Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Ron Paul and the Oregon 834,636 Crush the Pot Laws

November 4th’s election brought miserable news to Oregon: the reelection of Governor Kitzhaber instead of the election of myself. But it did bring one small candle of light to the political world as 834,636 Oregonians voted to decimate the pot laws by passing Measure 91, which, for the first time in modern American history, makes it legal for Americans to own and cultivate cannabis without any regulations except in regard to amount of dried material and live plants. Though the Measure contained pages and pages of Statist regulations designed to appeal to the many totalitarians that infest Oregon, it accomplished the essential goal of letting an individual produce their own product without any malevolent interference from the State or the Law. paul 19

Considering what a reign of terror the Government Miscreants of the Democratic and Republican Parties have waged on Americans since the 1930s, and especially since the early 1960s, when cannabis first became a widely-applauded substance, it is no tribute to the American People that it took so long to negate such a grave Injustice against Capitalist private property Rights as cannabis prohibition by governmental fiat.  I can recall someone saying to me in 1970, “They’ll never legalize it.” And the Fascists certainly wouldn’t have except for two factors: Ron Paul and the Oregon 834,636..

There have been many fighters against the Democratic Fascists like Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama — those Democratic Presidents who steadfastly continued to cruelly persecute cannabis users, even after it was shown that it had widespread medical and analgesic uses. What price will they ever pay for the suffering and misery they helped prosecute by not speaking out, and even endorsing the Fascistic war on drugs? And booze-swillers and wine-bibers like Nixon and Reagan were equally vicious in their prosecution of this minority, which after forty years has grown to a majority, as the Grim Reaper has thinned the rank ranks of the old Fascisti.

There have been many heroes along the way to legalization, whom I have enumerated elsewhere, but I think we owe the coming legalization on July 1st, 2015 principally to one Individual: former Congressman and three-time Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

If it had not been for Ron Paul’s tireless hammering on the Cannabis issue and the War on Drugs for nigh on 25 years (from his first campaign for the Presidency in 1988 to his last in 2012), cannabis would not be legal six months from now in Oregon. Only Ron Paul had the courage, out of almost all of the members of the U.S. Congresses and Administrations of the past 50 years, to stand alone and say ” You are wrong, and you are immoral in what you do.” Peter DeFazio didn’t say anything. John Kitzhaber didn’t say anything. No major Democratic political figure stood up and said, “Legalize today and open the jails.” No, not one of those rotten Democrats, who always bray about how much they are for the little guy, had the huevos to speak out. I wonder how many little guy children cried their eyes out at night, because DeFazio and Kitzhaber and Clinton locked up their mother or father for possessing cannabis? They  are Fascist Criminals for not speaking out against Evil, but they will never pay for their Sins.

But Ron Paul could not do it alone. It also took the 834,636 Oregon Voters (and one of those voters was me) who voted for Measure 91. Those voters did it, not the ones who voted against it, to keep Capitalists in jail for a Communist crime, and not those who didn’t vote at all, the Indifferenti, who cared nothing about injustice or the suffering of the sick.

No, the Oregon 834,636 struck a Libertarian blow against the very bonemarrow of Fascism with their vote. They overruled the Indifference of a Nation of over 300 million and its parasitical leaders. They smashed the Communistic Principle of Drug Prohibition. They corrupted Evil, and nurtured Freedom. And all with a ballpoint pen.

So my kudos to Ron Paul, for being the valiant warrior who didn’t give a damn about what people said about him, or how speaking the truth would affect his political standings, and to Oregon’s 834,636 voters who put the stake through the heart of the Democrat’s War on Drugs.

They blasted the Fascist Pot Laws to smithereens!

-Paul Grad, Enviro-Vegan Libertarian


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