Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Don Merrill and KBOO Do a Good Deed

paul 19Don Merrill and radio station KBOO.FM published Don’s interview podcast of September 18 with me this morning. I was interviewed because I am the Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor, appearing on the November ballot. I will publish the interview in my next post, but in this one, I wanted to concentrate on another point.

I wanted to extend a large personal Thank You to Mr. Merrill, both for giving me a forum to present my political views to the Public, but also for conducting the interview in such a thoroughly professional manner. His questions were important, incisive, and interesting, and I only hope my answers were as well crafted.

However, I don’t think I would be thought too brazen if I said that I have no doubt that my fellow Libertarian Candidates, who have had the good fortune to be interviewed by Mr. Merrill, would share in my positive appraisal of his interviewing talents. His delivery is smooth, without blemish, and his personable, rich voice is eminently suitable for the radio medium. Moreover, he completely hid any bias he might have, an absolute prerequisite for any good journalist, and also essential for eliciting frank answers from politicians. Lack of perceptible bias is yet another virtue which Mr. Merrill has, which so many current journalists seem to lack.

Additionally, Mr. Merrill really did his due diligence research before conducting his interview. In the two days before my interview with him, I noticed a spike of 20 or 30 additional hits on my posts, which I think were probably his perusal of those posts The specificity of his questions would seem to prove that. So Mr. Merrill had the Care and Consideration to actually study my platform in depth beforehand, and that also deserves commendation.

But perhaps even more important than all these personal virtues is the Great Service which Don Merrill, and KBOO.FM and its subscribers, have done for both The People of Oregon and The Republic, for Mr. Merrill has interviewed would-be neophyte politicians of every political stripe, from Leftist Pacific Greens, to Constitutionalists would want to tear down Jefferson’s necessary Wall of Separation between Church and State, as well as several Libertarian Candidates and myself. Merrill has given us all voice through the airwaves, those who would be kept virtually silent if it were up to the major media. Thus, he has helped to expand the Political Consciousness of the People, and the Consciousness within Society, and, in that, he has fulfilled one of the Responsibilities of the Press, to expose the politician’s views to the Public, to expose them to the Court of Public Opinion, the only Court by which a Government based on Jeffersonian rule can survive. Therefore, he has completely fulfilled his Responsibility as a member of the Press in Oregon. Let me add that, so far in my campaign, he is one of the very very few members of the Press  who have fulfilled that Responsibility. (We also were interviewed for possible endorsement by the Bend Bulletin, but that interview was not recorded for podcast, nor, do I believe, my views were ever published in an article.)

I would also note that Mr. Merrill is listed as a volunteer interviewer,  which I take to mean that he is not compensated for his Service to the Public (although he would certainly be worthy of remuneration for his efforts). He spoke to me over the phone for 42 minutes, but the interview runs 29minutes, which means that Mr. Merrill had to expend considerable time and energy both conducting the interview, and also editing out my “Ron Paul” moments. Considering how many other interviews of politicians he has produced, to help protect the Public from this breed, his immense labors deserve the highest commendation.

I also want to Thank radio station KBOO.FM, and their subscribers, for making possible these interviews, and for forming and maintaining the audio archive of them. Such an archive is a form of free public library, and again, this fulfills the near-sacred Responsibility of the Press to disseminate the views of public figures, especially those who might assume great political power, and to test the proof of those candidates against the touchstone of Press abrasions. This archiving is also a Good Deed. And it is all the product of Voluntary Action outside the realm of Government!

Let me add that, if I am fortunate enough to assume the Office of Governor of Oregon, I will always be available for interview by Mr. Merrill, in order that the Public might know my views. I wish to hide none of my political views from the Public.

In short, in my opinion, Mr. Merrill is a Top-Drawer interviewer!

Kudos to you, Sir, for your Great Service in helping to protect and maintain The Republic!

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor,


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