Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Immorality of Taxing Tips

As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to eliminate the heinous personal income tax, but if I am not successful in that endeavor, then I will seek to eliminate one of the most lowdown, lily-livered taxes I can think of — the tax on tips.

The fact that the Democrats are willing to milk the income of the lowest-paid in our State — the waitresses, couriers and messengers, barbers and low-cost hairstylists, bellhops and deliverymen — in order to finance the opulent pensions of retired State apparatchiks, is a disgrace, and shows their true moral fibre. And the fact that Republicans have stayed mum on this issue, while the poorest Capitalists who vend their labor suffer, shows their true moral fibre also.

The Greens and Progressives have also been silent on this Crime against the Poor, despite their loudly proclaimed championing of the little guy. Probably because they figure they already have those votes in their pockets, so that can avoid dealing with that egregious injustice. But also because they have no sound theory of Individual Property Rights, which Libertarians do have. If they understood the importance of the Natural Right to own Property, with its corollary principles of the Right to Exchange title to your property for title to someone else’s property, and the Right to Give Away your Property, their dogmas would crumble. These two Rights are contained within the Right to Private Property.

Therefore, when I give the waitress or bellhop a tip, I have the Inalienable Right to Give them the entire tip, and they have the Inalienable Property Right to the entire tip. When the State intervenes through the personal income tax to loot both part of my gift, and the part that the waitress was forced at gunpoint to turn over to the State, it has aggressed against both our Inalienable Rights, something Jefferson foresaw would happen and tried to prevent with the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. He was our buddy.

So if you want to get rid of this rotted, lowdown, dastardly portion of the Oregon Income Tax laws, please consider voting for me for Governor on the November ballot. Let’s not tolerate this injustice against the Poor and the Generous any longer.paul 19

Paul Grad, Libertarian Nominee for Oregon Governor,


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