Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: My Top Five Issues

paul 19As Governor of Oregon, I will seek to implement correction of five egregious injustices which go against the basic American Libertarian philosophy. These are my top five issues.

First, I’d try to legalize heroin for the terminally ill. Libertarians believe drugs should be legalized, and that, since you own your body as one of your Property Rights, no individual or group of individuals can justly prevent you from doing what you want with your own body, as long as it doesn’t aggress against the property rights of another individual. Therefore, you certainly have the right to take heroin when you are dying if you so wish. The sadistic prohibitionists in the Democratic and Republican parties have for too long denied the most vulnerable Americans this inalienable Right. I will abolish that sadistic prohibition if elected, and if the legislature will vote its accord. Please help me implement this basic Right which protects every one of us from the indifference of a callous government.

Secondly, i will attempt to abolish Capital Punishment. A Government should never be given the power to murder an individual, for life is an inalienable Right, and can not be taken away by any individual or group of individuals. A more arduous imprisonment, with restitution to the victims next of kin, would be the penalty for those convicted of crimes so vicious that they now earn the death penalty.

Thirdly, I would try to abolish the income tax on individuals. Individuals have an inalienable Right to the fruits of their labor. Jefferson said that government shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread which it has earned. Therefore, an income tax is a violation of our Natural Right to the fruits of our labor, and the inalienable Right to the pursuit of happiness, which in earlier forms of the U.S. Constitution was termed “property”. Since corporations are not individuals in my view, although their stock is the real property of its’ shareholders, there might be the legal possibility of a corporate income tax.

Fourthly, I would try to legalize cannabis with no taxes. DUI and non-medical delivery to minors would remain criminalized. Smoking within a fixed distance of another non-consenting person should also be criminalized. Medical cannabis should never be taxed; that is highly immoral. Neither should so-called recreational cannabis be taxed, unless two conditions pertain: firstly, that people are free to legally grow cannabis without limit or taxation, and secondly, that there is a Government medical system financed by the general taxpayer. Perhaps only people on that government system should have to pay a recreational tax, with those opting out of the Government plan being absolved from paying the tax.

Fifth, I would pardon all prisoners in State prisons there solely on cannabis convictions, except for DUI or delivery to minors. This would also include some who had also been charged with “resisting arrest” if the resistance was running away from the police. For example, someone is convicted on a cannabis charge. They serve a sentence, then go on parole. They violate parole by not meeting with their parole officer, a warrant is issued, the police see them and try to arrest them, but they run away. Now they are convicted of resisting arrest and reincarcerated. But since their original conviction was unjust and a violation of their Constitutional Rights under Libertarian doctrine, they should not have been charged with resisting arrest because such an arrest was actually their kidnapping by the State. In reality, they were non-violently resisting (running away) a violent violation by the State of their Inalienable Creator-endowed Right to self-ownership.

These five issues — heroin for the dying, abolishing the Death Penalty, abolishing the personal income tax, legalizing cannabis and freeing the cannabis prisoners — are the most pressing contained in my Libertarian economic and social platform, but, unfortunately, not the only injustices by far that need correction. The destruction of the Earth, and the horrendous treatment of animals are also grave injustices, but we deal here with those pressing injustices in our economic and social system that brings misery and injustice to so many of our innocent Citizens. The Democrats and Republicans have let these injustices stand for decades. It’s time to sweep away their callous indifference to the plight of our comrade Citizens.

Please considering voting for me, and bringing Justice back to the American political and social order.

Paul Grad,


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