Senator Menendez’s CECIL Act Falls Far Short: A Sop to the Hunters

Senator Robert Menendez’s CECIL Act bill, which would ban the import of many hunting corpses into America, if the victim was listed on the Endangered Species Act of 1973 as being either endangered or threatened, — this Act falls far short of what is necessary to stop these rotten sadistic hunters from terrorizing, torturing, and murdering such noble animals as lions, giraffes, and elephants.

I suspect this Act was crafted by the Democrats to assuage public anger at the Palmer Atrocity, while still permitting the Walter Palmers of America to engage in their perverted, sadistic, immoral, and heinous murders of noble Animals. They and their fellow hunters of the Earth are the lowest Scum of Humanity.

This flawed Bill would still permit the murder of giraffes, rhinos, and Asian elephants, as well as many types of monkeys. Only the Rhodesian White Rhino is listed (North and South varieties), giraffes are not on the list at all, nor are Asian elephants (only African). So this means these verminous Miscreants can keep killing giraffes, rhinos, and Asian elephants, and get away with Murder.

Is Menendez, a U.S. Senator, so stupid that he forgot to include these? I doubt it. It was left as a legal loophole, a disgusting sop to the Hunter-Perverts of America to continue with their villainous murders of defenseless creatures.

Notice that Menendez says the bill is designed to “curb” trophy hunting, not eliminate it. When a Democrat or Republican says they want to “curb” an abuse, it means they want it to continue as long as the perpetrator can find a lawyer clever enough to argue the intentionally placed flaws in the bill. Then, a few years later, they can propose another bill that will “fix the loopholes” they intentionally left in the first bill.

In America, we didn’t “curb” slavery; we abolished it, though the Just Struggle took scores of years and lives. Let’s do the same for hunting.

Animal Defenders need to either tell Menendez and his fellow Democrat sponsors to include the words “and all rhinoceros, giraffes, hippopotamus, primates, and elephants.” Do you think these sharp Dem lawyers are so thick-witted that they just plain forgot to add these animals?

What we really need from a Responsible Legislator in Congress (you sure won’t hear it from Obama’s bully pulpit) is to propose a Bill banning all trophy hunting, and making the hunter liable to prosecution in the US, with a penalty of Life in Prison without Parole. A few convictions for what is not only the sadistic Crime of Animal Torture, but also an Environmental Crime against Humanity and Nature for destroying some of the last few remaining examples of creatures who have been on Earth for millions of years, — such severity in sentencing would soon halt these Murdering Vermin. These comparatively few Miscreants are destroying this legacy of Nature for all the coming generations of Children on the Earth, and for that Crime alone they deserve Capital Punishment, even though, as a Jeffersonian Libertarian, I must oppose it in Principle.

However, the Death Penalty is an appropriate punishment for War Crimes, and what they are doing is comparable to a War Crime.

Let’s make it a Federal Felony to murder any of these animals, anywhere on Earth, with a punishment of Life in the Federal Pen without parole. And then let’s jail any scofflaw Scumbag Hunter who violates that law. Let’s Avenge Cecil by Outlawing Hunting under Animal Cruelty Laws.

-Paul Grad, Vegan Libertarian, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014


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