L.A. City Council Racists Crucify Black Youth With Minimum Wage Law

paul 19Once more the Fascist Liberals of the Los Angeles City Council, have succeded in their racist war against Black Youth by successfully disemploying them with their latest raises in the minimum wage law.

The minimum wage law is a crude Fascist cudgel used against the economically defenseless; in this case Black and Latino youths in Los Angeles, and youths in general. This racist dis-employment weapon has been used successfully, since its inception, over and over, by the racist unions and their minions in office, the Liberal and mainline Democrats, to keep Black Youth down, and the Black teenage unemployment rate in the stratosphere for decades. Black and White teenage unemployment were the same prior to the minimum wage law; after its implementation, the Black teenage rate was much higher than the White teenage rate, and, after every subsequent raise in the minimum wage, the discrepancy grew larger. These are statistics from the U.S. Dept. of Labor which any citizen can confirm for himself.

It is empirically evident that the minimum wage law is a racist law, as well as being an assault on the inalienable Right to Contract. And it is with disgust that I see these Fascist Liberal Democrat Miscreants on the Los Angeles City Council have once again ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor Black and Latino teenagers in the Los Angeles vicinity.

The Liberal Democrats want to make sure that nobody, especially young Black men, can get any income unless they work for a corporation, for no small businesses will soon be competitive in the LA area as they are forced to raise wages, while the giant corporations can easily cope with it. If all these Black youth were employed in a free-market economy, where people were Free to Contract, as is their inalienable Right, then the union wages would be slightly lower. But the unions know this, and through the minimum wage law, they can shut out those poor teenagers, who have no political voice whatsoever, thus creating a labor shortage which gooses up union wage rates.

The minimum wage law also destroys competition against the large corporations who employ those union workers, another hidden goal of the Liberal Democrat politicians. The corporations don’t mind paying a slightly higher wage, because their competition from small businessmen has been wiped out by minimum wage laws, so they end with much more profits. The corporations and racist unions don’t have a better friend than California Liberal Democrats like those on the L.A. City Council.

How long is the Black community going to tolerate the crucifixion of their youth by the Liberal Democratic political structure in Los Angeles, and its chief nail, the racist minimum wage law?

-Paul Grad, former Libertarian Party of Oregon Gubernatorial Nominee


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