Obama Sells Out Israel: The Iran Nuclear “Deal”

The despicable nuclear “deal” the President wants Congress to approve is nothing more than the latest dagger aimed at Israel by those who would like to destroy it. The President is willing to financially arm religious Fascists, Miscreants who have hung children as young as 15 for homosexuality and sexual activity. If you think financially aiding and abetting those who have hung a 15-year old girl because she liked to go out with boys is a good idea, then support this immoral “deal”. If you think aiding child-murderers, as the President apparently does, by giving them $150 billion to finance their terrorism is a good thing, then support this bill. If you think financially aiding those who helped blow up a community center in Argentina, then support this “deal”. But if you hate Fascism, and an anti-Libertarian regime that shoots hundreds of protesters in the streets, and hangs an average of three Human Beings a day for drug crimes according to Amnesty International, and you want to see the destruction of such Fascist tyranny, then oppose this bill. The Jeffersonian struggle for inalienable Human Rights is still continuing today, and the Administration is helping those who hate Jefferson’s Bill of Rights. Anyone in the World who violates the Bill of Rights should be smashed, not aided!

This “deal” should have obviously been submitted to Congress for approval as a treaty, as our Constitution stipulates, but this Imperial President would rather avoid Democratic process when it obstructs his will. So, rather than submit it to the People’s Representatives, he forces it through as a “deal” between two governments. His contempt for Congress, and for the will of American People who voted in this latest Congress, is despicable.

Under the Libertarian self-defense doctrine, the State of Israel would have every right to defend itself against a government that has threatened to wipe it out, and would be entitled to attack Iranian facilities and government buildings the moment this agreement has been signed and veto-overridden.

The President’s callousness and animus towards the legitimate State of Israel is very clear.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor 2014


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