Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: The Crime of Civil Forfeiture

One of the great crimes against Individual Property Rights, or Capitalism, is that Cpaul 19ommunist abomination known as Civil Forfeiture. This is taking away someone’s property by the State when that individual has not been convicted under any criminal statute. It is the golden road to Oz for Communists and National Socialists, enabling them to loot the wealth of innocent citizens who have never committed, or intended to commit, a crime.

This is one issue I plum forgot to mention in my platform, and I have to thank Kyle Markley, the Libertarian Party candidate for Oregon State Representative for District 30, for reminding me of it. Markley wrote an excellent post on this topic, and pointed out some horrendous examples of the egregious abuse of this injustice by government bureaucracies greedy for easy lucre, as well as positing the Libertarian legal arguments against Civil Forfeiture. In one case cited by Markley, an 80-year old woman had drug dealers run into her house, drop their drugs on her floor, and run out again, and then had the government charge her with drug dealing. They attempted to take her home and it took over two years for her to secure her property back to herself. One can only image the anguish suffered by this innocent old woman because of the power given to government through this vile measure, which violates the Fifth Amendment of Jefferson’s beautiful Bill of Rights. Such abuse of the elderly by greedy bureaucrats deserves jail time. And this whole issue shows us what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said that all government is evil because of its propensity to always, without fail, try to abuse its power, and because human nature hasn’t changed one iota since the time of the pharaohs. Thomas Jefferson was a wise man.

The solution to this egregious communist outrage is to permit only Criminal Forfeiture, that is, only when the person having their property confiscated by the State has been convicted of a crime —- hopefully a crime that would be a crime under Libertarian Law, and not one made up by the prohibitionists, like outlawing drug possession or gambling. Most “crimes”, that clog our courtrooms and help bankrupt the taxpayers, would not be crimes in a Libertarian society,  so that many current cases of Criminal Forfeiture would not even exist under Libertarianism, and our courts and prisons would be far quieter and less detrimental to the public’s wealth. I’ve read that 70% of our prison inmates are there for crimes made up by the communist prohibitionists who infest both major parties. These miscreants would tear a parent away from their children because they had a pound of cannabis in their possession. Don’t let the State’s bureaucrats continue to get away with such moral crimes against the Inalienable Right to One’s Property and Self-ownership.

I herewith commend to your attention Libertarian Markley’s excellent issue discussion on the Crime of Civil Forfeiture:

There are many Fascist laws in America, and the Libertarians are here to smash them, non-violently and legally.

Paul Grad,


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