Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: “My People”

While as Governor I would have the fiduciary responsibility to represent all the People of the State, there are certain groups of Individuals in our society whom I feel are getting an especially raw deal under our current mostly-socialist State government. And that socialism refers not only to welfare recipients, but also to wealthy corporations and hugely-paid government workers. The groups I’d mainly represent are those exploited by this government-corporate looting mechanism, and I’d attempt to redress the injustices under which they labor.paul 19

The four groups I’d say I would best represent, as a Libertarian, are the small businessman, the minimum wage worker, the artisan, and the small investor. These are the backbone of America, and the vast majority of our society, and these are the groups that are most cruelly exploited by the Fascistic government-corporate alliance.

My proposal to abolish the personal income tax (and the small corporate income tax up to about $100,000) would greatly help these four groups, who would immediately see about a 9% increase in their income. Giving workers the option of opting out of State unemployment insurance deductions would also benefit workers, especially those who are pleased with their jobs and planning to stay with them for years. Abolishing the State minimum wage law would help both small businessmen and unemployed teenagers, especially minority youth, although the Federal minimum wage law would still exist, which disenfranchises Black youth from getting any kind of income unless they sell themselves to the corporate giants.

Artisans, those who practice a specialized craft, are being devastated by the Federal inflation. There’s not much as Governor I could do about that, but abolishing and outlawing Business License requirements throughout the State would certainly help, since so many artisans make their living vending at fairs, swap meets, and municipal holiday events. It is self-evident that business license requirements are a form of Communism, a restriction on the Free-Market. Furthermore, my proposal that every township in Oregon should establish a “free-market” zone, where anyone could vend their wares without a license or any fees, would certainly help vending artisans.

Lastly among our groups are the small investors, those doughty day-traders and small lot investors who manage to keep their heads above water by that ancient Capitalist activity known as trading. With inflation raging, despite the Federal Reserve saying it isn’t high enough yet, trading in their retirement years has become a full-time job for many as they see the purchasing power of their wonderful Social Security checks inflated away in a few brief years by Obama and the spendthrift Republicans. Instead of passively letting their money be inflated away to nothing by leaving it in the Federally-subsidized banks, the small investor courts risk in seeking to improve his lot. And now the Federal Democrats, like DeFazio, want to further caponize that small investor by imposing a “transaction tax” on him. Obviously, all “transaction taxes” are forms of Communism, and must be opposed vigorously.

There are two other groups I’d represent as Governor, whose Rights are routinely violated, and who are generally denounced by one and all: the billionaires and the homeless.

As far as I’m concerned, any billionaire who made his money in the Free-Market, without any government subsidies, loans, grants, or contracts, (and not in meatpacking, tobacco products, or deforestation) is worthy of admiration. He made his wealth because the public, without any coercion, patronized his products and services. I would not begrudge a discount merchandiser, who saved consumers $100 billion over the local competition in the course of 40 years, his wealth of $1 billion. And that billion will usually sit in a bank where it will get loaned out to build capital equipment that produces better quality goods at a lower cost, or for the purchase of a capital good like a car. And if you’re wondering how billionaires are exploited by corporate communists, it’s called the Estate Tax.

The homeless might be the worst exploited group of all. The Democrats beloved minimum wage law has made it so that these people are almost completely cut off from the cash commodity, unless they beg or collect cans. And the raging Democrat-fueled inflation has meant that now the homeless must panhandle for a lot longer to get that coffee and donut in the cold, hangover morning. And this in a State that provides a public PERS pension of $545,000 for one individual, and over $100,000 a year for over 1,100 individuals, the State Apparatchiks.  Why don’t the Democrats, Greens, and “Progressives” ever lobby for Destitution Camps, where any destitute US citizen, or Oregon resident, could go and get food, clothes, shelter, and bathing facilities? If these self-righteous Socialists in Oregon really cared about the poor, like they’re always braying about, they would set up these camps in a minute. And the Federal Government could do the same, but don’t expect DeFazio, Walden, Merkley, Kitzhaber, Wyden, and all those Liberal Democrats in the Oregon Legislature to ever even mention such a logical and humane solution to the homeless person’s crisis. They’re more concerned with their benefit packages.

Additionally, not as a Libertarian but as a moralist, I stand for those environmentalists, vegetarians, and animal welfare people, whose views coincide with my own on issues in those areas. Issues that especially concern vegetarians, Hindu-Americans, and anti-Vivisectionists have long been absent from from political dialogue and campaigns (the Vegetarian Party rose in 1947 and fell in 1948). My candidacy has changed that somewhat.

So these are the People I’d be standing up for first and foremost if I were elected: the small businessmen, the low-wage worker, the artisan, the unemployed teen, the small investor, the non-government-subsidized billionaire, the hobo, the tree-hugger, and the vegetarian.

Paul Grad, Libertarian for Oregon Governor,


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