Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Starve-flation, the Bipartisan’s Weapon

paul 19The massive inflation Ron Paul predicted back in his 2008 campaign is now with us in food prices. The Democrats and Republicans have driven up the price of food fourfold, and in doing so have rendered the lives of most Americans who live from hand to mouth miserable. How is a father of four now able to feed his wife and children, other than having a corporate job, or receiving some kind of government support? The Democrats and Republicans well knew that their deficit spending would cause this massive consumer price inflation, and that that impoverishment would keep the mass of Americans working away for decades, so that the politicians and bureaucrats could continue to live on the tax proceeds mulcted out of the workers.

The sociologist Franz Oppenheimer pointed out that there were two ways of getting an income: either through the market mechanism, which he called “the economic means”, or else through “the political means” which is by legally looting, through taxation, the profits of those who engage in the economic means. In this manner, the political and bureaucratic class, and all the government workers even unto the grunts, are all parasitically sucking off the productive, market sector of society. Occasionally their actions do good, and one must sympathize with the government janitors, working their dismal graveyard shifts alone, but all-in-all almost all government actions and spending are outside the minimal pale within which Jefferson said government must be contained.

By driving up food inflation, and by raising the minimum wage to a level where unskilled workers have a very hard time finding work, the Democrats and Republicans have driven tens of millions of Americans into desperation, and one can observe it in the continual degeneration of American society. You can see it in aesthetic degeneration, in the degeneration of people’s bodies as they ruin themselves with tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs, and obesity. You can see it in the sterility of the modern architecture, the ugliness of modern cars, the routine sameness of dress, with most people wearing uniforms designed by the major corporations, just as the Communists all wore their Mao uniforms and Lenin caps. You can also see it in the ugliness of the new currency designs, as compared to the magnificently-designed bills at the the start of the 19th century. Look at Jackson’s portrait on the twenty; it’s disgusting. Compare the noble profile of Liberty on the Morgan Silver Dollar to the infantile profiles of Eisenhower on the modern “silver” dollar coins, made of cupro-nickel, or the hideous profile of Susan B Anthony. Currency redesign is often a prelude to massive inflation.

Under truly free-market Capitalism, the individual’s purchasing power over time would certainly increase. It did during the advanced stages of the Industrial Revolution, from 1870-1890, and in the decade after. Annual purchasing power increased on average 1.5%/year during that period, especially after 1880, partially from falling prices, and partially from increasing wages. Savings, put into banks, were loaned out to purchase capital equipment, which in turn further increased the efficiency of production, leading to additional price drops for consumers.

Seeing that Individual’s wealth would increase steadily under a truly free market, the collectivists of the Democratic and Republican parties saw that the only way to stop that was through further inflation. Despite years of productivity increases, we have had inflation constantly for decades — the exact opposite of what occurred from 1870-1900. That is due to Keynesian economics; an elaborate system of sophisticated theft.

But inflation is like a wild beast. It cannot be controlled once it takes hold of the People’s psyche. The Fed’s thinking that it can control it is pure hubris. The People’s belief that the Fed can control inflation is pure foolishness. It can’t. (Nor could it control massive deflation.)

The Democrats and Republicans have brought tens of millions — possibly hundreds of millions — of Americans to the brink of despair. They have turned a happy, secure America, where the price of food was the most reasonable in the world, into a jungle where people are continually being impoverished and made fearful by rising prices, and where the government’s only cure is more of the same disease. And the weapon they use, to make sure they always have masses of eager, desperate workers, is called Inflation.

Turn away from this headlong rush towards economic destruction. Vote for my platform and ideas, and help restore America to a place where food security is available to all, and not just to those with corporate and government jobs, or those with food stamps.

Please vote for me for Governor on the November ballot, and send a resounding message to those who have destroyed food security for the family and the individual.

My platform in both detail and summary, and my candidate’s statement, are available at

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor


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