Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: I’m Invited to a Corporate Hard-Drug Fest

I got an invitation to attend the “City Club Election Civic Drinks” event, put on by the City Club of Portland. That was nice of them. But I guess they weren’t aware of my views on the use of any drug more addictive than caffeine, so I sent them back this missive:

“Thank you for inviting me to your City Club Election Civic Drinks event. Unfortunately, while I feel that all drugs should be legal, I cannot accept an invitation to an event that serves addictive drugs. As you know, alcohol is a powerful, mind-altering drug, with serious deleterious effects on human health. As a Gubernatorial Candidate, attending your event might well be construed by my supporters and the general Public as condoning the use of alcohol, which I strongly oppose.

Additionally, your event is (partially – not in original letter) sponsored by one of the largest corporations in the State, which currently receives a preferentially lower income tax rate than an individual making $7950 or more. By accepting anything at all at your event (drinks, snacks, etc.), such an action might be construed by the Public as accepting a bribe, or donation from a corporation. As you may know, I have pledged to accept no donations at all during my campaign, and to spend less than $750, above which the State requires many additional reporting procedures. Therefore, I must decline your invitation on this basis as well.

Might I urge you, in the future, not to include dangerous, addictive drugs at your events?

Cordially yours,” etc.

The nerve of inviting a Gubernatorial Candidate to a drug fest.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor, paul 19


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