Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Oregon Ballot Measure Recommendations

paul 19As the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, appearing on the November 2014 ballot, these are my suggestions and opinions as to how to vote on the Oregon State Ballot Measures.

Measure 86 – NO, because we should have a complete separation of Government and Education, and education should and could be completely privatized. Funding higher education is not the responsibility of the minimum wage worker and the taxpayers.

Measure 87 – NO. We should maintain a strict separation of powers between the Judiciary and the State Administration. Judges might have conflicts of interest if asked to rule on the abolition of government schools.

Measure 88 – YES. I switched from NO to YES on this Measure because ultimately it is a State’s Rights matter, and as Governor I would support a measure that helped insure public safety and probably would save a few lives every year. Oregon State has no responsibility to insure legal residence or citizenship. That is a Federal function. However, promoting public safety through testing driver competence is a valid State function, irregardless of legal residence. Oregon taxpayer’s money should not be spent to fulfill a Federal responsibility. However, I can understand the position that government should not facilitate the residence of people here illegally. So, voting on this measure is a matter between your conscience and the ballot envelope.

Measure 89 – YES. Libertarians have supported the equality of men and women before the law since the days of the French Revolution.

Measure 90 – NO. A very dangerous, Fascistic bill that must be crushed at the polls if Republican representative government, determined through democratic elections, is to continue in America and Oregon. Limiting the public’s de facto choice to two candidates is a farce.

Measure 91 – YES. While we don’t like this measure’s establishment of a taxing, regulating authority, we support it because the injustice and crime of taxation is less heinous than the jailing of American Citizens for the Capitalist “Crime” of owning private property. However, since the bill allows possession of eight dried ounces and four plants, it should be adequate for any recreational user who isn’t a hog about it, even if it is dreadfully flawed in permitting State taxation, which will ultimately lead to another so-called “Black Market”, which is actually the Free-Market. Black is Beautiful.

Since cannabis is less physically addictive than caffeine, according to Dr. Neal Benowitz of the University of California, one of the world’s leading authorities on drug addictions, it should not be taxed or regulated (other than DUI, delivery to minors, and second-hand smoke exposure) unless caffeine beverages are also taxed and regulated. Taxing medical cannabis is Immoral.

Measure 92 – YES. There has been vigorous intra-party debate on this Measure on the LPO facebook page. A poll on that page runs about 60% NO, 40% YES. Technically, I’d agree with the NO’s that the correct procedure would be to have non-GMO products labelled non-GMO, instead of forcing the GMO companies to label theirs as containing GMOs, but I side with those who think people have a Right to know what is in their food, and the studies I’ve reviewed on GMOs in diets may indicate possible difficulties. I believe in employing the “precautionary principle” in dealing with GMOs, and that justifies this Measure in my opinion.

These recommendations are solely my own, and do not reflect any official endorsement by the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor



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