Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Increasing the Smoke Free Oregon Doorway Distance

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, I will seek to increase the “Smoke Free Oregon” distance from doorways that smokers must stand from the current, risible, 10ft, to a distance which adequately protects the property rights of Oregonians in their bodies from assault. Our Person is included among the inalienable Property Rights that Libertarians, and Jeffersonians, believe are part of all men’s Natural Rights. Therefore, it is the duty of government to protect those rights in our Person from assault, and be the Hammer of the Malefactor to those who would commit those assaults.paul 19

The current 10ft distance from public and business doorways that tobacco smokers are required to stay is far from adequate to prevent tobacco smoke from entering buildings. I have numerous times been in county buildings, supermarkets, and private businesses, where one could smell tobacco-smoke that had been wafted into the buildings by a gust of wind, or from someone standing outside under an intake airduct. I believe this 10ft distance needs to be substantially increased to protect not only the property rights of those who can vote, but also the property rights of children who cannot vote, but who are forced to live in a society where the Governor and Administration never address this problem of second-hand tobacco smoke. Even the fact that this distance was initially set at an inadequate distance of 10ft shows the lack of care in crafting the measure. It was done as a cosmetic measure, to imply that government is concerned about public health. The fact that it was inadequate from the start shows the real lack of Care and Concern in the government bureaucrat’s thinking.

Scientific testing could easily provide a distance at which virtually no particulates from 2nd-hand tobacco smoke could enter a public building, even on a windy day. My Administration would conduct such testing.

Let’s stop mollycoddling tobacco addicts, and force them to stand at least 70-100 ft from any public-access doorways, so that they can no longer continue to damage and pollute our bodies with their self-destructive habits.

Don’t tread on me!

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor


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