Obama Shows President Xi Mt. Rushmore

Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard  President Obama whisked President Xi off to Mt. Rushmore, during his recent visit to America, to show him the wonder.paul 19

As they viewed the monument from their arrow-proof plexiglass bubble (President Xi had been reading about the Sioux Wars on his way over on the boat, and had insisted on one), the President turned to Xi and proudly proclaimed,”Sir, this is how we honor some of our greatest Presidents, by carving their face into the mountain.”

President Xi guffawed. “Pshaw!” (he had also been studying “Common Exclamations of the Missouri Farmer” to endear himself to the American Public, and show that, as head of the most populous country in the world, he was just an average guy), he exclaimed.  “In China, we have such a mountain, though we don’t go bragging about it like you Americans. And our mountain is twice as good as yours.”

At this point, President Obama was getting really bugged, and he injudiciously retorted, “Oh, yeh, wiseguy? How does that work?”

To which President Xi replied, “Well, you see, Mr. President, in China, we are far more honest than you. In America, when you have a great leader, you carve his face into a mountain, but in China, when we have a great leader, we carve both his faces.”


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