Six Political Types Who Should Not Be President

In 1992 the late Senator Eugene McCarthy listed five types of politicians who should not be President. In the light of the current administration and Presidential candidates, it is obvious a sixth type also needs to be shunned.paul 19

The five types of politicians McCarthy listed were governors, generals and admirals, Vice-Presidents, religious ministers and their sons, and the CEOs of major corporations.

Governors, for example, if successful, feel they can run the country. They think, if they’ve balanced the budget, and called out the National Guard to quell the student uprisings, that that qualifies them to balance the Federal budget and control the military-industrial complex, which invariably ends up controlling them.

Generals and Admirals are also on the list. It’s obvious, with the intelligence community and the military running the country, that electing a general or admiral will only be more of the same.

As to why Vice-Presidents should not be President, we only have to look at “potatoe”-head Dan Quayle, and prohibitionist Joseph Biden to see why they shouldn’t be in power.

Ministers and their sons would obviously be a major disaster, given the Jeffersonian battle for separation of church and state, something that still is unaccomplished as we put the Diety’s name on the currency, and dragoon school children into saying “one nation under God”, which is an insult to Pantheists. Imagine John Ashcroft or Mike the Huckster-to-be as President. Heaven forfend!

Lastly on Senator McCarthy’s list we come to the CEO heads of major corporations, those vast socialist behemoths subsidized over and over again by the Federal Government Democrats and Republicans. Fortunately we’ll be spared Carly Fiorina this time round.

In the light of recent history, I would definitely add junior Senators to McCarthy’s list of diseased candidates. The Obama catastrophe for America and the world will hopefully not be repeated in the form of Senator Rubio.

Yes, it’s patently obvious that governors, generals, vice-presidents, ministers and their sons, CEOs of major corporations, and first-term Senators should definitely not be the President of these dis-United States.

— Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor 2014


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