The Democratic Convention: Boos, Boos, Beautiful Boos

It certainly was an elegiac ecstasy to hear those golden tones, as hundreds of disgruntled Democrats and Sanders supporters told the party establishment what they thought of them, as the Party robots praised Ms. Rodham. Choruses of boos greeted her every mention, and the next day, Panetta was met with such a tsunami of boos during his speech, that his forward progress was arrested, and he had to stand there grinning like a baboon as the wave of sound continued to drown him out.

Never had such things been seen at a political convention since 1968, and before that only rarely. The American Public was greeted to the spectacle of a major party self-immolating on national television, and it was a beauty to behold, as this rancid bunch of politically ignorant lemmings finally busted apart into their own narrow sectarian gangs. The Sanders Left will leave her in droves, and we will have an election where four candidates for President get over 5% of the vote.

Boos, boos, beautiful boos, the more they grow, the more she lose.

-Paul Grad


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