Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Insuring Accurate Election Counts

paul 19One of the lessons Thomas Jefferson learned from the French philosopher, Montesquieu, was the importance of accurate election counts. Many an early republic floundered because of inaccurate election counts, and shoddy record keeping. Now, in this modern age, I’m sure we can come up with a virtually failsafe election procedure in Oregon that will give a ballot count so accurate, that few losing candidates will want to pay for a recount. And, if we succeed, other States will follow, and we can spread the guarantee of democratic elections all over America.

My method for counting the ballots accurately is this: use the old traditional paper ballots, with each of the candidate’s names clearly visible, and a big x by the name of the voter’s choice.  Each polling station would have five or six vote counters. There would be one from each of the major parties, one from each of the recognized minor parties, and one or two independents. Each paper ballot would be opened, and held up in front of a video camera so that the ballot could be filmed. It would be easy to see the voting marks on the film if played back. Then the ballot would be handed to the first vote counter who would call out the names of the choices, while the other members observed him and the ballot, to insure he was calling the correct results. This entire process would also be video recorded, so any attempt at fraud could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Electoral fraud should carry very heavy penalties in order to protect the basis of the Republic.

This method would deliver an almost incorruptible system of vote counting to our American Jeffersonian Republic. The Citizens should no longer tolerate electronic voting machines, which can be so easily reprogrammed, or electronic counting of ballots. Electronic voting is a prescription for totalitarianism. The fraud that can occur with these systems is so obvious, that the legislators currently in office should be accused of neglect for not getting rid of them immediately. But the Democratic- and Republican- connected profiteers who sold these excessively expensive machines to counties all over America, ripping off the taxpayers in the process, were not going to miss out on the opportunity for easy lucre.

I urge the Citizenry to adopt my paper ballots proposal, and once and for all rid our system of the possibility of rigged elections through computer fraud.

Paul Grad,


2 thoughts on “Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Insuring Accurate Election Counts

  1. The time and expense would be very high – I doubt we would have results for over a month after the election – otherwise it sounds like a plan.

    1. Sharon – Thanks for commenting. I didn’t think about the time and expense. I suppose the expense would be worth it if it guaranteed pure elections, but the State already spends a fortune printing the voters’ pamphlet, and most of it is propaganda for specific candidates and initiatives which I think it should not be the function of government to promote. As for time, it sounds like fun to keep everybody on tenderhooks for a month, especially in a close race, and we could ask for volunteer vote counters so the State didn’t have to pay them.But I don’t think it would actually take very long. There might be several hundred votes per precinct, the results of each one probably known in the early morn, and those phoned in to a central point. Perhaps 12 hours after the voting ended,the results would be known, and remember that there would be little incentive under this system for recounts, which would save a lot of time.

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