smarter than the media and the Party Politicians thought. They couldn’t fool all the people all of the time.

The Liberals are crying because we may have avoided a nuclear war with Russia. They are crying because they may not get their destruction of Israel by an Iranian nuclear weapon in the hands of a fanatical Theocracy, and they are crying because the people have rejected the call to sell their fellow citizens into poverty through forcing them to pay Obamacare premiums to corporations.

The People grew sick of the inflation and poverty through which the Democrats were destroying the Middle Class, and entrenching the Lower Class into a poverty they will never get out of, no matter how many jobs they work.

And the People saw how bigoted and biased were the mainstream media, as unified and uncritical in their comments as was Pravda and the “free press” of the Soviet Union. They saw how the polls were designed to depress them, and keep turnout down for Trump. And they chose to give the finger to those mainstream media, and listen to the alternative media who were exactly correct. The only polls to get it right or close were Investors Business Daily, the LA Times/USC, and Rasmussen Reports. All the Liberal media were way wrong in their polls, and dead sure they were right. Go back and watch Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report on the PBS Newshour to see how certain all the “experts” were that Hillary Clinton was just going to waltz into office. Or watch the constant PBS Trump-bashing sessions of Mark Shields and David Brooks. Or the constant bringing on of New York Times and Washington Post reporters, posing as experts, to brainwash the public into their government-directed opinions. PBS Newshour was disgraceful in the slanted way it constantly attacked and focused on Trump, showing why government-funded news stations, like PBS or the BBC, should never be tolerated by the public. They can never be objective. They are worthless.

Let us hope that Donald Trump will goad government more in the direction of Ron Paul than any President in recent memory. While it is unlikely, it seems like it just might be possible under an unpredictable Capitalist like Donald Trump.

—Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee 2014


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