Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Libertarianism vs. Communism

In my opinion, there are only two political philosophies: Libertarianism and Communism. Libertarianism, or the Classical Liberalism of Jefferson and his predecessors, is based on the ethical bedrock principle, known as the Libertarian Non-Aggression Axiom, that “no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone”. It says that all humans are endowed with certain inalienable Natural Rights, and that government or other individuals cannot violate those Rights. Such violations are Invasion.paul 19

Communism and all its relatives, which stretch from a pure communism, where the State owns 100% of everything, including your body and Liberty, to its milder cousins like the Democratic and Republican Parties in America, which violate the Individuals Natural Rights, but leave him a little Liberty, and use the propaganda of State Media to describe their system as Capitalist — Communism and its relatives all violate these Natural Rights Principles. They lay claim to the fruits of ones labor; they tell the individual what he can and cannot put in his body, even for medical reasons; they can force him to serve on juries at slave wages for months on end; they force him to buy insurance from private business entities in order just to exist in America; they dump flouride in his drinking water, they dragoon his children into government schools where they are exposed to pesticides, they can murder him through Capital Punishment for a crime he didn’t commit. And these abuses of the Citizenry have persisted unabated for the last 65 years, while the two major parties have both had the power to correct these abuses within 72 hours. That is the putrid morality of the non-Libertarian Parties, and you’ll notice that none of the other minor parties have addressed these issues like the Libertarians.

Libertarianism stands in opposition to moral and ethical relativism. It says there are actions of human beings that are definitely and objectively immoral, and that the actions of a government (or of Libertarian political activity) must always be moral. This opposition to “the ends justifies the means” of the Communist and the Nazi, is one of the main characteristics of Libertarianism. The Means must be Moral.

And by starting from a bedrock of Truth, Libertarianism avoids many of the problems and political issues that would not be even debated in a Libertarian society because they would not exist. Marriage, for example, being a traditionally religious institution, should not be handled by the State, and married people should gain no material advantage from their collective status over those who are single (for example, a lower tax rate for married couples). But the entire issue of so-called “Gay Marriage” would be entirely removed from the political sphere under a Libertarian administration, since marriage, being a religious institution, would be removed from government, and all this wrangling of political energy over a non-issue would be conserved. The same holds true for drug possession, prostitution, and gambling. All those issues would soon be non-issues under Libertarianism. And the same applies to most of the political wrangling that goes on in American political life — it’s dealing with issues that are really non-issues, like (for the Republicans), what level of immoral taxation are we going to accept and tell our followers to grovel and accept, and how can we even spend more in those areas we love, like overseas military bases and farm subsidies. Both major parties are utterly morally bankrupt.

No, there are only two parties in America: the Libertarian and the Communist, and you’d better vote for the former if you want to preserve your Republic.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor


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