Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: I Lose the Election

I lost my run for the Oregon Governorship. I received 21,523 votes, or 1.48% of the vote.paul 19

I’d like to thank all those Revolutionaries who had the moxie to vote for me. I think my platform and agenda were absolutely necessary for America at this moment in its development, or should we say degeneration? I doubt that we will get to the next election without a major environmental or financial upheaval.

I see nothing ahead but trouble, given the huge proportion of voters who voted for Democrats and Republicans. The public at large is still almost completely brainwashed into their Democrat-Republican football rivalries, while the world is burning around them. Without that change in political consciousness, nothing will change in America except that the deficits will get larger, further undermining the validity of the currency, and bringing the final crisis that much closer.

This was America’s last election before the storm.

-Paul Grad, former Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor


2 thoughts on “Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: I Lose the Election

  1. For me it was not hard to vote for Paul Grad. It was the obvious choice. And I could not agree more about the American Football mentality applied to politics. 2014 was the time when we needed a crash course in economics, which is what Paul Grad was offering.

    Now, in 2016 what is the next step forward?

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