Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Abolishing Vivisection in Oregon

As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to end vivisection within the State. I would start with closing down the monkey vivisection units at Oregon Health and Science University, which currently hold about 5,000 rhesus monkeys. I would also seek to immediately end cat and dog vivisection and experimentation in Oregon. Monkeys, dogs, and cats should be the first animals protected, given their intelligence, and then we can hopefully spread that to rabbits, mice, rats, and fish.paul 19

Vivisection is a cruel, sadistic, and completely unnecessary abomination that shows how callous and insensitive our society has grown. The results obtainable through animal experimentation could be obtained through other means, like nano-technology, microbiology, and human testing. Many scientists and M.D.s oppose vivisection because they know it is both useless and immoral. But there is a vast fortune to be made from vivisection for the researchers, who get multi-million dollar grants, the lab workers, the suppliers to the labs, and the animal bounty hunters, who gather up these defenseless creatures for a fate worse than death. Given the sensitivity of animals to pain and distressing emotion, these torture labs are worthy of only the Nazis and the Japanese WWII medical experiments. They are an example of the depravity of the current Democratic and Republican Parties. However, there may well be legal limits to what I could do as Governor on day one, since I am not an expert on Federal animal-experimentation statutes.

Ending vivisection is a political issue that is rising, thanks in part to British Liberal Democrat MP, and now Minister, Norman Brown. Brown has promised to end the vivisection of cats and dogs in Britain, but says he will only move slowly, much to the chagrin of animal welfare advocates. However, just the fact that a U.K. Cabinet Minister is talking about such an issue is a milestone in ending the abomination of vivisection.

Here in Oregon, things got so bad that, in August 2014, the Fed’s USDA had to come in and warn the rhesus monkey unit at Oregon Health and Science University about their abysmal treatment of these primate relatives of ours. Earlier, in February 2014, Animal Welfare groups had complained about the treatment of the monkeys. OHSU denied any problems. But six months later the Feds had to warn them, so depraved was their conduct. How credible are these animal torturer’s words? Read about the experiments they conduct, and the conditions of the monkeys, half of whom were losing their hair according to the Feds, due to maltreatment and miserable living conditions.

Remember that Dr. John Kitzhaber presides over this institution. Doctor.

It is time for political candidates to incorporate anti-vivisection planks in their platforms. Only when this Crime that taints all Humanity is abolished, will we have the possibility of a peaceful world.

Let’s abolish vivisection in Oregon.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor


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