Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Outlawing Fluoridation of Water

paul 19As the Libertarian Party Nominee for Governor, appearing on the November ballot, I am adding to my platform a plank pledging to initiate legislation outlawing the adding of fluoride to public drinking water systems, or, if possible, banning its use as a municipal water additive.

In reviewing the scientific arguments on both sides, I find that I would, at the least, come down on the side of the “precautionary principle” in dealing with the fluoride issue, and as Governor, acting under the authority of Article I Section I on the Oregon Constitution, I think I would have the authority to ban its use within the State. Individuals, of course, would continue to exercise their inalienable Right to add it to their own domestic water, but no Government Collective could impose this clear violation and assault against that personal property known as your body.

It is interesting to a Libertarian that that so-called progressive city, Portland, has voted four times against adding it to that city’s water since 1960, while a quarter of Oregonians,living in so-called “conservative” cities, are subject to this communistic assault. The Communists want to force all members of the community to their standards, and their way of life, and fluoridation is a perfect example of that coercive process, justified in the name of public health, even though there is ample evidence to raise doubts not only about its efficacy, but also about its long-term safety. The justifications for using fluoride are the usual Benthamite, pragmatic, “the greatest good for the greatest number” arguments that ‘progressives” and leftists often make for implementing an Individual Rights-violation measure. They always ignore that small group of individuals for which their measures may mean death, or serious illness.

Ramming fluoridation of water down the throats of non-voting children, and voting city residents who don’t want fluoridation, will not be tolerated under my administration. Individuals, of course, will remain free to use it.

If elected, I pledge to either send legislation to the legislature outlawing the governmental addition of fluoride to public drinking water systems, or ban it by executive order under the authority of Article 1 Section 1 (safety of the People).

Let’s abolish this Collectivist assault on our Inalienable Property Rights, and the Rights of non-voting children.

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor


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