Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Continuing Jefferson’s Libertarian Revolution

My campaign for Governor of Oregon is intended as a continuation of the Libertarian Revolution begun when Jefferson sat down and wrote out the Declaration of Independence. And in that document he stated that all men are endowed with certain “unalienable” Rights, which means that no man or group of men can take them away from the Individual. My platform is intended to guarantee those Rights within the State of Oregon, and to continue that Jeffersonian Revolution.paul 19

By voting for me, you will be helping to project that Revolution into the future, and, if I win, perhaps realize it in the present. If I lose, your vote will still be viewed as a voice in the Court of Public Opinion, the only Court upon which ultimately any legitimate Government rests. No Government can continue without the support of that Court, and by voting for me, you will be voting for my Platform, which I hope reflects Jefferson’s Libertarian values. And every vote for me raises the percentage of the public that apparently agrees with my views, while lowering the percentage which the two main collectivist parties receive. These percentages are noted by political analysts and the major political parties.

As you know, they are destroying the Earth. They are killing off the wildlife at a rapid rate. Pesticides are being spread far and wide, by the State and others. Vast sums are being spent, and will have to be spent, to deal with the atmospheric destabilization which the pro-logging Democrats and the pro-logging Republicans have already wrought upon the Earth, while the Greens have utterly failed to stop the environmental rape of the forests. We are probably beyond the tipping point now. You Pacific Greens have left it too long, and it seems your main concern is providing for-profit cannabis dispensaries as a new kind of government-controlled monopoly, instead of thousands and tens of thousands of you sitting-in in Salem and demanding an end to the Rape of the Earth as it is taking place in Oregon. Why aren’t you fasting until death in front of the Governor’s mansion to demand a live-tree logging moratorium on all State lands, when you know that global warming, if real, is being exacerbated by any logging of live trees? Why are you so passive in the face of your destruction and the destruction of your children? Don’t you care, or are you so engrossed in your continual need for amusements?

No, it is only a Jeffersonian-Libertarian non-violent Revolution, the continuation of the American Revolution, that can save America now; a return to the Libertarian spirit of the Revolution, which the historian Bernard Bailyn so well delineated in his essay on that topic. We must have a Free-Market, Libertarian society, that jealously defends the Bill of Rights, and corrects the egregious injustices which I have listed in my Platform. We must protect and preserve the natural areas of the Earth that are left, and find an alternative to lumber for the next 40 years, although removal of dead trees from the forests can continue, if done according to the Natural Selection Forest Management System of Mr. Orville Camp, a system which takes only dead trees and leaves the forests practically pristine and less prone to firestorms, while providing better quality wood than live trees, and livelihoods for self-employed removers and distributors, while leaving a modicum for the functions of a minimalist Government.

The Libertarian Revolution has been going on since the days of the Pharaohs, a Revolution against Slavery and for Self-Ownership. The democratic councils and common law courts based on precedent of the Anglo-Saxons began the formulation which finally led to Jefferson’s Great Document. Magna Carta was a huge milestone along the way, braking the power of Kings, but not overthrowing it. Yet, it was only the first step that led to the final elimination of the Curse of Monarchy from America.  The next step was Oliver Cromwell’s Glorious Revolution of 1688, overthrowing the British Monarchy. Though it later returned, the Monarchy was ever after only a caponized version of its former roostership.

And last was Jefferson’s beautiful Revolution, watered by the words of Tom Paine, Patrick Henry, many others, and the Tractarians, who were the bloggers of the 18th Century who coalesced public opinion around the Revolution.

A vote for me is a vote for such a Libertarian Revolution, and a vote against the incompetent rule of the two major collectivist parties, and against the utter failure of the Greens and “progressives” to protect the Earth.

This time, vote for Jefferson’s Revolution!

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Governor of Oregon,


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