The Vegan Abolitionist Party (VAP): America’s Sixth Political Party

In a previous post on the five political parties I perceived in America, I mentioned my  belief that a sixth Party was necessary, and I will deal with that issue in this post.paul 19

The sadistic Murder of Cecil the Lion by the Criminal Walter Palmer has focused attention on the Abomination of Hunting in a way that has never occurred in all of Human history. Judging by the comments from the Women that I’ve read on social media concerning this Crime, I’d say Palmer, and his fellow trophy hunters who splash their perversions all over facebook, will probably need to continually look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, and the men will have to wear steel cups 24/7.

But after all the name-calling, hand-wringing, and the ineffective Menendez CECIL Act, which excludes many large animals, as well as the dragging out of extradition proceedings against Palmer by the Obama Administration, it is clear that petitions and expressions of outrage, while they can have some slight effect on conditions, (i.e. Botswana’s trophy hunting ban and the various airlines which banned transport of murdered trophy animal), are far too feckless forms of protest to bring about the necessary Revolution in Animal Welfare. To really effect a complete abolition of hunting and other Crimes, something more potent is necessary.

That something, I believe, is the formation of an Animal Welfare political party in each of the major, so-called democratic, countries. These parties would press not just for one or two animal welfare reforms, but would seek a complete, holistic, cessation of all forms of animal torture and murder. However, each issue could be tackled separately, so that temporary failure on one issue would not halt progress on another.

In casting about for a name for this Party, I’ve tentatively monikered it the “Vegan Abolitionist Party” —- no, the goal is not to abolish Vegans. Rather, the party’s aim would be to abolish and outlaw the various Atrocities committed against animals by individuals in an incredibly brutal, callous, and indifferent society.

I like the term “Vegan Abolitionist” both because it quickly informs the hearer that this is a Party deeply interested in diet and health, while simultaneously it harkens back to the great Libertarian Abolitionists of the Anti-Slavery Movement, Men like William Lloyd Garrison, who campaigned for decades before their dream was realized, although they always pushed for its immediate realization.

Moreover, I see no reason why this “Vegan Abolitionist” political definition could not be affixed to the standard political tranches which divide the Western electorates. “Vegan Abolitionist Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, Labour or Tory,” could become the appellation of various wings of the Vegan Abolitionist Party, although that would be quite a mouthful to say each time a candidate introduced himself to a member of the public. Such fusion candidates would place the platform of the Vegan Abolitionist Party foremost as their primary message, but they could also append their specific, traditional, political ideologies if they chose.

And so, I urge those passionate about reforming the horrendous conditions that animals suffer in all over the world to create political parties based around Vegetarianism and the abolition of hunting, trapping, vivisection, and the abuse of performing animals.

And perhaps more importantly, I would urge people to run for office in Western “democracies” on the platform of Animal Welfare Reform. They needn’t form or belong to such a party; they could run as Independents or unaffiliated. They needn’t even actively campaign; just to have your name on the ballot, with the title of the Party, could be enough. But what is necessary is that people be given an alternative to the usual two meat-eating politicians, who are only fighting over how much they want to spend to subsidize factory farming, or fishing, or vivisection, or the medical costs due to meat-eating, all paid for by the taxpayers, including vegetarian taxpayers. Such candidates would make the public aware that there are a few rare Individuals among them who say, “Hell no!” to Animal Murder.

Let the mainstream politicians know that they won’t get your vote unless they deal effectively, and not just cosmetically as in the Menendez CECIL Act, with Animal Welfare issues. When constituencies grow to 10-20% on an issue, politicians become fawning toadies.

Therefore, let the Animal Welfare Revolution begin.

I hereby found “The Vegan Abolitionist Party” (VAP) of America.

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, 2014 Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor


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