Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: NO on Oregon Ballot Measure 90, A Lighter Shade of Fascism

(This is a revision of a post I wrote when Measure 90 was called Measure 55 and/or Measure 54. The arguments and core text arepaul 19 the same, but the number has been changed by the guilty to try to fool the Public).

As the official nominee of the Libertarian Party of Oregon for Governor, appearing on the November ballot, I urge all voters to vote NO on State Measure 90, better known as “Top  Two”. If this measure passes, it will leave only a choice between two Corporate Fascists or two Keynesian politicians in charge of that portion of The Republic that takes place within Oregon.

The end result of this Measure would be a vast restriction and virtual disembowelment of the democratic method of electing our representatives. All it will do is give the voter a vapid voice in making a vapid choice, choosing between two wings of Keynesian economics, the Democrats and Republicans, with never a choice in favor of Austrian economics, which is synonymous with free-market Capitalism.

Why should we only have two choices, a choice between Hitler or Franco, or Stalin or Castro? Why shouldn’t we have four or eight candidates on the final ballot, if the democratic ideals the Democrats and Republicans are always braying about are really important to them? If those ideals were important, they would be denouncing these initiatives as 100-proof Fascism, a way of making sure no free-market Classical Liberal, or Communist or Socialist for that matter, could get into office.

Although splintered parties do make for tough ruling, there is not much danger of six or seven parties emerging consistently on American ballots. But as a Libertarian, I would welcome having the Communists or Socialists sharing our ballot, so they could express their political sentiments equally.

There also is great value in having multiple parties in that it gives us a much clearer picture of the political landscape in our State. It would be valuable to know that 20% of our citizens were Libertarians, or 7% were Socialist Workers, or 1% were in the Vegetarian Party, or the Prohibitionist Party. The vast growth in Citizens classifying themselves as Independents has been fueled by the fact that they cannot more accurately define their political tastes in parties like the Communists, Vegetarians, and Prohibitionists.

Of course, one party we can be sure we’d never see is the Anarchist Party, because their very formation as a political party would undermine their basic principles.

If this horrendous measure passes, we will be saddled with a system differing little from the mock elections that used to take place in the Soviet Union, where the people had a choice between two looting party hacks. Don’t let that happen in America.

Don’t collaborate with the Fascists on this measure. Let’s make sure we always have the possibility of many choices on our electoral ballot.

Smash Measure 90 by voting NO with your pencil at the ballot envelope!

Paul Grad, Libertarian, for Oregon Governor,


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