Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Don Merrill Interview

Don Merrill, an independent producer working with KBOO.FM to bring to the public interviews with politicians and Artists, was kind enough to interview me on September 18th for his radio podcast archive program entitled “Between Us”, and yesterday lodged the podcast of that interview on the KBOO.FM  Audio Archives. paul 19I want to thank both Mr. Merrill and radio station KBOO.FM not only for interviewing me, but also for interviewing a wide range of would-be politicians covering the entire panoply of political philosophy. Such actions by the Press serve the commendable function of strengthening and protecting The Republic by broadening the political consciousness of society, which is the political consciousness of each individual citizen viewed in its totality. They are one of the very few members of the Press in Oregon who have fulfilled their Responsibilities to the Public, in my opinion. Don did a great job!

Anyway, this is what I sound like when I get up on my hind legs. Sorry if you don’t agree with some of it. Hopefully not all of it.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,


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