Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Speaking Through a Megaphone

There is something exhilarating about running for office, for now all the gripes and complaints, the commiserations with neighbors over some governmental abuse or inaction, can be justified in that they might lead to a radical change in these policies if one speaks out. It’s like speaking through a megaphone.

It is highly unlikely that we will win the Governor’s election; Kitzhaber has a war chest of $821,000 we recently read; poor Richardson only has eighty-something grand; we plan to spend virtually nothing, well under the $750 arbitrary limit the State sets up to involve the minor party or write-in candidate in a maze of regulations that consume much of his campaign time. But if you vote for me, you will be sending a message that will be heard around the world, that a candidate who spends nothing can beat two big-party machines with hundreds of thousands of dollars from the lobbying blocks like the unions, timber corporations, and casino tribes. Against these financial collectivist behemoths, the individual has little chance.

But that cannot stop the message of a sane platform taking root in the body politic, and I believe my message of radical free-market Capitalism, radical environmental protection and prosecution of violators, and radical animal cruelty-prevention measures, is the coming political outlook of the future that will work a radical mutation in the social structure.

We have come a long way from the Romans, who liked to watch people being torn apart by wild beasts for amusement. There were major milestones like Cromwell’s Glorious Revolution, the rise of the Italian Renaissance Liberal-Capitalist city-states, where the first Capitalists were the book publishers, who not only had a lot of the money thanks to the burgeoning popularity of books, but also had the knowledge, gleaned from reading all the books and manuscripts that came their way, to utilize that money; and finally Jefferson’s Libertarian Revolution, made by him and the other radical Libertarians of the American Revolution, like Tom Paine.

And key to fomenting that Revolution were the Tractarians, the writers of political pamphlets and journals, giving their reasons for why British rule over the Colonies was so despicable, and why it violated Natural Rights Law, a doctrine that was widely accepted in Colonial thinking.

In some ways, we minor party or write-in candidates are much like the Tractarians of the American Revolution, trying to argue for political reforms and abolitions of tyrannies against the might of King George III and Parliament. We only have the power of the Word against the big-money batallions of the two major Fascist parties. And the power of your vote.

Show the Fascists that there is a new wave of thinking in America, as people see the old institutions failing miserably. Vote for a candidate who will not impose new taxes and programs, but rather will be cutting taxes and abolishing many albatrosses around the necks of the People of Oregon.

Please check my platform summary at:

Smash the Fascist State with your pencil at the ballot envelope.

Paul Grad,


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