Good on Nebraska: The Abolition of Government Murder

“I should not regret a fair and full trial of the entire abolition of capital punishment.” — President James Madisonpaul 19

Kudos on the Nebraska State Legislature for abolishing Capital Punishment in Nebraska, and overriding the veto of its necrophilic Governor! Unlike “Liberal” Oregon, “Conservative” Nebraska has taken a moral step and a Jeffersonian step towards a true Libertarian governance.

When I ran for Governor of Oregon, my number two proposal was the abolition of Capital Punishment, that vital cornerstone of Fascism, which permits the State to commit judicial murder, in violation of the Inalienable Right to Life contained in the Declaration of Independence. Nebraska has now come into line with that Declaration.

Thankfully, no more innocent people will be murdered by the State of Nebraska, thanks to those in the legislature who voted for abolition. They have performed a highly moral deed.

-Paul Grad, former Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee


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