Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: A Police Station for Cave Junction and the Illinois Valley

If elected Governor of Oregon, I would seek to establish a State Police station, along with a small holding tank, in Cave Junction or its environs. It is characteristic of a socialist society, that it can give one State pensioner a pension of over $545,000/yr, and over 1100 pensioners a pension of more than $100,000/yr, while it cannot provide 24/7 deputies, or even one deputy, for a huge area of land, with roughly 17,000 inhabitants or more.paul 19

Yet, under Article 1 Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution, the administration has the Responsibility (and I, as head of that administration, would have the Responsibility) of bringing about conditions that insure the “Peace, Safety, and Happiness” of the People of Oregon. And since “Peace” and “Safety” come first in that list, it is obvious that they should be the absolute first priority of any Government — the guaranteeing of Jeffersonian Property Rights, and the arresting and punishing of any violation of those inalienable Rights. And I agree completely with that view — that the first Jeffersonian function of Government is to secure those inalienable Rights mentioned in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. The Declaration defends us against Others and the Government; the Bill of Rights defends us against the Government. It is not the first obligation of a government to pay its civil servants pensions in excess of $100,000, while its Citizens have no police protection. It is the first obligation of Government to provide Law Enforcement Protection, and a legal system of courts and jails, against those crimes against which almost all societies throughout history have passed laws. These so-called “malum in se”, or “crimes in themselves” are crimes like murder, arson, rapine, fraud, assault, kidnapping, slavery, etc.

A side issue here is that PERS costs add about 17-21% to the cost of hiring any new personnel, so that police would be far more affordable for county and state taxpayers if PERS were abolished (which is part of my platform), or turned into a voluntary program with no state guarantees for its solvency (which would make it virtually equivalent to a private retirement fund, except it would still be called the Oregon State Employees Retirement Fund).

Inflation at the Federal level has also made it much harder for taxpayers to pay for ever-rising police salaries and insurance costs, so that public safety levies have been failing for years in Josephine County. Since the County can’t or won’t fund these levies, and since there is a dire lack of Law Enforcement in the Illinois Valley, it would be my sworn duty, under the Oregon Constitution, to establish a State Police Station, with holding tank for at least three prisoners, in the Illinois Valley, and probably near or in Cave Junction. Not only would crime go down, but almost certainly property values would rise. This is obviously not the main valid reason for Law Enforcement, which is to guarantee those Natural Rights stated in the Declaration of Independence, but it is a large side-benefit. If property values rise, then counties can collect more property taxes (until we Libertarian’s eliminate them, except for taxes for County police, courts, and jails). There may be a few other minor county functions that would require some tax revenue, although the property tax is certainly not the way to raise that revenue. (The quest for a “just” tax is futile because all taxation is a form of coercion, and thus an evil, although the poll, or head tax, is certainly the fairest, but it is outlawed by the Oregon Constitution. The poll or head tax is also a sure way for the foolish politician who introduces it to be quickly booted out of office.) Shifting government school’s funding from county property taxpayers to large corporate taxpayers (who benefit from a pre-trained workforce and a lower income tax than a poor worker (7.6% vs 9% for the worker)) would give much more spendable and savable cash to local property owners, and that would boost local economies.

The dangerous situation of the People living in the Illinois Valley, and the utter lack of responsibility of the Governor and Legislature in providing for 24/7 multiple-police presence, shows the callous indifference of Socialist, planned government to the plight of the People. Salaries of $150 to $240k/yr for State administrative assistants/managers go on for dozens of pages, if you look at the salary records gathered by a private institute (and that was for 2010). I also saw a figure in a State publication that said that on average PERS takes in about $21 Billion/yr in payments. Can that be, in a State of 3 million? That’s about seven grand paid in every year by every person in the state on average, just to pay for these exorbitant state retirement pensions, unless I’m figuring something wrong. And this State is about $86 Billion in debt already, which is something around 22 grand for every person in the State. A baby born in Oregon already owes 22 grand to the State; that’s Socialism.

To pay for this police station, in part or in entirety, I will pardon anyone in State Prison solely on a cannabis charge, unless it involved DUI or non-medical delivery to minors. We saw a figure of about 100 Citizens kidnapped and currently held in State Prisons by the Prohibitionists, so, given the costs of incarcerating one person for a year, we could probably easily cover the costs of the new police station through such cannabis pardons. (These pardons would also free up prison space and money for my proposed 50% lengthened sentences for 1st degree rape).

It is clear that the Illinois Valley badly needs the most primary function of Jeffersonian Republican Government — police protection. If elected Governor, I will deal with this lack of protection by swiftly installing a police station in Cave Junction, hopefully with the backing of the Socialist legislature, but if not, then by my own order, if legally possible under Oregon Law, to comply with my Responsibilities under Article 1 Section 1.

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, the time for a real law enforcement presence in the Illinois Valley will have finally come.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor,


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