Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Three Degrees of Separation

Libertarianism, or Classical Liberalism of the Jeffersonian variety, believes that three separations are necessary to keep Government, a necessary evil, from exploiting its immense power. These three separations are: separation of Church and State, separation of Business and State, and separation of Education and State. All these separations are absolutely axiomatic for any Government to remain largely honest, and all three are currently violated in our Democratic-Republican Fascist country.

America is Fascist because it follows the Mussolini blueprint of binding the State with Corporate Business. This was also a popular idea among American industrialists following World War I, and there was a lot of sympathy for Fascism amongst the American business class in the 1920s and 1930s. This disease of Fascism is deeply embedded in the American economic system, from Farm Subsidies to the Export-Import Bank, from the Federal Reserve’s picking and choosing whom to bail out to the racist minimum wage laws, which wrecks the lives of so many Black teenagers, from the Bureau of Land Management selling public assets and grazing rights at below market cost, to the refusal to jail CEO’s of companies that murder people through their negligence, be it in a coal mine or a car. And, of course, the contracts between Government and the Military-Industrial Complex, which are such a huge part of our deficit, and without which the U.S. economy would probably go into a deep recession (though, like all recessions or depressions in truly free-market economies, it would be over rather quickly), are the worst example.

So a Wall of Separation must be constructed between the U.S. Government and Business. This does not mean that the Government would immediately stop checking things like weights and measures of products, or checking for food adulterations, like adding sawdust to the wheat bread. However, in a Libertarian law society, all these issues could be dealt with by voluntary organizations, and private merchants courts. But the American public is far from ready for such privatizations, its thinking being so conditioned by Statist propaganda. Studying Libertarian ideas is really a process of de-conditioning oneself from this kind of thinking which says that Government is always necessary to solve every problem, and control every deviant behavior. But merchant and religious courts could often handle many civil and corporate contractual cases that clog our government courts, and cost the taxpayer so much money, while the jurors are dragooned into involutary servitude, and paid a pittance on top of that, not even the minimum wage which the Democrats are always braying is so moral that no man should work for less. They seem to have forgotten the poor, exploited juror.

The next necessary degree of separation for our Libertarian, Jeffersonian Republic, is the classical Separation of Church and State that Thomas Jefferson so rightly saw was absolutely necessary for a free society under a minimal Government. We won’t go into this argument again, except to point out the recent horrendous 5-4 decisions by the Supreme Court, which once again bring organized religion back into the public sector, such as public town hall meetings, in violation of Jefferson’s maxim: build up a “Wall of Separation” between Government and Churches. Almost everyone is free in America to purchase land and build a church, and practice their religion unmolested. The cry that religion is being persecuted in America is a myth, with the exception of the Native American Church peyote-takers.

The third necessary Degree of Separation in our Jeffersonian, democratic-elections, Republic is separation between Education and State. Government should not be involved in education, which should be handled solely by private groups.  If Government is involved in education, it will obviously propagandize against any who teach that Government is evil, or unnecessary, or that Government should not be involved in education. What Professor, subsisting on a Government grant, is going to speak against the Government, or speak out against the wickedness of Government grants? Will Government give scholarships to Anarchists?

Moreover, since America is not a very intellectual country, and since intellectuals at universities would have a very hard time subsisting on the sales of their writings if the government didn’t subsidize them with professorships and research grants in a culture only in love with the visual image, unlike pre-movie cultures like Britain and America, where reading and the written word were highly prized, it becomes a matter of survival for the intellectual to shut his mouth when it comes to defaming the Government, or even the principle of Government. This leads to a mealy-mouthed sort of overnice intellectual, who is afraid to expess any anger at the continuing injustices of the Government that is feeding him. Contrast the milktoast bulk of university professors during the Vietnam War years, to the ferocious attacks on the Johnson Administration’s Vietnam War by writer Norman Mailer.

The sole function for which Government could be involved in education, would be to teach reading, since this is axiomatic for any further education and to be able to read the laws and vote. However, in the modern age, with computers and community workshops, it would be fairly easy to make sure every child learned to read without Government schools. Also, remember that in a Libertarian society, there would be no income tax or property tax, so people could channel this money themselves to the educational group of their choice if they felt the issue of universal literacy was so important to them and society.

So, in a Libertarian Law Society, there would be a strict separation between Government and Business, Church, and Education. As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to re-establish this cordon sanitaire between Government, and those who would seek to use its largesse for private gain.

Please vote for me for Governor of Oregon in November.

Paul Grad, Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominee for Governor


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