Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Oregon Destroys Black Youth

A Multnomah County study released yesterday shows the horrendous circumstances to which White Liberal Democrats have driven the Black youth living in Portland’s ghettos. The study noted the increase in violence and shootings in the last few years, due to gang activity in several neighborhoods of Portland, and noted the expulsion rate in public schools for Black youths in those areas was over three times the rate for White youths (over 18% vs over 5%). The study concluded with the usual wasteful and ineffective proposals that Socialist Liberals have been making for decades, to solve the problems that their own bully-boy Socialism brings to Black youth. It is little wonder they join gangs.

The report explains that lack of employment was one of the major reasons survey respondents sited for joining gangs, and proposed the usual Liberal panacea of job programs, and make-work jobs as part of the solution.

Of course, it is the racist, restrictionist Minimum Wage Law that creates so much unemployment among Black youths, as well as youths in general. Statistically, though, Black youth has fared far worse than White after the imposition of the Fascist Minimum Wage Law. This law intentionally excludes the lowest skilled workers from the Free Market, who now have no opportunity to earn any money at all, so as to eliminate job competiton and thus boost the wage rates of the union workers, and other workers who would have to compete with Black youth. The Racists have it pretty well sown up.

The other barb  the picadores of Socialist Liberalism in Oregon stab Black youth with is attendance at public schools. These youths, with no chance to earn money, which means in effect that the are economically powerless, are dragooned into attending public schools, which are little more than compulsory prisons of boredom for many youth, and when a youth is 14 to 16, he begins to feel very intensely how this Fascistic, huge-government Leviathan has complete control of his life. It is no wonder that 18% of Black youths are expelled from these prison camps known as public schools. They would be far better off if they were free to pursue their own lives at that age, if they didn’t want to be in goverment schools.

So the solution is not the proposals recommended in the study of more jobs programs, recreational programs, and former gang members hired to jawbone these rebels into conformity, leading perhaps to a deadend, corporate, low-level job, where they will be exploited by the corporation and the tax-collectors of the government, to pay for the politician’s cushy trade junkets to our totalitarian trading partners.

The solutions lie in abolishing the Minimum Wage Law and government schools, solutions far too radical for the sycophants of big-government Fascism. But solutions that I will attempt to implement if elected Governor of Oregon.

Let’s stand up for the Black youth of Oregon, and for all the young people in America who are imprisoned by the walls of big-government Socialism, and the callous, well-fed Liberals who imprison them.

Let’s rid ourselves of the communistic, prohibitionist Minimum Wage Law, and abolish the dragooning of our children against their will into government schools, where they will be taught to conform and obey.

Let’s free Oregon’s Black youth, and all the youths, from the Democrat’s and Republican’s big-government tyranny

Paul Grad,


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