Paul Grad for Governor: My Oregon Abigail Adams Project Questionnaire Responses

I am the Libertarian Party of Oregon’s Nominee for Governor, and will be appearing on the November ballot. In the interests of public transparency, and because I don’t want to fool anyone as to my positions on many issues, I enclose herewith my answers to the Oregon Abigail Adams Project’s Questionnaire.

There are a lot of slanted questions in this survey, like the last one about ICLEI groups. And other issues are so complex, that you can’t really answer yes, no, or decline to state. “Decline to state” sounds a bit like you’re refusing to testify. How about “not sure”? They do allow you to briefly add a comment, further explaining your position.

One other slightly disingenuous tactic to get you to participate in the questionnaire is that they tell you in their introductory blurb that they do not list a candidates party or parties, so that voters can just look at how they stand on the issues. Very commendable. But when a voter seeking information on your positions goes to their candidates page on their website to click on your answers by your name, they have the candidates listed by office and also by party, so anyone going there will know perfectly well what party you’re from.

I’d guess that I’m too Libertarian for them, and too Environmental for them, so I doubt I’ll earn there ringing endorsement, but if they help to further spread my platform, their actions will have also helped to further the political-democratic process, and to inform the voters of the entire panoply of views of their candidates.

Paul Grad,

Facebook: Paul Grad for Oregon Governor


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