Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Smashing the LNG Jordan Cove Project

paul 19As Governor of Oregon I will, if elected, do everything within my legal powers to block the construction of the Liquid Natural Gas Jordan Cove Project, which would strewn pipeline across a valuable swathe of Southern Oregon.

I oppose this project because it is a vile, communistic attempt to overthrow our inalienable Property Rights. It will destroy the real estate values, and the lives and dreams, of countless property owners who have invested a lifetime in building their properties. And now the Corporate Communists, in collusion with the Federal Government, are going to destroy those properties in the name of “eminent domain”, which overthrows the Jeffersonian Bill of Rights.

What distinguishes this project from other pipeline projects in Oregon is that this will initiate a new loading facility on the coast at Coos Bay, while earlier loading projects merely consisted of the conversion of already existing facilities, so that no virgin loading areas were violated. Also, this project is distinguished from earlier projects in that its products are for export and not for domestic consumption .

With its usual Benthamite prejudices, which disregard inalienable property rights — the basis of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights — the Federal-Corporate alliance is touting this as a “net benefit” for the country.

I wonder what the “net benefit” is of overthrowing the U.S. Constitution, and the Libertarian spirit of Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution? The Communists are creating a society where “they know what is best for the public”, and their analyses will always favor the Corporate Collective over Individual Property Rights. Such governments need to be removed by a vote of the People.

Libertarianism differs from the Democratic and Republican Parties’ dogmas in that it always bases its views on Principles, and not on the Benthamite pragmatism that says that “the greatest good for the greatest number” is the guide by which we should decide issues. Under such a bankrupt “pragmatist” philosophy, it would be perfectly alright to murder the 3% of the population that has red hair, and distribute the plunder of their estates unto the remaining 97% of the people. Pragmatism takes no account of ethics, principle, or the rule of Jeffersonian Law — as you can see in the Jordan Cove Project.

Our Communist, baby-seal clubbing friends North of the Border are used to ripping off their Native Peoples, and now they think they can commit the same crimes against Property Owners in Oregon, in collaboration with the Federal Government. And they will get away with the cozenage if Kitzhaber or Richardson get elected.

Voting for a Democrat or Republican will only guarantee the execution of this heinous, anti-environmental, anti-Capitalist, project. Voting for me, or any other candidate who opposes this project, will be a vote for the defense of the Bill of Rights, of Jeffersonian Republicanistic government, and of the inalienable Property Rights which every Human Being on Earth possesses.

Vote for me, and I will do all I legally can to help stop this egregious violation of our Inalienable Natural Law Property Rights.

This time, vote for Justice.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor


2 thoughts on “Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Smashing the LNG Jordan Cove Project

  1. I really like this lively opposition to the Jordan Cove LNG Project & Pipeline based on property rights.

    This is a key difference between Libertarians and other parties. For Libertarians, perceived public good does not trump individual rights which include property rights..

    1. Thanks for commenting, Mike. While I see Individual Property Rights as the key criteria, there is a very murky area between individual property rights and public good when it comes to “reckless endangerment” issues. Some Libertarians might criticise some of my measures, like basically duplicating the British Dangerous Dogs Act, or jailing people for exposing children to second-hand tobacco smoke, on the basis of individual property rights. They might think people have a right to fire a gun into the air in the middle of Portland or drive with a blood alcohol level of 0.30, as long as they don’t hurt anybody else, and that a crime only occurs if they hurt somebody, or if their off-leash pitbull kills a child. I’ve told the local Greens that their entire gripe with GMOs, and pesticide drift and poisoning, and fracking, could all be opposed much more effectively on the basis of individual property rights, but that would dissolve the basis of their general leftist collectivism. So they will plod, county by county, expending vast energy on measures that give “community rights”, a collectivist concept that will probably be thrown out of court, and by the time they ever get any legislation passed, we’ll all have been poisoned with herbicides.

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