Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Four New Additions to My Platform

Recently I thought of four more measures I am adding to my Gubernatorial platform.

I believe the State has a responsibility to its patrol officers to provide them with bulletproof vests under Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution. I would favor having the State provide these to all police officers who wanted one, and if the Legislature rejected this commonsense measure, then I would favor any police officer who buys one being eligible for a tax credit dollar for dollar against any income tax they might owe. It seems insane to me that the State does not already provide these as standard issue for any law enforcement officer. However, while all officers should be issued vests, it should not be mandatory that they wear them all the time on duty because there may arise a situation where the officer judges them to be a hindrance to the performance of his duties (such as chasing on foot an unarmed suspect).

Additionally, under my animal welfare plank, I would have the State provide bulletproof vests for police dogs. Given the cost and effort of training these dogs, bulletproof vests for police dogs would eventually pay for themselves.

The next addition to my platform would be to increase the penalty for tree theft from the current risible three times the value of the tree to a more just 30 times the value of the tree. Private property must be protected, and the current 3x penalty is a bad joke.

My next measure deals with second-hand tobacco smoke. The current “smoke free oregon” ban of smoking within 10 ft. of a public doorway is far from adequate to insure that no smoke enters a public building and assaults those inside. One gust of wind can fill a hall with tobacco smoke so that the actions of one person assault the health of hundreds, yet no one in government has addressed this egregious injustice. I would extend that smoke ban to somewhere between 70 and 100ft. Under Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution, as chief officer of the Government, I have responsibility for the safety of the People, and since this measure protects the pubic from violent assault, I believe it is valid.

Finally, I would implement the “Natural Selection Forestry Management” program. This program provides for a sustainable harvest of dead trees, and would provide self-employment for those removing and marketing the wood, while creating no environmental degradation.

These four additions to my platform are logical and positive measures, but I have never heard them proposed by any of my opponents, even though some of them have been in office for years.

The safety of our police officers should not be neglected as it has been by our irresponsible legislators. And laws against tree thieves and tobacco-smoke assaulters need to be toughened and revised.

Let’s not permit these egregious injustices to continue yet again through another administration that fails to protect the property rights of the People.

-Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor


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