Lord Bertrand Russell vs. Barack Obama: Ban the Iranian Bomb

It is well over 50 years now since Lord Bertrand Russell became the leading Western figure in the battle to ban nuclear weapons, and avert a nuclear war between the Ruskies and America. One can still remember the command “drop!”, and how we’d scurry under our desks, hands clasped over our heads. It certainly was an effective defense if a nuclear missile landed on your school.

In those days it was the “Left” and the Peace Movement that was trying to prevent the proliferation of nuclear bombs, but it looks like nowadays President Obama is portraying anyone who wants to stop nuclear proliferation as a Right-wing warmonger, while simultaneously the Democratic Party Liberals urge a deal that will guarantee a nuclear weapon in the hands of religious zealots in about a decade.

So, in 2015, the Left is endorsing the exact same policies with which they once condemned Barry Goldwater, while they  attack anyone who is against nuclear proliferation as a Warmongering Rightist.

Somehow the Bertrand Russell position against nuclear proliferation is attacked by Liberal Democrats as being Reactionary, while they, the Progressive Liberals, are going to arm and fund one of the most stinkingly Fascist and Theocratic Regimes on Earth.

But Bertrand Russell wasn’t wrong, and in reality President Obama and his fellow Democratic Party Politician supporters are the Warmongering Fascists, for they are the ones trying to guarantee nuclear proliferation and a nuclear confrontation in the Middle East within a decade, by financing and arming brandishers of Genocide.

So those who want Humanity to survive, and those who do not want to arm and reward murderous, Totalitarian Fascists, say not only “Ban the Bomb!”, but “Ban the Iranian Bomb”.

Congress, Ban the Iranian Bomb!

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014


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